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The stock yards in the foreground have been constructed from brass in situ; the race was constructed separately from soldered brass and code 40 rail and then glued in place. This shot was taken on a Nikon Coolpix 990 using aperture-priority auto (A) mode, manual focus, flash cancel, incandescent white balance and self-timer on a tripod. AMRA NSW is dedicated to promoting the hobby of model railways throughout New South Wales.
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If you download Australian Model Railway - February 2016 and you like this magazine, comment it, it will be pleasant to us. A short goods train, headed by a new 48 class diesel, passes over the through truss bridge before entering the terminus of Watson's Flat in the early 1970s. Both bridge and wooden trestles have been scratchbuilt from brass by David Bennett and Neil Watson. AMRM is published bi-monthly by SCR Publications for the Southern Cross Model Railway Association.
Wire fences will define the surrounding farm paddocks and sheep and cattle will populate them.

Covered in eaves 1.6mm laser cut plywoodphoto finished house for illustration purposes only.

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