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Photograph: Paul WagtouiczLupuloAlthough considered by some to be a culinary wasteland, the area near Penn Station and Madison Square Garden has its own share of mouthwatering dining options.
The ceiling and walls are hung with pipes, some from such long-ago Keens regulars as Babe Ruth, J.P.
At this low-key Hell's Kitchen eatery, chef Ratchanee Sumpatboon (Zabb Elee) turns out specialties from northeastern Thailand such as kao moo dang (roast pork, sweet sausage and half-boiled egg) and yen ta fo (sour and spicy noodle soup with fish balls, squid and tofu). Former Tao executive chef Sam Hazen oversees a SoCal-infused menu at this Baja-style Mexican restaurant and bar offering 80 types of tequila catering to the after-work crowd.
Just three blocks north of Koreatown’s central 32nd Street stretch, this restaurant serves excellent barbecue and other traditional dishes.
Since 1925, this Italian food purveyor has been making and selling an impressive selection of sausages and cured meats.
It's a little slice of Italy in America's department store—as part of a $400 million, four-year renovation, Macy's historic flagship has transformed its sixth floor into a grand 267-seat Neapolitan trattoria. It may not be the first area you think of when you think of fine dining, but these Midtown restaurants hold their own. Whether you’re waiting for a game, a train, or the end of the workweek, these bright lights of Midtown west make the food-and-drink desert around Madison Square Garden a little more bearable.
If the butcher-papered tables and stag-headed walls don’t clue you in, the Breslin focuses on meat, in quality and quantity. This old-school Irish bar still has the requisite pinch of grit lacking in so many of its midtown neighbors. With this Japanese curry shack, it’s hard to decide which quirk to focus on first – the cartoon-bedecked walls, occasional staff member in a gorilla suit, or almost kabbalistic obsession with the number five (Go means five in Japanese).

Named for the Gaelic land of eternal youth, this genteel Irish pub offers a cozy, casual atmosphere amidst lace-curtain relics and architectural bric-a-brac salvaged from churches and castles of the old country.
Within a 10-minute walk lie loads of restaurants near Penn Station including Midtown restaurants offering diverse cuisines ranging from Italian to Korean BBQ. Grilled asparagus spears punctuated with dried sea urchin and walnuts are as sparely sophisticated as anything you’d find at Aldea. The retail giant tapped haute toque Jonathan Benno (Lincoln Ristorante, Per Se) to oversee the Italian menu.
From pig’s trotters, to gorilla-suited waiters, to an honest beer – it’s all just a few blocks away. Crispy berkshire pork belly with carolina gold, pumpkin, fermented cabbage & mutsu apples shares menu space with the likes of head cheese, terrine boards, and blood sausage with fried duck’s eggs and vinaigrette.
Its proximity to the Garden, along with walls lined with flat screen televisions, make the dining destination a sports bar. The Blarney Rock has grounded 33rd Street from 1969 on, with the accumulated sports memorabilia to prove it.
Originally named for Hideki Matsui’s number, the restaurant still ends its phone number with all fives and opens and closes at five minutes to the hour.
Huge picture windows open onto the church-pipe-organ turned bar and illuminate a civil place to enjoy a pint or whiskey. Even in these nonsmoking days, you can catch a whiff of the restaurant’s 120-plus years of history. The food comes almost instantly though, so finish your dumplings and appetizers before asking them to fire up those decadent chunks of rib eye and fatty slices of pork belly.

After browsing racks of Burberry and Louis Vuitton, head to the marble bar for seasonal Bellinis (white peach, dark berry) or an Italian soda cocktail (Limonata, Luxardo cherry), while taking in expansive views of the Empire State Building via floor-to-ceiling windows. The crowd is largely blue collar – New York Magazine notes that “the Blarney Rock is not the place to discuss your plans to build or renovate with nonunion labor,” and construction workers, elevator repairmen, and MTA employees still rub shoulders with commuters and, often as not, hordes of Rangers or Knicks fans yelling at the bar’s numerous TVs. In between, they serve up white rice and deep-fried toppings like pork katsu, all doused with the star attraction – the curry sauce, a thick, brown, slightly sweet gloop that looks fairly suspect but tends to inspire fanatical devotion among the clientele. The Celtic-influenced American pub food offers excellent seafood dishes, as well as a memorable shepherd’s pie.
As a market leading news resource since 1967, WCBS reaches millions of listeners each week and boasts one of the […]1010 WINS1010 WINS invented all news radio and is the longest-running all news station in the country. This adventurousness, along with a fastidious devotion to fresh, toothsome breads, sets Co.
The menu still lists a three-inch-thick mutton chop (imagine a saddle of lamb but with more punch) and desserts such as key lime pie.
For 50 years, 1010 WINS has been a news and information utility for the New York metropolitan area. Famous […]WFANAs the world’s first 24-hour all-sports radio station, WFAN remains the premier sports talk radio station in the business.

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