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Nick addressed the North Bennett Street woodworking school in Boston.  See the full Boston Globe article here. Visit Drew Langsner's new Web site, and take a look at the carved bowls he has been producing. Country Workshops' ladderback chair making school begins by splitting out posts and rungs from a freshly cut red oak log (below). At Country Workshops hands-on experience, tradition and wood science are combined into 5 and 6-day courses built around the making of carefully selected projects. In a Country Workshops green woodworking tutorial, instruction often begins by using a froe to rive project materials from a freshly felled hardwood log. We are the North American distributors for two small and very special family run toolmaking shops in Sweden -- H. Our gouges from Hans Karlsson are made of Swedish ball bearing steel, which is noteworthy for being extremely tough and holding a keen edge. Country Workshops project plans, books and videos are related to the courses that we offer. CountryWorkshops' documentary videos featuring great master craftsmen are now available to view for free on our You Tube channel. Our 23rd Season Is Off to a Great Start!We are thrilled to kick off our 23rd season of providing you with the finest in hands-on woodworking education.
Our first month of the 2016 season wraps up with 3 sold-out classes led by 3 phenomenal instructors.
The last time Scott Grove taught at the school, he shared this presentation, prepared for the TEDxFlour City Talks, during our Tuesday Night slide shows.
The Michael Fortune Fellowship program picks up where the Master's program leaves off and is open to all who have completed their Masters designation. Working closely with program director Alan Lacer, MASW has created this unique opportunity for wood turners to challenge yourselves and broaden your woodturning skills while exploring a the wide array of different techniques that is woodturning.
Super weekend specials are designed to give you an opportunity to spend the weekend with one of the masters in the field of woodworking.
After nearly two years at North Bennet, I have succumbed to the inevitable and have made a traditional piece. Not having written for over a year and a half, I'm having a hell of a time composing a worthwhile post with any sort of elegance.
Girl living in Cambridge, MA and going to school in Boston at North Bennet Street School for furniture making. Last Saturday my wife Nan and I attended the annual pancake breakfast at the North Country School in Lake Placid—a wonderful private residential school and summer camp that is nestled in the High Peaks of the Adirondacks and has a working farm.
The Pavillion is a multi-purpose space, used for dance classes and performances, for art exhibits, and for camper, student and staff get-to-gethers and meetings. The timber frame utilizes 3 clear span, queen posted trusses to create a 28’ x 60’ interior open structure with no internal posts, hence its adaptability to function well for a variety of purposes.
The roof is a Dutch Gable design—the roof has 4 hips, but at the ends of the ridge there are 2 small gables with windows to let in light. It is a pleasure to return to structures we have built and see that they are functioning well and doing what that are supposed to do. The most striking examples of timber framing are found in the Buddhist monasteries (photo 5995).
Twenty one years ago in September of 1989, my wife, Nan, and I and a small crew proudly raised our first timber frame. That frame (and the timber frame addition circa 1999, which boosted the house to a modestly sized 3 bedroom of 1800 square feet) has been home to Nan and I and our daughter, Annika, for 2 decades.
In the above Video I share my recent visit to the amazing workshop of Bill Anderson, owner of Edwards Mountain Woodworks in Chatham county, North Carolina (near Chapel Hill).
Bill teaches joinery and plane making at Roy Underhill’s Woodwright’s School in nearby Pittsboro, NC. Bill makes marvelous historical furniture and owns more molding planes than I’ve ever seen in one location. Molding planes have become my passion, so a visit to his shop was better than a trip to Disneyland.

