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Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! I am a longtime lurker, but I decided to join in order to give a little something back to the city-data community: a small walking tour of Bridgeton, NJ - the town everyone seems to hate. A half-timbered colonial revival (next door to above) with beautiful brickwork and fine details.
An oddity - a stone house with much vegetation at the intersection of Woodland & Institute Place. Nice pics, many of these homes would fit in Moorestown or Haddonfield, though they'd be much more expensive.
I can't speak for the other residents of Bridgeton, but I work about 40 minutes away - right by Woodbury, NJ. Thank you for you comments MR, in general homes are much cheaper down here in Cumberland County.

Yes, the Ferracute Machine Co headquarters and manufacturing buildings both need to be saved. Boley American Trucks - HO 417011 Emergency International 4300 2-Axle Crew Cab Fire Pumper - Fire Dept. An analysis of bicycle accidents reported by Kentucky law enforcement agencies over 5 years in Fayette County. Within Fayette County, 396 bicycle and motor vehicle collisions were reported with 293 injuries and 3 fatalities. Of all workers (16 years and older) living in the Urban Service Area, only 0.94% say the actively bike commute to work. However, I do agree that in certain circumstances it can make the structure appear dark and foreboding.
I will see if I can snap a few more pics of the town this weekend in order to expand our tour.

The average age of the cyclist was 29 years, 76% were male, and only 25% were wearing a helmet. We dedicate our mapping and photography to parks we feel are treasures of public wilderness. It is estimated that 25% of all reported accidents have happened on streets with a sharrow or bike lane. The next highest density was downtown, followed by small increases in crashes near Harrodsburg and Waller Ave, Winchester Rd, and on Loudon Ave.
Critical street segments in order of greatest number of crashes are: Limestone north of Virginia Ave, Euclid Ave east of Woodland Ave, Rose St between Euclid and Huguelet Dr, and Winchester Road near intersection with East Third St.

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