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Atlas continues its series of historic EMD F-unit locomotives with this latest release of the F-7.
Rio Grande F-7s are also appropriate for hauling the Atlas O California Zephyr Streamlined Passenger Cars.
1) Santa Fe nose headlight – New tooling for the full-size headlight on the nose door of the Santa Fe version. 4) PRR Trainphone Antenna – The new part will also be used on the PRR models (A-units only, per the prototype).

The mid-1940s found the majority of North American railroads in the process of re-equipping their motive power fleets. The war effort had taken its toll on the steam locomotive and the rail lines were now looking at the diesel newcomer which had proven itself during World War II.
This will also be available as a separate part to retrofit older models, including prior runs of F2s and F3s.
At the forefront was General Motors with their E and F series of passenger and freight locomotives.

This series of models focuses on the year 1947, and highlights the motive power direction of some of America’s most well-known railways. These locos also feature some of the most colorful paint schemes ever applied to freight and passenger locomotives.

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