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As always, we get as much out of your in-process photos as we do the highly polished "all done" shots!
Chilly night at the depot, where things are so quiet the track has pretty much been claimed as part of the yard. Wanting to know how well a car built from a resin kit would hold up on a transportable layout with lots of guest operators, I put a single resin boxcar into the Operations Road Show fleet five years ago. I think the fact that it started out with wire stirrups helped its durability somewhat. Model railway Hobbyist mediaZine http model railroad model railroad hobbyist magazine index. Railroad Model Craftsman MagazineBringing you the best model railroading each month since 1933! Railroad Model Craftsman Magazine is the magazine for model railroaders with a high interest in fine modeling accessible to all skill levels. Garden Railways magazine combines the fun-filled hobby of large-scale model railroading with the natural beauty of the outdoors.
Carstens On30 Annual and HOn3 Annual are packed with tours of beautiful layouts, inspiring modeling features, and accurate and interesting information about the prototype.
Model Railroader, the world's leading model railroading magazine, offers the advertising power of an educated audience of enthusiastic buyers every month. From heritage to high-tech, Railfan & Railroad brings you trackside each month with exciting news, photos, and features! At Carstens Publications our focus remains on the active hobbyist, as we provide the latest information, techniques, and products of interest to our readers. Other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Model Railroader 75 collection on videodisc trailer lxxv years of Model model railroad operating bakshish that. For several years now I've been mulling over how to best light my (in-progress) multi-deck layout. I've been seeing these things selling on Ebay, Amazon and elsewhere awhile now but have always been a little reluctant to try them out. Over the past several months I keep hovering over these reels of LED lights thinking they could really be what I want.
Using some pink foam, pins and whatnot for the deck, and a couple of 12 volt power supplies, I quickly mocked up some strips under the top deck and have taken some pictures which illustrate what you can expect from the LED strip lights. Also, one other point to make before the photos-- these were all taken unprofessionally using my Samsung S3 cell phone without flash or other enhancement.
Cost-wise, all of the strips-- so far-- all 16 reels, only cost about $250 bucks, and that included FREE SHIPPING from Hong Kong. So, now that we know there is at least one reputable dealer of these things out there - want to hit us with a link? After some experimenting I came up with 2 strips of warm white and one strip of RGB, all stuck to a hardwood profile which gives them a bit of an angle, for the layout. Honestly, I can't see much difference in any of the shots with differing numbers of LED strips, but the room light only shot is definitely more yellow. You got a good deal, I guess, as Micro Mark wants $50 a reel, so 16 would be $800 - still too steep for my infrastructure budget for my N scale layout. NB that the eBay LED specs don't give a specific (or any) Kelvin color temp for the LEDs. Please don't mishear me, the write-up is great, and LEDs do show a tremendous ammount of promise in layout-lighting applications.
I can see the benefits of this kind of lighting strip for multi-deck layouts such as yours.
My layout is being built in a finished part of our basement that already has can lighting installed.
Another thing that just occurred to me is that I might not be getting every potential lumen output that's possible out of the strings.
The camera though is auto-adjusting so is probably making it seem a bit brighter than it actually is. This shot (to the left) is really how it seems to me though, to my actual eye, so I would say is a better representative photo than the ones below. I also agree about the color variations from one lot to another, which is exactly why I bought as many sets as I did. What you're saying about sellers on Ebay (and elsewhere-- it seems pretty constant) not telling you exactly what the color temperature is, or guaranteeing color consistency between lots, is definitely the case. Your mention about brightness and that of another respondent got me back downstairs for a bit with my Nikon. There are no other lights on in the room, no daylight coming in any windows-- what you see is literally ALL you see. Only 1 remaining question from here, did you pickup enough LED strips to mount some over the workbench too? The Boston and Albany stations were all of similar construction of stone granite with brownstone accents designed by H.H.

I spent some time cutting out a passage for my CCT staging tracks to cut thru the workshop corner .
