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Diorama connoisseurs out there, here is the chance for you to have this once in a lifetime creation from a master of diorama and custom built railroads and model trains. This model is offering a unique train layout, having Dimensions of 36" X 52" with several street and interior lights which gives an incredible shine to you room.
It’s not every day when you get the chance to see a Clint Eastwood movie scene in miniature.
It was started by GeorgeW from the Narrow Gauge Modelling Forum and I have acquired it to complete and exhibit it.Loading the Subaru was great fun!

This little railroad series of drawings by Canadian artist Dan Sawatsky.Andrew Milner states, "Summit is a 00n9 loop based on the drawings found on the covers of the Fantasonics sound CDs. The narrow gauge locomotive is a scratchbuilt body on a 0-4-2T chassis converted to 0-4-0T (a number of chassis have since been tried).
Everything else has been scratchbuilt - buildings, bridges, etc, from stripwood, with painted plaster for rocks.The layout measures 36" by 12" and was built as a 00 module for an eccentric modular layout, created by members of the online Connected Railway Modellers, where independent modules were designed so they could be joined together to create a co-operative layout. I've also got a diesel shunter running on a Bachmann chassis.The two pictures below were taken at Crewe Heritage Centre in March 2013and a freight train for a change!

Bachmann train track layouts 4x8
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