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All information, specifications, data, details, description and price are subject to change without notice. Please contact the dealer selling this vehicle for complete, accurate, up-to-date information. Vehicles presented on this site are manufactured by companies based in the United States of America and are not necessarily manufactured in the United States. 4WD cars provide you with better security compared to the normal car types by providing you better traction on the road even on the days where the roads are slippery. 4WD cars are not only a power delivering vehicle but the tycoons in the Auto development industry have taken the engineering and have started developing sports cars out of these. If you own one of the 4WD cars or you plan to buy one, it means you are a fan of power and stability more than fuel economy and any other factor.
Vehicles presented on this site are manufactured by companies based in Asia and are not necessarily manufactured in Asia. Subscribe to Motor Sport Magazine's Lancia newsletter to get the latest cars right to your inbox.
Click Submit and then check your email inbox for our activation email; please follow the instructions in the email to confirm. The Lancia Delta HF and Integrale dominated the world rallying scene in the late eighties and nineties winning 46 World Championship events and six consecutive manufactures titles. We are informed by the current owner that this particular car was delivered new and converted to RHD by the then Lancia main agent Mike Spence Ltd. The vendor also informs us that in August of 2009 the vehicle was fitted with new brake pads and discs all round, along with the fitting of a new engine oil cooler. To summarise, all the hard work has now been done on this car and what you see here is the result of many hours of care and attention to detail which makes this one of the best Delta's on the market today.

We anticipate much interest in this car, even by today's standards these cars are quick, also this is a rare opportunity to own a motoring legend.
Be kept up to date by Nigel Roebuck, Mark Hughes and Damien Smith as well as updates on the new archive.You can also gain access to exclusive web content on the Motor Sport website. There are a lot of benefits that one can possibly list about 4WD cars but the greatest of all is the power delivery.
One of these types is intelligent that convert to the 4WD feature when required while the other type is more associated with power in all their running. Snow, rain and hail makes the road become slippery reducing traction delivered on the road. These cars are developed to deliver power at the maximum level and that does give you an excellent feel that you own one of the 4WD cars. Though these cars give you a better feel on the slippery roads but the braking system does not act better than the normal system.
As a road car, the various evolutions of the model won many plaudits for their exceptional handling, wonderful steering, high performance and its awesome point-to-point abilities. In 2009 the car was subject to a major full body restoration which included new wings, sills, windscreen, scuttle panel, rear arches, replacement doors and thicker grade steel was added to the rear of the roof.
Importantly the cylinder head gasket was also replaced at the same time along with new valve guides, cambelt and water pump.
Essentially this is an 8V Integrale hiding in a standard Delta body shell which must make it one of the ultimate Q cars around and certainly one of the rarest. You get every bit of the engine power delivered through all the wheel bases that make your experience worthy.
The terms 4WD and 4×4 cars is usually used for the class of vehicles known as the trucks.

The mechanism also allows 4WD cars in a way that they become suitable for drifts on terrain that is unequal as well as rugged. 4WD cars and their technologies were redefined several times in the history and the industry was not able to get appropriate results until the late 1990s. You getter better control over your car when it comes to terrains that are slippery as the driving force is provided to you through all the 4 wheels in a 4WD cars. You might have the feel of power while on slippery roads but the car might act sluggish when you apply the brakes. Finished in Lancia 151 red the bodywork looks superb with excellent shut lines and a mirror like finish across all of the bodywork. The car is also fitted with front and rear strut braces and Koni adjustable suspension, the alloy wheels have also been recently refurbished. We are informed by the vendor that there are only seven of these cars registered with the DVLA.
The shafts and suspensions of 4WD drive cars are made accordingly to resist shocks as they are connected to all the wheels at the same time delivering power.
The roaring sound of the 4WD cars’ engine is another of the sensation that real car lovers love. EVO magazine readers voted the Integrale in their top ten cars of all time, sitting comfortably alongside the McLaren F1 and Bugatti Veyron!

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