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Table saws have occupied the central position in most woodworking shops since the development of modern designs after World War II.
Portability: two adults can lift a contractor saw into a truck bed with relative ease, which can be important for work out of the shop. Minor maintenance access: periodic lubrication of trunnions and worm gear assemblies (the major exposed moving parts) is easily accomplished by reaching in the bottom or back of the table saw. Mild kickback: no one enjoys kickbacks, but contractor saws do them with somewhat less force and speed. Motor serviceability: if ever required, the motor can be easily and inexpensively replaced. Fewer burned cuts: burned cut faces, assuming that the saw and fence are properly tuned, are the result of slow feed rates in resinous or sugary woods. Lower vibration and more rigid blade mounting: cuts may be slightly smoother in some situations.
Outfeed tables and accessories: unobstructed side conditions and hefty components make for convenient attachment of outfeed surfaces, sliding tables, and other accessories. Stability: cabinet saws have the mass to remain solidly in place while handling very heavy sheet goods and workpieces. Positive blade settings: both saw types lock blade height and angle settings with authority.
Quieter operation: the cabinet saw enclosed base and great mass result in a quieter and more pleasant work environment.
Dull blade tolerance: the greater power of cabinet saws allows more time between sharpenings.
Safety switch: many cabinet saws come with magnetic safety switches that prevent restart after a power interruption.
Contractor saws have plenty of advantages, and are used in many professional cabinet shops. Table saws can make myriad cuts including rip cuts, crosscuts, coves, mouldings, dados, kerfs, rabbets, miters and bevels. My goal with this article is not to review the different types of saws available today, or discuss their characteristics.
I have decided to stay away from the topic of dust control because we all know the dangers of dust and the importance of controlling it and, again, there are volumes of books and magazine articles on the subject. In Ian Kirby’s book “The Accurate Table Saw,” there is a brief introduction written by Les Winter who is a forensic engineer. When ripping wood, I dedicate my hands so that my right hand provides the forward push and my left hand pushes the wood against the fence – make sure to maintain 3″ of clearance from the guard with both hands. Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years. It looks like Woodcraft is also holding a 10-15%-off sale on select Jet saws as well, with the discounts expiring Oct 19th.
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This easy to use jig will allow you to make repetitive thin rip cuts on the left side of the saw blade on your tablesaw. Safety Note: When cutting thin strips on your table saw you must use a Zero-Clearance inset (sold separately) to prevent the stock from binding between the blade and factory insert. The Wixey Saw Fence Model WR700 fits most high end fence systems and measures up to 60 inches long. It easily mounts to Beisemeyer, Powermatic, Jet, HTC and other T-Square fences as well as Delta Unifence; and Dewalt, Vega and other round rail fences. The innovative readout magnetic attachment system allows you to remove and replace your rip fence as quickly as ever without losing calibration.
Kreg Precision Router Table Setup Bars make adjustments to router tables, shapers and table saws very simple and very precise. Table saws are typically the central piece of machinery in most wood shops and usually the first purchase for most woodworkers when they are assemblying the woodworking equipment they're going to need.
There are three main categories of table saws on the market and they are bench, contractor's and cabinet models. Floor standing or stationary table saws are heavier, usually made of steel or cast iron to provide weight and reduce vibration. They usually have larger more powerful motors that enable the saw to perform operations beyond ripping and cross cutting such as dadoing and running molding heads. A contractors table saw is usually a 10" bench model format mounted on a separate open steel stand.
A cabinet saw is typically a floor standing table saw with a full length enclosed steel stand.
The hybrid table saw is usually is a mix of features found in the contractors and the cabinet saws. Direct-Drive Motors are linked directly to the blade and transfer all of the motor’s power to the blade.
The trunnion holds the saw arbor and allows it to be raised and lowered and tilted from zero to forty-five degrees. Many older saws didn't come with switches and those that did were not always in a convenient location that could be easily accessed in an emergency. Most stationary saws have an optional side extension available on the right side that with longer rip fence rails, can increase the saw's capacity to reach the center of a 4 x 8 sheet or more. The throat plate is usually a piece of soft metal that fits in the table top around the blade. A sturdy quality rip fence is one of the most used and important features on the table saw for turning out accurate work.
The splitter is a vertical metal piece directly behind the blade that keeps the blade from binding in the work piece if the saw kerf starts to close up. Anti-kickback paws are usually two sharp-toothed arms one on each side of the splitter that prevent the work piece from moving backward. The elevation wheel is located at the front of the table saw and controls blade height and depth of cut.
The blade tilt hand wheel is located on the right or left side of the saw depending on which direction the arbor tilts. Extension wings come in a variety of styles and extend the width and sometimes the depth of the table saw table to provide a larger more stable work surface when cutting stock. Sometimes you need 3 horsepower or more to keep the blade at speed under appropriate feed rate forces.

