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There’s one item that we have that the home shop might not is a dedicated finish room with a professional spray booth.
The spray booth arrived on several pallets stacked with all sorts of galvanized sheet metal parts and fasteners like an Erector Set spilled on the floor. With all of the use this spray booth gets, there’s a bit of overspray, so, the interior has a peel away coating. At least a half dozen times, I’ve experienced serious kickback while using my table saw. Once I was knocked on my keester when a workpiece I was ripping pinched the blade and got kicked back into my stomach. That’s why I was surprised while watching a recent segment of TOH, as a trim carpenter made a free-hand cut on the table saw. Several people have commented that the practice of pushing a piece freehand past a spinning table saw blade is an acceptable practice by professional trim carpenters.
Filed under Home Improvement, Norm Abram, Power Tools, Shop Safety, Table Saw, This Old House, Woodnet Forum. Figuring that the worst-case scenario was ordering a new gib, I attempted to straighten it. Yikes.  You can contact WMH Tool Group for a new saw or a full refund if your saw is included in the recall.
So when I finally set up shop in my two-car garage, I was using the same saw blade in my table saw that I was using in Ohio. In Design News, there’s a great article about how Norm got started and how he managed to make it into his 20th season this year on New Yankee Workshop.
In ShopNotes 95, I wrote an article about some quick (and some unusual ways) you can keep rust at bay on your hand and power tools.
Both jig saws feature anti-vibration technology for over 40% reduced vibration and noise than competitive models. The patented tool-less blade change system provides fast and easy installation and removal of tang-shank blades. Hazard: The trigger switch on the circular saw can be locked on or the switch can be turned on without the use of the safety lock-out. Description: The recall involves Skil(r) brand circular saws with model numbers 5650, 5700, 5750 and 5755. Sold at: Home centers and independent hardware retailers nationwide from January 2002 through December 2006 for between $70 and $80. Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled saws and contact the firm for instructions on obtaining a free repair.
Nestled in the heart of an Amish community is a small shop that makes high-end gun cabinets.
I’m keenly aware of the affects of breathing in too much dust thanks to an unfortunate attempt years ago to carve a duck decoy with a moto-tool!
I recently traveled back to my hometown in central Ohio to see family and our new granddaughter. As noted on his web site, David sculpted these creatures using various combinations of whole trees found standing or fallen dead, cut green saplings selectively harvested from the willow family, dry branches, and other forest materials.
Besides the style of chair they specialize in, the biggest difference between the two seems to be their level of notoriety. The split veered off just a bit at the bottom edge (photo above), but that had more to do with my crooked scoring than anything.
One of the things that I like about woodworking is that there are so many different ways to work wood.
I spent most of the day in woods outside Middle Amana, Iowa today splitting a six-foot section of veneer-grade white Oak. I’ve been looking for a local saw mill that will sell me a veneer-grade red or white Oak log for green wood chair making.
Buying hardwood (especially exotics) online has become more and more popular in the last few years.
Sometimes though, it can be hard to find good, reputable suppliers who are willing to work with you.
Larry Gnewikow, forestry manager for Amana, is a graduate of Iowa State University and has worked for the last 25 years overseeing the growth and development of Iowa’s largest privately-owned forest. Larry says they regularly work with buyers who have special needs and they’re now able to ship hardwoods to anywhere in the country.

