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While the Germans were the first to field an operational jet fighter, it was in the early 1950s during the Korean War that another jet fighter would appear on the scene that would transform aerial combat forever - the Mikoyan MiG-15. As with the full-scale aircraft, the kit offers only an optional set of external fuel tanks for underwing stores. Despite its petite scale though, this kit features some nice details that will look great after assembly. This was a light, agile, and heavily armed gun fighter that forced US airpower to push the development of their own fighters to counter this new threat.

While not a complex kit, it will become quickly obvious just how much detail is present once the completed model has been weathered.
This should be quick and painless with the majority of time will be spent cleaning up the tree attachment points, and these are minimal.
Hetzer — «Егерь») или Jagdpanzer 38 — немецкая лёгкая самоходная артиллерийская установка (САУ) класса истребителей танков.
On more than one ocassion did an allied fighter pilot spot a blonde-haired pilot ejecting from a crippled MiG.
We are very sorry if your country haven't been correctly detected, it means we can't point you to the correct Ebay site for your country, our apologies about this. The MiG-15 would find its way into many air forces around the world and would prove a deadly adversary in the right hands.

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