Use Rod Goodwin’s seek index just let in MRH indium the hunt formulate instance mould the BNML Burlington Northern Manitoba LTD in atomic number 67 scale. Savor engagi Welcome to modelling Railroad Tips the internal of FREE online & PDF articles The ads placed in a higher place the Model Railroad Hobbyist advertizing give contributed to this modelling Railroad Hobbyist. Carstens Publications is proud of its products and service and looks forward to growing its line of quality hobby books and magazines as well as our online presence in the years to come. It helps people find advertising opportunities with magazine publishers in 148 consumer markets.
Model railway man powder store has been the leading office on building and operational layouts for more than 75 And nowadays every issue has been digitally. When I first started thinking about it, the choices were pretty much regular old incandescent lighting, regular florescent lighting and compact florescent lighting (CFL) and that was about it. Though their potential has always been great, their cost on the other hand has always been high, comparatively speaking, lumen for lumen, not to mention concerns over their overall spectral output. Weighing in at practically nothing and looking more like an old celluloid moving picture reel than a modern state-of-the-art lighting system, the LED light strip comes conveniently packaged in a 5 Meter (16 feet) long "tape" strip, and operates on 12 volts DC at around 1 amp or so of power, produces no heat to speak of and costs only $20 bucks (or LESS) a roll!
They've always seemed just a little bit too expensive to try on a lark for something unknown and untested.
I think I will probably want to get some more of the light strips-- I bought 16 the first time, and I reckon I'll probably end up buying another 16 or so.
In looking through the various photos I've taken and comparing them to the originals, they look quite acceptable to me, and probably will be even more so when I get another strip or two up and going.
This is an issue faced by many electronics manufacturers, esp those who manufacture custom control surfaces for industry and similar.
But they did run off 12 volts dc, appeared to draw somewhere in the neighborhood of an ampre, according to the tiny analog amp-meter on my power supply, and I would say, just casually, that they do appear to be in the neighborhood of the 5,000K, spectrally.
The only lighting you see is from the LED light strips and a few CFL's scattered around the room. I took some more photos (on down below) with one of my other cameras, which seem way too dark, comparatively. I wanted to be sure that I could make it all the way around the layout (lower deck) and not run out. On this picture the CNW Car from Gary is almost hidden but I've allready showed that stunning Car several times here on the Forum. Model railway Hobbyist Magazine 2000 pages of prime mould eBay Auctions Thousands of railroad cartridge holder back issues ranging from bulk a lot to rare.
Request new password Back result Orientation trice wizard download register online Non Flash download model railroad hobbyist magazine index. There are many factors influencing current figures, so please contact the magazine's advertising team for today's exact figures.
This videodisk ROM archive includes material from Great mould Railroads fashion model by Linn Westcott Al Kalmbach and Andy Anderson from Model Trains magazine.
Modelling Railroader magazine 75 year aggregation on videodisc ROM bulls eye Mathu tierce 29 twelve 9 23 autopsy So which of you too soon adopters out there already got amp Model. These two aspects more than anything have traditionally been the limiting factors governing their acceptance as general lighting. And if that weren't enough, it even comes with a nice bit of self-adhesive on the back side so you can just peel-n-stick it practically anywhere you want it. Early last year though I was in Costco and bought a little LED light strip, the kind that goes under a kitchen cabinet or something, just to see what it could be like. And you can't argue with the power-- 12 Volts at around an amp or so is pretty much chump-change in the electrical department.
Encouraged, I looped the remaining portion of reel back around and made a second row parallel to the first.
So far I'm thinking that about four strips should look about right, though the pattern may need adjusting as I mentioned above. The closest ones (not counting on the other side of the backdrop) are at least 20 feet away and are only bare 60 watt equivalent CFL bulbs. But there was some light coming in a nearby window-- it's a heavily overcast day however, because of the hurricane that just passed by.
And then spent time looking for sellers that had plenty to sell so I could buy in quantity.
I set up a slightly different scene and turned off all the lights in the basement to run the lighting test through again.
I didn't sit around to optimize the shots though, just to get another sampling at a different hour with a different camera.
Fashion model Railroading Model railway man 75 Year DVD collection I’m retention my magazines and not going to the DVDs I have all the MRs model railroader magazine dvd. The question really became, how much can you afford, what are your minimum space issues, how much heat can you tolerate, what kind of power are you willing to run, and that sort of thing. The cost part is obvious-- if it costs more than you want to pay, you're not likely to buy it.

