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At long last the Bachmann On30 Whitcomb bogie diesel has arrived so I guess its time for a bit of a review.
I suppose the first thing to do is to place it on the track and try it and this is where you encounter your first bit of fun.
Once its on the track and on a DC power supply the loco runs very smoothly but with quite a slow acceleration but it will do it whilst pulling a house down.
To return inspecting the model turning it over reveals the bogies are powered on each axle so the rods are cosmetic and along for the ride.
I have already gone further with taking mine apart and I will report on what is happening to it later but for now I can say that the chassis is very well engineered with separate brass bearings at each end of the worms, good quality gears and bearings on each axle. Its a bit disappointing that they couldn’t arrange for the sound modules to arrive at the same time as the loco but that is typical of Bachmann. The heading photo shows all the details of the trucks rods and so on but the reality is a little different.
Like most recent Bachmann models the default appears to be to have both headlights on with DC.

You can also see that the cosmetic sides were fitted before the rods and cranks as the axles poke through solid holes.
This should be a simple press fit but the dedicated Whitcomb sound modules haven’t arrived at the time of writing this.
Bells and Air Horns are provided to mount on the bonnets but unusually you have to drill holes in the metal body to fit them. Initial sales suggest that the all yellow model [29203] is the favourite and will be the hardest to find. You are getting a lot of loco here for your ?230 as its very well detailed and a super runner with a well engineered chassis. The very simplest I have done here is with a white weathering powder on a stiff brush which is worked until nearly empty and then just flicked in the edges of the cranks and rods to add a little highlight. In anything other than studio lighting the trucks exist in a gloom of blackness and its hard to spot the flycranks and rods let alone the other fine detail. On DCC it comes with its ID set at 3 as usual and you can alter the headlights in the settings of the decoder.

The instructions do guide you as how and where to do this but its not the straightforward clip fit.
Getting all the wheels on the track can be a challenge unless you have one of those re-railing ramp tools.
A bit more time with a range of coloured weathering powders would make all the details stand up a little.
I am also thinking of shortening the bogie frames to leave the centre under the loco clear so that I can fit a fuel tank and some larger air receivers.

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