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News: Check out the photo gallery link above or >click hereto see photos of recently announced products! It's been brought to my attention that the original three engines in the Bachmann Thomas range have a large number of faults. I didn't really count those, as many members have proved that repainting them is about a 5 minute job.
Even if you do not model standard gauge one cannot fail to be impressed by the latest offering from USA supplier MTH. For those of you interested in the North American Railroad scene this is a video presented by Jonathan Meador (Sales Manager) at the Big Train Show 2015 giving a run-down on the new items being released on the USA market by PIKO-AMERICA . At their recent annual conference for the world's model press the German firm of PIKO revealed yet another European Steam Locomotive with Tender due for release in the first quarter of 2015. Readers may remember that in 2013 Gartenbahn Profi published a superb compendium of pictures representing every locomotive produced by the firm of LGB from 1968 to June 2013. The update comes with a free calendar for 2015 with photos of unique locomotives like handmade and prototypes.
This only includes Thomas, Percy, and James, the most bought, but also most criticized engines in the range. Been so long since I've actually taken note to the back of Thomas, I forgot that smaller detail! I could narrate it, or put text over it, making all this information and critique into a video would require a lot of work.And me buying a new camera. Same with the hand rails; not much of a point making them actual rails, since these are for kids to hold easy (but we like our better detail too!). Seriously though, Bachmann should consider some of these updates and modifications thus adding detail and more realism to the television series it models.
These days PIKO are making a huge effort to establish their presence in the USA for sound business reasons.

The finished models are realistically weathered and made of weather-resistant plastic for indoor or outdoor use. This time they announced a most impressive model pf a DB BR24 and maintains the company's strong commitment to introducing new designs at regular intervals.
Many new items including some rather attractive USA Flat Cars with Log Loads and High-sided Gondolas.There is also a US style Work Caboose available in several liveries and an extended range of "built-up" buildings.
On 23rd October2014 the roll out the latest PIKO garden railway diesel locomotive V36 Sonneberg took place at the headquarters of PIKO. I just hope it is not achieved at the expense of the UK market when it comes to product availability. They are hollow and can be illuminated for night-time scenes.They are all available separatelyat ?80 each but Glendale Junction are currently offering three sets of all 4 relief buildings ( item numbers 550001,550002,550003, and 550004) for a special price of ?296 (10% discount).
This model of the diesel V36, like all PIKO garden railway products made entirely in Sonneberg, is being currently being delivered October to the trade and should be available I the shops. Another thing was that front couplers are a great idea seeing that even little kids want to pull the trains backwards, the all would need a front coupler.
Through the use of special plastics, the model, like all other PIKO garden railway products is weatherproof and can therefore be used outdoors. The locomotive is prepared for digital operation and can be easily retrofitted with the PIKO sound module, # 36224 and provides the garden railway friend so even more fun and model railroad feeling. This should be addressed to, as well as his boiler stripe issue.- A nice addition would giving Thomas an open cab. Looks like a really useful engine!(image from Adult Thomas)Now here's the Bachmann Percy, quick examination and he doesn't look very much like he does on television, now does he? Lets point out his errors.- Like Thomas, has that boiler stripe problem- Also like Thomas, he lacks a front coupler. He always has a chipper, cute happy smile on his face, and lesser known for a big cheesy grin.

This model frustrated me to wits end, and was thus ULTIMATELY DESTROYED in attempt to fix and open it! Sure it's a nice grin to look at for a moment, but after awhile, we gotta admit that it gets creepy! I still stand my ground that the HO range could do some revisions to meet with the wonderful quality Bachmann is bringing out in the Thomas range these days. Sure this is a lot of talk for such small changes, but talking with a lot of modelers I know has brought up these as rather annoying concerns, and disadvantages even with the competition with Hornby (a lot of people are willing to have items shipped from the US to the UK, and from the UK to the US nowadays with the increase of on line shopping).
Most of the Thomas merchandise lines do revise their products every so often (Wooden Railway and Hornby being prime examples), so why not Bachmann too?
I think it's also time for them to receive their updates after nearly 10 years into the range. I understand most plans go through HiT Entertainment first, and I hope they like these plans as much as I do, as will other members who will post in this topic.All Images, Thomas and Friends, etc. So, what can be done?Well, lately, most if not all of the Bachmann Rolling Stock is just repaints from the Bachmann Branchlines (aka the UK) freight cars.
It has the recognizable design that we see in the TV series all the time, and simply has a more realistic appearance than the Bachmann Thomas brake van at the moment. Hey, if the Bachmann range would put in the M wagon of all rolling stock, I can see this guy getting a chance. This is quite a shame when compared to Troublesome Truck #3, who has an amazingly accurate classic face.Perhaps a face revision is in order?

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