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This is my COTW:LINDSAY GHOST RARE SELF PROPELLED BOX CAR 1940'S KIT - The powered drive is supplied by Lindsay.
Ok since there isn't one I'll start with another 2 of 8 from a friend Weathered SP GP unit Possibly Athern Also needs a cover for the front left side of truck Milwaukee Road Made in Austria Athern? Well this is just the frame of the engine but the boiler is in the big shop to the right and the rest of her is in pieces, I found out the the main wheel that has the drive gear attached to it was in horrible shape. Aurora's Batmobile, and who would have thought that the original 1960's Batmobile would sell for 4.2 Million dollars. Yes I saw that too,now im wondering if the munster coach will ever hit the auction block someday. Did something new at my Train shop job today, I worked on some huge honkin' 400 watt MTH O gauge transformers, the Z-4000.

I would create a daily Marklin search on eBay and keep my eyes peeled, but they probably aren't easy to find outside of Europe. The Batmobile no matter from which era is one of THE most recognizeable vehicles in the world!!
The most common cause of speed variations and spongy performance is oil soaked brushes.The Powertorque trucks were another matter, because they were so erratic that they tended to buck one another. I tried to balance out two PT's in a Shark I had many years ago, but eventually the pinions started wearing and loosening up on the motor shafts due to one truck pulling or pushing the other.
I replaced the electrical connectors, and on the one that didn't function, I found out that I could make one side work if the other throttle wires were disconnected ( dual power ). I always thought RR was the only one to do that, but maybe that's where they got that practice.

Since a new one is about $500, and the customer only uses one side at a time anyway, he was happy to get away with a $35 repair charge. Wasn't running, and after some vigorous gear-twisting, I got the motor to finally break loose and turn over, then run. Needs some parts ( 3rd rail pick-up slide is missing ), but at least its working so we know it's worth repairing. Here's some pictures of said Marklin engine - Anybody know of a good source for vintage Marklin HO parts?

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