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Members from the 86th Contingency Response Group train Burundi troops in deployment planning, personnel and cargo preparation and processing Dec.
A Burundi soldier learns how to set up a weapons check for fellow soldiers boarding a Ugandan C-130 en route to Somalia Dec. In order to make the deployment successful, the 86th CRG deployed mobility experts to assist with deployment planning, processing, and personnel and cargo preparation. Burundi, about the size of Maryland, is projected to deploy 1,700 soldiers and 160 tons of cargo into Somalia, using Ugandan C-130 aircraft. Burundi's troops will join 1,600 Ugandan soldiers based in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu.

A mobility team from the 86th CRG will remain in Burundi until the deployment of their first battalion is complete, he said. A special shout-out to the moms of our #servicemembers & to our #servicemembers who are moms! Airmen of the 86th Contingency Response Group from Ramstein Air Base, Germany, trained the Burundi force throughout December. Embassy in Bujumbura, Burundi, trained the Burundi forces in several aspects of deploying to include weapon clearing checks, positioning and loading of C-130s as well as building pallets.

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