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Awd Auto Sales is an Independent Subaru Sales Facility offering great Quality inspected and Serviced Subaru’s for sale, while every effort has been made to ensure the quality of the vehicles we sell all vehicles are sold as is unless otherwise stated on the sales contract. Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence. The brain child of Paul Elio, The Elio car is made in America, NOT a hybrid and achieves around 84 MPG with its 3 cylinder 60 horsepower motor. As far as the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards definition goes, this is a motorcycle. Ford Fiesta: The Fiesta offers an upgrade to the Ecoboost 3 Cylinder engine for $995 extra.
Honda FCX Clarity: This is an electric fuel cell vehicle, charged by Hydrogen from special refueling stations.
Going from 10 MPG to 20 MPG cuts your yearly fuel cost in half, lets say at 10 MPG it was $5,000. Now to cut your cost in half again you would have to go from 20 MPG to 40 MPG, a 20 MPG increase.

To cut costs in half AGAIN you would have to go from the Elio to a motorized 49cc bicycle, which can get over 150 MPG (rider weight and terrain will be considerable variables).
It might make sense for some people to own multiple vehicles for multiple scenarios and use whichever one can complete the mission in the most cost effective manner. This move would have you trade in the Civic for the Elio, and it would save $625 a year over a 40 MPG vehicle. If this car was going to be pricey, then this would be crazy for anyone to buy looking to save money, think Tesla.
Look at my breakdown on fuel costs at different MPGs in the article American Car Expenses Are Insane. This move would be from the V6 car to a 4 cylinder compact, like a Honda Civic, this years model is rated at 39 MPG highway or a 3 cylinder compact like the Fiesta. Now you have no room, except maybe a backpack for moving stuff, are limited to one passenger, are not protected from the elements and can’t ride on the highway.
I can see us adding an Elio or similar ultra high efficiency car at some point and a motorized bike too.

I know it has airbags, but whether it would be as safe as a normal car or not is something to be looked into.
The Tesla is certainly a cool car and I love the concept, but it doesn’t make economic sense to own one at this point in time.
At 84 MPG on the highway I could pay for this vehicle in about 2 years from mileage reimbursement.
Next years model claims to achieve a range of over 300 miles, refuel in 5 minutes and an energy density increase of 60%. I am not sure how rational that thinking is, even if it isn’t rational, I am not sure I could overcome that fear to get one.

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