Bill and I spent several days filming video for our upcoming DVD about how to make a 18th century wooden jointer plane.
By subscribing to the RSS feed you will be notified when new entries are posted on this blog. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. We currently offer woodworking classes in Ladderback (post-and-rung) Chairmaking, Rustic Windsor Chairmaking, and Carving Bowls and Spoons. Project work is often done with a drawknife and spokeshave while seated at a shaving horse. This is where you can purchase a high-quality riving froe, our Swedish steel drawknife, and even a cooper's hollowing knife. For carvers we offer a range of gouges for sculptors, bowl carving tools and spoon carving tools, including several versions of a straight blade sloyd knife, and spoon carver's hook knives.
These include a range of heavy duty, double hooped gouges, fine paring gouges, and our crank-shaft dog leg gouges. We also feature the Langsner designed froe, with 12-inch blade for chairmakers and general work, and a smaller 8-inch fersion for basket makers.
These include Drew Langsner's author's reprint edition of The Chairmaker's Workshop and Drew's well regarded book Green Woodworking.
Our new season promises to bring you an inspiring line-up of hands-on woodworking classes and workshops, taught by the very best woodworkers the world has to offer, in the best equipped facilities available anywhere in North America.
Students in John’s class will participate in a hands-on, in-depth exploration of the techniques used to create leaded art glass.
Jimmy is recognized world-wide for his ability to make woodturning accessible to new (and experienced) woodturners. In it, Scott addresses the rise of technologically driven production methods and its relation to our definition of traditional, hands-on craftmanship.
Students that pursue our Master's designation are assured of receiving a well rounded education by teachers that make their living as Master woodworkers. This program leads the student towards a profession or a passionate avocation as a respected woodworker. Rather than typical mortise and tenon joints, green chairs utilize the movement of wood to create secure joints that tighten as the wood swells. So, in short, I moved to Boston and am learning make furniture at North Bennet Street School in the city's old North End. While there, I re-visited “The Pavillion”, which we built in 2002–one of my favorite timber frame structures. In keeping with the Schools “localvore” and sustainable priorities (such as, to use local products, materials, and services and to raise as much of their own food as possible) we utilized local rough sawn Eastern White Pine and Red Oak timbers. Additionally, the designers chose to install some special domed sky lights that diffuse light throughout the inside. He reminisced about the perplexed faces of customs officers when they inspected his suitcases. Without a moment’s hesitation he replied, “of course not.” I instantly felt better about all the old tools that I’ve purchased, but haven’t yet used. We loaded my truck up with so many gorgeous hand tools for the molding plane class that he invited me to stay for the next day.
If you’re interested in reaching Bill for custom historical furniture, you can call or email him here.
The small classes that we prefer to teach -- which we call tutorials -- are limited to 4 registered students, plus our summer intern. Our woodworking seminars also teach the skills of wood turning, carving and hewing with a carving axe. His books include The Chairmaker's Workshop, Country Woodcraft, Handmade, A Logbuilder's Handbook and Green Woodworking. Windsor chair tools include our Windsor chairmaker's inshave, and a Windsor chair adze, both designed by Drew Langsner. During this 5 day introduction to the world of woodworking, students will explore joinery, parquetry, veneer and furniture construction while learning the basic skills necessary to safely use hand and power tools in the workshop.

Beginning with an introduction to the proper tools and their use, his students will proceed to learn about glass selection, and the artful use of colored-opaque glass, glass cutting, copper foil construction, soldering a copper foil panel, and the design and production of original designs. This week he’ll help them master sharpening their lathe tools before beginning a series of spindle turning exercises to learn the basic cuts. Ultimately, he asks us to consider just what hand-made means in the 21st century and how do we communicate that our customers.
It provides a good education in compound angle joinery, shaping, and design, skills that can be applied in many projects. One of my teachers looks like, and undoubtedly is, a wizard and the other three teachers are exceptional themselves. It is a year-round building that is very easy to heat (it is insulated with Stress Skin Panels), and it replaced a previous seasonal structure.
Three magnificent 9” x 12” x 30’ long second growth Pine timbers were used for the truss bottom cords. Our timber frame design was eclectic, and we borrowed a Japanese “dragon beam with bow and arrow” to timber frame the 4 hips in the corners.
I felt a great temptation to just keep on driving back to Virginia…but fortunately for Bill, I resisted that urge.
After several days you can also finish it off with thinned shellac (I didn’t do this on my saw till though). Country Workshops tuition includes course materials, your private room, farm fresh meals prepared by Louise Langsner, and use of specialty tools for each course.
They begin as relative novices and they’ll leave with their first piece of furniture, a whole lot of knowledge and a whole new world of woodworking to explore! Students will also explore the secrets and techniques of Greene and Greene style leaded glass.
It generated lots of discussion that week and we felt it important to share it with all of you. Apparently, putting the weight of a human on a small set of wooden threads just doesn't seem safe to some people. Alongside seven other students from a range of generations and life experiences, I started the two-year program in September and have loved every second of it.
Nancy Bernstein of Amstutz Woodworking did a fine carving in the middle cord with the date and the logo for the school—a tree with its roots deep in the ground. A closet and bathroom in two of the corners of the building have flat ceilings below the timber frame roof so as not to break up the visual ability to see the whole timber frame. Ken taught chairmaking, carving woodenware, and traditional wooden boatbuilding at The Carpenter's Boatshop (in Pemaquid, Maine) from 2003 - 2013. By the end of the week, each participant will have made an original art glass panel designed by John specifically for this class. They will learn how to easily obtain a pleasing curve which then can be refined to the finished piece. The primary wood is all walnut and the glass was hand-cut from original window panes reclaimed from a house built in the 1700s.
Even when the tool doesn't work, you cut the wrong thing, your joinery is wicked bad (Boston linguistic vernacular), at the end of the day you're still woodworking and how much can you really complain about that? They’ll also have the skills to pursue adding leaded art glass to their fine woodworking.
Have a look-see at my process to get a insider's view at what is holding the whole thing together.
Finally, Jimmy will teach his class ways to color a project in order to emphasize the grain or figure. Everyone will leave with a good grasp of the fundamentals of woodturning and be ready to tackle many projects on their own!

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