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New Jersey governor Chris Christie spiked plans to build two new rail tunnels under the Hudson, likely leaving the metropolitan region for the next quarter century with all of two rail tunnels to carry New Jersey commuters into Midtown Manhattan. Emergency personnel walk near the scene of a deadly train wreck on Wednesday, May 13, 2015, in Philadelphia. Rescue workers climb into the wreckage of a crashed Amtrak train in Philadelphia, May 12, 2015.
A rescue worker searches for injured people inside the derailed train, in a photo taken by former Pennsylvania Rep.
Service along Amtraka€™s busy Northeast corridor between New York and Philadelphia had been suspended.
An Amtrak train headed from Washington to New York City derailed in Philadelphia on Tuesday night,A killing six peopleA and causing multiple injuries. In addition to the five deaths announced by Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter on Tuesday night, Temple University Hospital's Dr. More than 130 people were hospitalized, and six were critically injured when the train derailed shortly after 9 p.m. The National Transportation Safety Board expects to have full crews at the scene Wednesday morning to investigate the cause of the accident.
Police swarming around the crash site, in Port Richmond, a densely populated area of row houses that has recently become a popular place to live among younger adults in the city, told people to get back, away from the train. Several injured people, including one man complaining of neck pain, were rolled away on stretchers.
Passenger Daniel Wetrin, was among more than a dozen people taken to a nearby elementary school afterward.

The crash was the latest in a series of rail accidents on heavily traveled passenger trains over the past year. On Sunday, an Amtrak train bound for New Orleans struck a flatbed truck at a railway crossing in Amite, killing the truck's driver and injuring two people on the train. Joseph Boardman at the Regional Plan Association’s conference last week at the Waldorf Astoria. Those two tunnels are more than a century old and carry more more than 160,000 passengers a day. An Amtrak train headed to New York City derailed and crashed in Philadelphia on Tuesday night. Herbert Cushing said Wednesday that a crash victim died there overnight from a chest injury. 188 train on route from Washington to New York.A AmtrakA added that service along its busy Northeast corridor between New York and Philadelphia had been suspended.
It's not far from where one of the nation's deadliest train accidents occurred: the 1943 derailment of The Congressional Limited, from Washington to New York, which killed 79 people. Patrick Murphy was on the train and tweeted photos of firefighters helping other people in the wreckage.
In December 2013, a Metro-North train derailed going around a bend just north of Manhattan, killing four.
More than 30 events an hour is considered severe sleep apnea, it said.In a statement after the latest NTSB documents were released, Democratic Sens.
No other Amtrak trains were affected.A spokeswoman for the Long Island Rail Road, which shares the tunnels with Amtrak, says the commuter railroad experienced scattered delays. They are also a dangerously narrow chokepoint on the one of the busiest rail corridors in the world.The state and federally financed project called Access to the Region’s Core would have doubled the number of cross-Hudson tubes and relieved that bottleneck.

Schumer of New York, and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, who have been critical of Metro-North's safety record, said it was "almost surreal that someone with this ailment could be in charge of a train with hundreds of passengers on board. Amtrak's literature puts the target completion date at 2030, but Boardman, recounting a panel discussion he'd attended earlier that day, said the panel's consensus was “25 years if you’re lucky.”By his lights, that’s not nearly soon enough, particularly with what he describes as at least a half-billion dollars' worth of Hurricane Sandy-related damage.
That could pose some very big problems for the New Jersey commuters and regional rail travelers who rely on those tunnels to get from New Jersey to New York, and back again.“Today those two tunnels carry 24 trains per hour, 24,” he said.
And I don't know if anybody's ever experienced like driving a long period of time in a car and staring at the taillights in front of them, and you get almost like that hypnotic feeling staring straight ahead," he told investigators.Rockefeller said he was jolted from his daze by the crash. He described being thrown around, then struggling to find a radio or phone to advise Metro-North of the emergency.The derailment left the seven-car train sprawled across the tracks and strewn down a hill to the banks of the Harlem River.
When the car stopped, Herbert was lying on the ground covered in seat cushions and other debris. Glass, glass all over," said Herbert, who was extricated from the pile of debris by another passenger but who was too badly injured to stand up.
So if Amtrak’s selfish and owns the infrastructure and says we’re gonna do our four, well it doesn’t matter whether New Jersey Transit gets two or not, because with two they’re dead anyway. Boardman was making in his comments at the RPA Assembly is that damage from Sandy accelerated what was already an urgent need for additional tunnel capacity between New York and New Jersey,” he continued.

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