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There are a number of commercial manufacturers of 16 mm scale models[3] as well as many enthusiastic amateurs who build their own rolling stock. Although models of approximately this scale were being built as early as the 1930s, it was the founding of the Merioneth Railway Society just after the Second World War that marks the popularization of this scale.
This set the light-hearted spirit of the 16 mm fraternity, where a sense of fun and whimsy often override more serious concerns. For many years there were no commercially available parts, and everything was hand-built or kit-bashed from O scale components. Trains miniatures — Modelisme ferroviaire Depot en 0 (echelle 1:43,5) presentant des locomotives francaises type 230 F et 141 P. Model railway scales — This page lists the most important model railway scale standards in the world.
O scale — Australian O gauge model railway O scale (or O gauge) is a scale commonly used for toy trains and model railroading.

List of rail transport modelling scale standards — See also: Rail transport modelling scales This page lists the most important model railway scale standards in the world.
G scale — is a scale for model railways, and because of its size and durability, G scale is often used outdoors. The use of live steam as the predominant motive power of the models means absolute scale reproduction is often sacrificed to the demands of steam engineering at this scale. In the early 1970s Archangel emerged as the first commercial manufacturer on a large scale, followed by Merlin and Beck at the end of that decade. Most standards are regional, but some have followers in other parts of the world outside their native region, most notably NEM and NMRA.
Model aircraft are flying or non flying models of existing or imaginary aircraft using a variety of materials including plastic, diecast metal, polystyrene, balsa wood, foam and fibreglass. European and North American narrow gauge railways are also modeled in this scale, mainly with scratch-built or kit-built models.

However the realistic sound, smell and visual effects of steam-driven locomotives makes up for loss of fidelity elsewhere.
Driving a live steam locomotive, even at this small scale is very different from driving an electrically powered model. In 1981 Mamod entered the market with a cheap if somewhat crude steam loco for the UK market. Although not perfect, the low cost opened the hobby to a much wider range of people and as a result demand for other products grew. Today, Roundhouse almost dominate the market as builders of high quality live steam locomotives.

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