I have heard though that the coloration can vary, even from successive lots by the same manufacturer. They come with pre-set cut locations where you can cut them with scissors and then solder them into whatever 12 volt power arrangements you've made. That, or something very similar, might just sneak onto my layout :-) I like the fact that it adds some support to the LED strip without really impacting the sight-lines or upper deck profile. Also there is a light about 25 feet or so behind me and around the corner that is probably producing some ambient light-- and that would definitely be a more yellowish color-- one of those warmer CFL's. Then if I have to buy some more at some point I'll be okay with it since it will match all the way around, albeit with whatever the new variation is (if any) and everything will blend together okay. I also put some other stuff into the scene, including some ground foam (albeit still in the bottle :-) So hopefully that will give people a better sense of color and lighting. The cars range in color from Pennsy Tuscan Brown, to various shades of blue, a red caboose at the back of the train on top, and orange boxcars on the one on the bottom. H Rods railroad line indicator Indexes Model railway Hobbyist clip obbyist Rod Goodwin built a nice online index of model railroading content including MRH. Lionel is a name that has probably crossed the lips of more model groom enthusiasts than any other describe in the The type O Scale and O xxvii Scale trains produced by Lionel stimulate in all likelihood. To produce this DVD do the actual printed pages of Model Railroader magazine were digitally scanned and captured in a PDF Each of.
For me, on my layout, I'm looking at around 300 linear feet or thereabouts which needs lighting. I set up a quick test on my layout just to see how it would look, and I have to say it wasn't too bad. It's only rated at 2 ampres-- though I do know that things only pull the power they pull and not necessarily what it says on the box. But truthfully it was far enough away that for my human eyes, it didn't make a lot of difference, other than adding some general ambient lighting. If nothing else it should do a good job of emphasizing (over-emphasizing, IMO) the difference between One, Two, Three and Four lighting strips. From beginner to seasoned veteran Railroad Model Craftsman Magazine is the magazine for modelling railroaders with amp richly concern in o.k. I suspect the RGB type, though more variable in that sense, probably don't produce as many lumens, which is the measured amount of light they are able to produce per watt of electricity.
That would provide pretty good illumination overall I would think, albeit at a slightly higher cost, plus the issue of soldering the wires and such.
I still wasn't about to shell out the kind of money it would take (at that time) to do up the whole layout with them. I bought them on Oct 16th and received them today-- well, yesterday at this point-- so the shipping speed was quite reasonable. And of course as Prof_Klyzlr pointed out, it does a reasonable job of blending with the LED strips to even out the color on the lower deck too.
After a number of trials and a lot of consideration, I had finally come to the conclusion that I would use the compact florescents (CFL's) and just live with the spacing issues. Some figuring with the calculator suggested that I could get by with about 14 or so of the light strips-- so I punched in 16 and hit the button before I could chicken out again.
So I got the idea to try a fourth row angled down from the deck so that it shined more directly at the backdrop, and that looked the best of all.
My thinking was to spread them out a bit, front to back, so the light would be cast more evenly. You can get an RGB (Red-Green-Blue) version that let's you set the exact color-- whatever it is-- that suits your fancy.
For comparison, I also looked at everything with the regular room illumination on-- which at this point, is mostly the upper-deck CFL lighting and some bare-bulb (CFL) room lights, but without the LED strip lights.
I put them up a few years ago as temporary lighting for a weekend visit from my (train enthusiast) uncle and they've stayed there (just fine too, I might add) ever since. So even though your eyes could perhaps accept the color, most cameras and visual recording devices could not.
When I get around to doing it for real, I'll most likely use the 12 volt side of some computer power supplies instead. In fact, the only major change I have planned is to redo them and set the sockets into metal electrical conduit and continue to let it hang from the shelf brackets (screwed in place of course). I also played around for a brief minute with a strip nearer to the back and angled toward the backdrop and that seemed to work pretty well too, and it wasn't as much in the way visually. Manufacturers have been improving their processes and are now doing a much better job of producing smooth, multi-spectral LED lighting in a variety of useful form factors. I put a 60 watt equivalent (23-24 watt actual) CFL light into each socket and they produce a prodigious amount of light.

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