The trunnion assembly and tabletop are connected separately to the frame, which means that major service access and fine adjustments are more convenient and precise.
The difference is minor; both saw types have tight runout specifications and comparatively rigid components. Cabinet saws do it somewhat more smoothly and easily because of their more rigid base frames and sides.
You will send blades out because of splintered workpieces and higher feed forces instead of any cutting power problems. Check individual model specifications on this item; stripped cabinet saws do not have these because they cost about 0. The power, accuracy and control of the table saw has made the process of sawing wood a lot more productive and a lot less physical. It is a precision-cutting tool that requires that the machine be set up accurately, maintained properly and be used competently. I’m not going to explain the difference between blades or how to make fixtures to cut tapers or tips and tricks or troubleshooting or maintenance schedules, and I don’t want to compare European to American saws.
My intentions with this article are to focus on the techniques, methods and mechanics of safely using the table saw. Control occurs through a combination of sequences and involves both managing the material and understanding how the machine is designed to give the user as much support as possible through the point of contact. Your starting position will vary depending on the size of material and type of cut being made. It is not uncommon to see both novice and experienced woodworkers standing to the right of the fence. When ripping wood, I also like to hook a finger or two on the top edge of the fence to keep my right hand from accidentally being thrust toward the guard.
There have been a lot of new after-market miter products invented since In-Line Industries introduced the Dubby back in 1987, but none of them has been able to offer the versatility, accuracy, simplicity, safety, and just plain fun of this outstanding product. The Dubby angle scale is the simplest, most accurate, and easiest to read scale on the market. Our SOLID CAST IRON router table top with lift out router insert gives you the best of both worlds! This eliminates the danger of binding the stock between the blade and the fence reducing the risk of kick back. This easy to usa jig will allow you to make repetitive thin rip cuts on the left side of the saw blade on your tablesaw.
Unique design straddles the router bit or saw blade to allow for more precise height adjustment. Hybrid table saws are a more recent category with features that fall somewhere between a contractor's and a cabinet saw. The most distinguishing feature is that hybrid saws use the same trunnion design as the contractors table saw.
The table saw motor is usually mounted below the saw carriage or at the back of the saw cabinet and the power from the motor is transferred to the saw blade using one or more belts. Sears Craftsman made a line of flex-drive motors that used a flexible steel shaft to transfer power from the motor that hung off the back of the saw and the blade arbor.
In fact there is a vibration test called the nickel test that serious woodworkers like to run on their table saws (stand a nickel on edge when starting the saw and see if it stays standing). The best of these are T-slots which when used with T-slot miter gauges prevent the gauge from easily falling off the front of the table when cutting large pieces. Some trunnions are cabinet mounted and others are mounted to the underneath side of the saw table. Switches on today's saws should be mounted on the front of the saw in a location that is easy to hit or knee to the off position to shut down the saw.
These right side extension tables often double as router tables where you can take advantage of the rip fence for straight line cuts. They come in a variety of styles, some all metal and others made of clear plexiglas to enhance visibility while cutting.
It adjusts the angles of the blade for bevel cuts up to 45 degrees left (away from the rip fence).
Heavier saws come with sold cast iron extension wings while others may be a webbed cast iron or solid or webbed aluminum.
A table saw purchase should be made carefully to avoid getting either a machine that doesn't meet shop needs, or one that leaves too little money for other important tools. If my work and budget called for a cabinet saw, I would consider the Jet Xacta, Powermatic 66, and Delta Unisaw. Unless you are handy with electrical work, cabinet saws require an expensive visit by a licensed electrician. It is difficult, for example, to tune the alignment of a contractor saw miter slot as accurately as a cabinet saw miter slot. I would only try this with models that have stout steel front and back rails (read: not a Unifence). It’s arguable as to who first invented the circular saw, but one thing is certain – it has revolutionized our craft. After all, it is very well documented that more accidents occur on table saws than any other machine in the shop.
The following is a list of six factors that are important to gaining better control at the saw. I definitely recommend that you stand to the left of the blade with a pushing vector toward the fence and away from the back of the blade. Although this does protect you from being in the direct line of a kickback, it causes you to have to reach over the fence, which could put you off balance.
It is OK to stop feeding a board during the middle of the cut to reposition your right hand or to pick up a push stick – but you must never let go of the stock with your left hand during this transition. Most people want to stare down the blade as it’s cutting the wood, but with the guard over the blade the cut is obscured and will tell you very little.
