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600 Cardiovascular Treadmills, Ellipticals, Stair Climbers & Bikes with Personal Viewing Screens. This location offers a basketball court, 4-lane lap pool, hot tub, saunas and steam room, a rock climbing wall, and a supervised Child's Play area with play maze.
X-IT is designed to help you burn the maximum amount of calories and reach your fitness goals! XSport Certified Personal Trainers can assess your fitness level and develop a customized program to help you reach your goals! State-of-the-art European tanning equipment is available to help achieve a sun-kissed glow. Exclusive savings for XSport Fitness members from local businesses including restaurants, retail shops, chiropractors, and much more! Fancy living somewhere with low taxes, affordable real estate and a reasonable cost of living? For those who are already overweight - and that's most American women - even more exercise is called for to avoid gaining weight without eating less, the study results suggest."We all have to work at it.

If it were easy to be skinny, we would all be skinny," said John Foreyt, a behavioral medicine expert who reviewed the study but wasn't involved in the research.Brisk walking, leisurely bicycling and golfing are all examples of moderate exercise.
Even a little exercise is good for your health even if it won't make you thin, the researchers said.Their findings are based on 34,079 non-dieting middle-aged women followed for about 13 years.
The women gained an average of almost 6 pounds during the study.Those who started out at a healthy weight, with a body mass index less than 25, and who gained little or no weight during the study consistently got the equivalent of about an hour of moderate activity daily.
Katzin was not involved in the study.The researchers analyzed data on women who took part in a long-running federal study.
Participants were 54 on average at the start and periodically reported how much they exercised and weighed. They also reported eating habits at the start, but not throughout, a limitation the authors acknowledged. Lee said the women's eating habits were thought to be typical of American women who aren't dieting.Dr. Howard Eisenson, who heads Duke University's diet and fitness center, said it's likely some women underestimated what they ate and overestimated how much they exercised, which could have skewed the results.Still, Eisenson said he doesn't encourage anybody to try to lose weight by exercise alone.

To combat age-related weight gain, "you're fighting in many cases a losing battle" if you don't also cut calories, he said.That doesn't mean you have to starve yourself, but it does mean watching what you eat and avoiding frequent indulgences. People often don't realize how quickly a bag of chips, an extra piece of cheese, a few glasses of wine or a candy bar add up."You can eat a candy bar in two minutes.
Most are at least 200 calories," and to burn that off requires walking for about an hour, Lee said. Knowing that equation can help people make wise decisions about activity and food choices, she said.

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