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I guess you could say that I was plum crazy over this issue but then I would be pandering to a cheap laugh a€“ so I wona€™t go there. Be Careful, the pictures of Dodge Challenger 1970 are the property of their respective authors. Download Dodge Challenger 1970 R T 426 Hemi Red Black Greenlight Diecast in high quality wallpaper & desktop backgrounds. But if you want a great little muscle car and a period a€?70a€™s icon, check it out at Legacy Motors a€“ DO go there! If you don't find the best wallpaper you're looking for, then go to related wallpaper at the bottom of this post. It is fitted with a blown engine and a custom body kit and features in two Fast & Furious films to date.

TFM has previously given us the 1970 Plymouth variant of this car, the Cuda, in various forms.
The coupe is quintessential-period in Plum Crazy with white side stripes and silver shaker hood scoop. And just in case the color combo doesna€™t completely bring back the seventies for you, TFM tossed in the pure white interior just to be sure youa€™d recall your bell bottom and disco days.As an all new tool, we see a lot to like here. Chrome metal foil badgings are really nice and have no need to be covered in floor sealant. While a considerable detailing effort goes into making hood pins that function, they are laborious to remove and reinsert. TFM has fashioned the hood pins with tethers attached so that you can open and close the hood without the actual tedious job of putting the model in display mode once again.

The seat belts, dash, door and floor detailing is really good and the sills and window moldings all lend great detail touches to the reality of miniature here. The space-saving spare is lettered correctly, jacking stickers in place and the jack and floor mat are fabricated well. Wiring, fuel and emergency lines are all thoughtfully crafted and the overall a€?looka€™ of the model is faithful to the real McCoy.

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