The list prices are slightly exaggerated, with the true discount being about 15-20% on the models we checked. From panel cutting to absolutely accurate angles on your mitered projects, the Dubby will allow you to make perfect cuts the first time you do them. The versatile hold-down clamp included with every Dubby will give you an extremely safe way to cut small pieces, and will easily pivot out of the way when you don't need it. Being about 15-20 times more accurate than the average miter gauge, the scale has pre-determined lines for any shape (from 4 to 16 sides) you want to cut, with no calculations, no hassles, and best of all, no test cuts required for perfect results.

Whether you need to cut two strips or two hundred this jig makes any size job fast and simple. This eliminates the danger of binding the stock between the sawblade and fence reducing the risk of kick back. Step on the top edge of each setup bar acts as a gauge to test the depth of your completed cuts. Because of this, they are easy to transport from job to job and they usually have a built in stand or are a bench type model that is made to sit on a bench or saw stand.
They are commonly referred to as a light duty cabinet saw but they are usually lighter, have smaller motors, and are priced less than cabinet saws. The advantage of belt-driven saws is that the motor is usually away from the source of most of the sawdust. The table tops on saws with cabinet mounted trunnions are easier to adjust if the miter grooves are not parallel to the blade. Extension wings must also be flat and installed so they are perfectly flush with the top of the saw table. Some saws have a plastic safety key that prevents the saw from being turned on accidentally.
I’ve often wondered if plywood as we know it today would have ever been invented if we didn’t have a way to productively cut it.
I like to firm up my stance by placing my hip against the saw itself; this gives me better support. The natural tendency when pushing wood is to push it in the direction that you are leaning. Once the cut is complete you need to make it a rule and habit to not reach over the saw blade to pick up and bring the stock back to the front of the saw – even with the guard in place. This will allow you to cut perfectly square panels for your furniture and cabinet making projects quickly, easily, and accurately. Whether you need to cut two strips or two hundred, this jig makes any size job fast and simple by sliding your fence over touch the roller bearing after each cut. Step on the end of each setup bar used to test the fence depth of a tablesaw blade or router bit. Portable table saws perform most all of the same long straight rip cuts (with the grain) and crosscuts (across the grain) more quickly and accurately than a hand held circular saw. There should be little to no deflection of the fence when pushing a board against it at the back of the saw. Other specialty blades are available such as fine tooth plywood blades, and thin-kerf carbide blades that are used when cutting expensive exotic woods to preserve the amount of usable stock. The riving knife is also separate from the blade guard meaning that it can remain on the saw even when the guard has been removed. Leaning toward the blade from the fence side could cause the pushing motion to be directed more toward the back of the blade, and nothing good comes from the wood making contact with the back of the blade. Never clear scraps away with your fingers while the blade is rotating; always let the blade come to a complete stop first. You must be aware of the entire work area; be alert and keep your eyes moving over the entire table but concentrate mostly on the control between the work and the fence.
Made from a soft aluminum designed to prevent damage to your router bit or saw blade if contact is made during setup. Their lightweight and ease of mobility make it the perfect choice for on site work like decks and framing jobs. Look for a fence that locks onto and support bars or rails at both the front and back of the saw. Either saw type will last outlast its owner with reasonable care, and either can be bought with a high quality fence.
The wood must remain flat on the table and tight against the control surfaces, such as the fence or miter gauge. Make sure that you always push the stock that is between the blade and the fence so it is beyond the back of the blade; always use good follow-through after the cut. Machined to our exacting specifications our cast iron router wing is built to last, and built to perform. The tip of the jig has dual ball bearing guides which keep the stock up against the fence for repeatability. Set includes 7 setup bars stored in a portable case that protects the bars and makes it easy for woodworkers to locate the correct bar for their application. Highlight and contemplate the advantages that will be significant in your most common cutting situations. In my very first article in this series, “Learn the Skills to be Safe” (November 2007, issue #165).
Be aware of where your hands are at all times; watch to make sure your fingers stay way beyond this zone.
Cheaper saws make rough cuts, wear out quickly, don't hold their adjustments, and are more prone to dangerous kickbacks.
I set the stage for the rules that apply to using all power equipment by defining control, exposure and limitation.
Cabinet saws are usually much heavier than the lighter contractors saws and are not made to be moved around, although some work well on movable stands.
The good taste of money saved turns bitter when your projects take longer and turn out poorly.
When you are comfortable with the differences and their importance to your work, put the notes away and buy what feels right. These three factors are exactly what the user needs to know to reduce the hazards of a table saw.
Another significant difference between the cabinet and the contractors saws is that the trunnion on cabinet saws is mounted to the top of the floor standing cabinet, not under the table top like the contractors saw. My intent is to state differences in a non-biased manner, but an attempt has been made to order the items by probable importance.

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