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The UD+ QDT filter train from Atlas Copco has received ISO 8573-1:2010 class 1 certification. Atlas Copco has acquired the operating assets of Mustang Services, a US specialty dryer rental business that serves refineries, petrochemical plants and general manufacturing.
Atlas Copco has launched the UD+ coalescing compressed air filter, which combines two filtration processes in one product. Atlas Copco Airpower has received ISO 8573-1:2010 class 1 certification for its UD+ QDT filter train – one of the first companies in the compressed air filtration industry to do so. Atlas Copco says that the UD+ filter combines the reliability and performance of wrapped filters with pressure drops lower than pleated filters.

According to the company, the redesigned QDT activated carbon tower removes the residual oil vapours and odours from the compressed air supply.
JT’s Mega-Steam is packaging six favorite holiday smoke fluid scents to keep your layout or beneath-the-tree pike puffing the aromas of the holiday into the new year. This is claimed to result is a 40% energy efficiency improvement compared to traditional filters. With optimization of the activated carbon material and internal flow path, the tower is claimed to improve energy efficiency by an average 65% while continuing to provide air purity, a small footprint and a long lifetime. Saluting this historic diesel, the latest run of O gauge RS-1 diesels from Atlas O feature die-cast metal chassis, pilots, fuel tanks, and truck sideframes, steam generator details as appropriate per road name, Electric RR Co.

The firm’s Northeastern-style caboose features a crewman, interior decoration, die-cast metal trucks, and clear window glass.

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