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Skyscraper Reservoir lies in the upper reaches of a slender valley between Woodland Mountain (11,893’ – south) and unofficially named Skyscraper Peak (12,383’ – north). Biotic Community: All the populations of organisms that exist and interact in a determined area. This is a Mayan Ceremonial Crystal Skull Mask(It is made of a rare green stone called guatemalita), it was discovered in the Tikal region. On Decemeber 12, 1964 Le Serrec and family decided to vacation at one of the Whitsunday Islands knowns as Hook Island.
The skull of a young boy with a second imperfect skull attached to its anterior fontanelle. In Hiroshima, there are permanent shadows caused by the intensity of the blast from the bomb that was dropped. Machattie Park, Screams in the Dark- Ghosts and Hauntings- Machattie Park was opened in December 1890 with much fanfare as well over 2000 people joined in the celebration. The reservoir – no longer maintained but still partially dammed – was built between 1941 and 1947 by private landowners for downstream irrigation and sold to the City of Boulder in 1966.
Le Serrec?s wife spotted a strange figure on the lagoon floor white crossing Stonehaven Bay.
Nuclear bombs emit EM(electromagnetic) radiation which was absorbed by the people or objects that were in front of the radiation. He was a hermit that lived atop the hill here back in the 50′s, and he was notorious for hating trespassers. Although the park had been a place of recreation for the two years previous to this grand opening the public and the city wanted something better. The horrific ordeal of a factory worker who suffered life-changing injuries after being dragged into a conveyor belt has been revealed in the statement she gave to a court hearing over the accident.

Once it was placed over their head, the Shaman would be ?transformerd? into Keme - el senor del inframundo? - a Lord of the Infraworld. Originally we were going to just tape outside of the house and edit it until it looked decent, because even the outside was pretty creepy, having all of the windows boarded up and the house overall was just very unappealing.
So if they were far enough away from the blast, they wouldn?t have been incinerated, but still would have cast a shadow.Since thermal radiation is light, and since light travels from a central point, everything in its path is burned except when there is something blocking it, so it creates this shadow effect.
He would chase off them off, sometimes using his shotgun or axe, and reportedly releasing his bull at times to do the job.
The ?deformed trees? which had been planted only a few years previously made way for a fernery, bandstand, miniature lake and a fountain. This house was in a very rich area and is basically a giant eye sore in a lovely neighborhood. In the rural zone of the of Lagoa Seca city, a youth group that was hunting the evening found, amid bushes and trees, a strange organic humanoid being. Obviously, parents warned their kids to stay away from old man Sleepers property, and of course, they usually didn?t listen. During this opening cheers were let out for the queen and also, as enthusiastically, for the gardener.For 120 plus years people have been enjoying the beauty of Machattie Park which is located behind the Bathurst Court House and Council buildings.
Even though I am usually the biggest coward, i decided I really wanted to tape inside the house to get good footage for our trailer. Its appearance is deformed; It is monstrous, though it has the basic structure of a bipedal mammal - head, torso and limbs. We had all walked around to the other side of the house to find a window with a piece of the ply board already teared off, as if someone has already tried to get it off or something..
Urban legend says old man Sleeper?s ghost is still roaming the property, chasing off anyone that dares to trespass with a bloody axe.

It is hard to find out more information but one could surmise that the lockup was already on site with the courthouse and gaol being built around it.We do know that executions took place within the Bathurst Gaol as on June 11 1872 a ?frightful scene? took place in front of those present to witness one such execution. But even though i almost got a chunk of my arm cut off, i really didnt care and just wanted to film and go back to my friends house.
I?ve never heard of anyone really being killed by old man Sleepers ghost, but that doesn?t mean it hasn?t happened?right?
If you decide to go looking, the foundation from his old farm-house is still visible on top of the hill, but there are other private homes that have been built there too.
John pleaded his innocence saying the death occurred as Aveline fell out of a horse cart and under the wheel.
However a large two inch deep cut in her skull told there was more to the story.On the morning of the execution John Conn was composed and silently allowed the process to be carried out. John was led up the steps to the gallows and even assisted the executioners by tilting his head to better slip over the noose. That was when we decided to compare the footage from when we came in to when we were leaving and they were obviously different. My grandparents let me know that cellar doors that old arent something you could easily move without some sort of dragging noise, so i am really still creeped out about it all. Far too great a fall was given, and though it might be merciful as a rapid and painless mode of taking life, the result was certainly most revolting.?[Queanbeyan Age, Thursday 13 June 1872]In 1866 there was a motion in the NSW Parliament legislature assembly to have the Bathurst Gaol closed and relocated elsewhere. Disease, inexplicable death and even death from depression can be found.In 1888, twelve years after the first motion to have the gaol relocated, Bathurst Gaol closed and was reopened in a new location as the ?New Gaol at Bathurst?.

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