Being one of the few green wood chair makers in Iowa, it’s been a slow process finding the right supplier for oak logs. Filed under chairmaking, Green Woodworking, Hardwoods, Sawmills, The Woodsmith Store, Woodworking. 31-DP-00056 - Drill Press Table Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDFQuality workmanship depends in large part on the accuracy of your tools.
To resolve this problem, we decided that the best course of action was to invest in a new server, which we will own and control. Not once during any of those times though did I feel that I was doing something that was inherently dangerous.
It seemed to work great, but I didn’t need it right away, so I stored it under the bench.
The Makita 4350FCT (shown at left) and 4351FCT (shown on the right) combine power and superior feel, with less vibration and noise. The die-cast aluminum base adjusts up to 45 degrees right or left with a positive stop at 90 degrees for solid cutting performance.
The model number and date code are printed on the nameplate located on the front of the saw. So there’s a complete cottage industry in the Amish communities that converts power tools to alternative forms of power.
Now, whenever I’m sanding or routing (or doing any job that produces a lot of fine dust) I wear a dust mask. There are cartridges and filters designed to be used when working with sawdust, as well as fiberglass insulation, pesticides, lawn chemicals, and spray finishes. The different shapes, colors and textures of these materials provide these sculptures with character, definition, and a sense of motion. Boggs has been published many times in woodworking magazines through the years and is well-known nationally. I drove up yesterday morning and with the help of Larry Gnewikow and Tim Krauss, I had a tree cut down and dragged to a clearing by 11:00 am. In fact, except for chopping firewood, I’ve never really tried to split a tree at all. Once I’d gotten the tree to split across its width, I started to concentrate on splitting it across its length. Larry manages the largest privately-owned hardwood forest in the state of Iowa and one of the largest in the midwest and he agreed to sell me a 5-6 foot section of white Oak. Finding a good source for cocobolo, paudauk, and even spalted maple or black cherry, often means making a patient, diligent search until you find an importer or saw mill that specializes in these products. Larry has put me onto some good pricing for white oak logs and after visiting their website (and with Larry), I’ve also found out a little more about their hardwood for sale.
They currently list red oak, quartersawn white oak, cherry, locust, and spalted soft maple harvested and kiln-dried from their own forests. But now, thanks to Woodfinder and Amana Shops, I’ve found several good online sources for hardwood lumber should I ever have the need. Two sticks are made, usually from a piece of scrap plywood or particle board, one for the horizontal layout and one for vertical. I figured there would be a lot of people commenting about the segment on our woodworking forums. Since the two boards I was planing were cut from longer stock, I thought that the boards were rough-planed that way and that’s how I brought them home. He seems like a great guy and I’d like to have the chance to sit and have a cup of coffee with him sometime.
I remember moving into our second home of our marriage and almost losing every tool I owned because I kept them in the basement.
Both jig saws include three orbital settings plus a straight-cut setting, and are powered by a 6.3 AMP motor for cutting in all varieties of materials.
Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. The respirator I purchased didn’t come with a cartridge included, so I was able to save a little by buying just the ones I needed.
New York state woodworker Peter Galbert is in a class right up there with Boggs, as well as most other master craftsman chairmakers. Until recently, I had never heard of Galbert, a man who has obviously found his purpose in life.

Then for the next two hours or so, I tried to put the lessons I’d learned last spring while attending a ladderback chair class at the John C. I brought with me the tool box containing all my tools that I used to build the chair last spring.
Well, actually the first step is to find any splits that happen naturally from the stress of being cut down. It’s kind of hard to see here, but once the wedges start to take a bite, the tree will split perfectly along the scored line.
Or even take it a step further and go back to the way they worked wood in the 19th century, and use old hand tools!
Larry and forester Tim Krauss were waiting for me at a clearing where they had been logging white Oak for a veneer factory in northeast Iowa.
Next, he removed the taper at the bottom of the trunk so that it wouldn’t roll around when I got ready to split it. The Amana Shops is the online store for the Amana Colonies a popular tourist destination in eastern Iowa. The gib holding the knife in place was bent outwards and the remaining cavity between it and the knife was crammed full of chips.
Then some carefully placed taps on the leading edge of the gib with a wood block and hammer took care of the rest. When I talk to the other guys in our shop, no one can come up with a plausible explanation.
Actually, the basement was more like a root cellar and whenever it rained, water poured through the walls. The electronic variable speed control maintains consistent speed throughout the cut for superior results. The ergonomically designed rubberized grip on both the top handle and barrel grip models provides greater comfort and control. Both models are ideal for professional woodworkers, cabinetry makers, and specialized residential construction workers. As you can see in the photo at left, I neglected to do that and had to redo my score marks after I discovered this stress crack. Tim knows his work and it took less than 10 minutes (with chips flying everywhere!) for him to drop the tree and have it ready for the skid to pull it out to the clearing.
It wasn’t until years later that I was able to jack up the house, replace the foundation, and finally have a dry basement for a shop.
The 4351FCT model features a rubberized barrel grip design to provide a closer grip to the work surface during cutting. Campbell Folk School, the Penland School of Crafts in Penland, North Carolina and has presented seminars on chairmaking at Colonial Williamsburg. Trying to fight that crack is next to impossible, so it’s best to take the path of least resistance. During the class, we started out with a small quarter section of a red Oak tree and rived it into chair parts. Since that’s all I needed, I took the good stuff and the rest will most likely be sold for pallets.
But, Larry says they’ll work with anyone who has specific requirements or needs larger quantities. This means the bark runs straight up and down, there are no visible knots or branches, and the growth rings should be concentric and start in the exact middle of the trunk.
All of the work of felling the tree and splitting it into quarter sections was done by the instructor for the class, Lyle Wheeler. The new server arrived at our new host late last Friday and they have been working hard this week getting it set up to run. We are very close to launching the new site – maybe by the end of this week but in reality, probably the first of next week. No data was lost, it is just taking us longer than we like to get everything up and running on the new server.

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