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Babylon (LIRR station), and check out Babylon (LIRR station) on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet.
Babylon is a station on the Long Island Rail Road in the village of Babylon, New York at Railroad Avenue west of Deer Park Avenue (Suffolk CR 34).
Babylon Station originally opened as a South Side Railroad of Long Island depot on October 28, 1867. As budgeted in the 2008a€“2013 Capital Plan, station rehabilitation over the next five years will include the demolition of the existing platforms and design and construction of a new platform as well as replacement of platform waiting rooms, escalators, and elevators. Vous trouverez sur cette page la carte du train urbain de New York, la carte du New Jersey Transit, la carte du Port Authority Trans Hudson, la carte du Long Island Rail Road et la carte du Metro North Railroad.
Amityville (LIRR station), and check out Amityville (LIRR station) on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. Amityville is the westernmost station on the Babylon Branch of the Long Island Rail Road in Suffolk County, New York. Amityville Station is typical of the elevated Babylon Branch stations that were rebuilt during the mid-to-late 20th century. This station has one 10-car-long high-level island platform between the two tracks, serving trains in both directions.

It was briefly renamed Seaside station in the summer of 1868, but resumed its original name of Babylon station in 1869. The Montauk Branch has three tracks here, with the north platform between Tracks 1 and 2 and the south platform between Tracks 2 and 3. It is located on John Street in Amityville, New York, but the official description of its location isn't as precise.
It was originally built in 1868 by the South Side Railroad of Long Island, then replaced by a brick station in 1889.[2] From 1890 to 1919, it was a stop for the Huntington Railroad cross-island trolley line, which included a bridge over the tracks on the west side of the station. To the west is the junction (Belmont Junction) with the Central Branch, which heads northwest to join the Main Line at Beth Interlocking southeast of the Bethpage station.
The Central Railroad of Long Island had once planned an extension to the Great South Bay and Fire Island which was never built, and a horse car and later trolley line was provided by the Babylon Rail Road company as a substitute.[3] The CRRLI abandoned their own depot in 1874, and began to share it with SSRLI. Ces 4 trains de banlieue se composent de 29 lignes et de 423 stations formant un réseau de 2 650 km.
The MTA describes the station as being located on John Street between Sunrise Highway (NY 27) and NY 27A west of NY 110. It was also the terminus of the Amityville Line for of the Babylon Railroad trolley line from 1910 to 1920.

Babylon station is elevated with two island platforms and is wheelchair accessible through elevator access. John Street is located between Sterling Place and West Oak Street (Old Sunrise Highway, NY Ref 900D). When the trolleys were abandoned the cross-island trolley bridge over the tracks became a pedestrian crossover.[3] The station building was completely demolished in 1964 and on October 25, 1968 a temporary station building was opened with high-level side platforms to accommodate the new M1 cars and facilitate the construction of the new grade separated Babylon Branch.
It was razed in 1963 as part of the grade elimination project that was taking place along the entire Babylon Branch during the post-war era.[6] The new elevated third station opened on September 9, 1964.
Babylon is 38.9 miles from Penn Station (in Manhattan, New York City), and travel time is 50 minutes to 1 hour 16 minutes, depending on the number of stops. East of the station, a train washing canopy existed in West Islip until 2005.[7][8] In June 2010, the Long Island Rail Road broke ground on a new environmentally friendly train wash canopy, since Ronkonkoma station had the only train wash on the east end. Amityville is also the site of the first interlocking after the Central Branch splits from the Babylon Branch.

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