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Since Easter I have been involved in the creation of this goliath to give my tribute to the American railroads.
My Big Boy respects original proportions and is inspired to the exemplar 4023 in Kenefick Park, Omaha Nebraska. While building my copy of this Big Boy I struggled a bit with the front rack build with 1x2 grill tiles attached at the front axle truck.
Original designer of this MOC Jayhurst found a very intelligent solution to make this monster compatible with LEGO curves and switches. The Engine is not flexible,touch the free wheels in front or in the rear of the engine and the motorized wheels don't touch.
There were bunnies and goats at the farm, and Elisha had a good time looking at the animals.
My favorite tradition every year is to go out to a local farm and cut down our own Christmas tree. I am a woman who is wild and crazy on the inside, and mostly practical and responsible on the outside. The train owner was having considerable difficulty with the train that evening; earlier he had broken the axle. Elisha said "Poor Santa!" Elisha did a fabulous job helping decorate the Christmas tree this year. He also loved playing with the mailbox, he took a receipt from the cash register and kept putting it in and taking it out of the mailbox.
We went back to the same place we discovered last year, about a half an hour from Lexington. I strive to find the balance between my outrageous fancies and the joys of everyday living.
Given an axle loading of 67.500 lbs each, this would require 8 drivers or an x-8-8-x wheel arrangement.

Back in 2010 I also build myself a copy of Jayhurst's Big Boy - thanks to his flickr gallery it was not such a problem but still a challenge. A temporary fix with a nut kept the train running for a while, but the nut kept falling off. The pictures of the lights was not my own, it was horribly difficult trying to get some good pictures of the lights, so I snagged this one off the internet. Elisha immediately wanted to go dive into it, but we managed to convince him he needed breakfast first.
He basically was gone all month, with rehearsals, evening concerts, and papers to write where he disappears into the sound room with mugs of coffee and works on the computer until late hours. We saw the train go through the park a few times, but could never decipher where people got on. After the drive, there is a little fair at the end, with a model train exhibit, petting zoo, Santa pictures, etc. They also had hot chocolate, which we all enjoyed, and some homemade salsa and fruit butters. I try to support local farms and business as possible, and this is an easy fun way to do it.It was snowy the day we went, and so beautiful! He wasn't sold on the idea, but he did manage to eat a few bites before running around the house and trying to put on his snow gear by himself.
These dogs had the roam of the farm, and the dark one followed us all over the farm as we picked out our tree and explored the farm.
He's only four, so you can imagine how that went.After breakfast, we headed down to the church, where they have a big hill on their front lawn. Although they weren't planning to pull these freight trains at 80 MPH, the Department of Research and Mechanical Standards designed them for 80 MPH in order to have a sufficient factor of safety built into the design. He didn't acknowledge us in any way, just trotted near us, smelling and chasing things near us.

We got to the front of the line, and were about to board when the operator discovered he had lost his nut again. The adults stood around making every conceivable nut joke, and the kids ran around impatiently waiting for the train ride. Because we were at the front of the line, I had a good view of the train, and as we waited I spotted the very greasy nut under the train. Our Thanksgiving was really mellow, I cooked a turkey and all the trappings and had a nice family down day (the first full day off from school Dieter got since school started in August).
I watched my neighbors pets while they were gone and managed to kill one of their goldfish, but otherwise it was a wonderful break with my family. On top of that, there are still some sensory issues (which I also had as a child) that make it very difficult for him to function in a very busy environment. We have him in a preschool at the local elementary school, and he gets speech and occupational therapy there on top of our weekly privet sessions. We started out this fall sending him 5 days a week (which is usually recommended), however the class size ballooned to 20 children, in about 500 square feet. It was all too much for Elisha, he started having some major behavior problems at school and at home. We've cut back to 3 days a week, and although it has got better, there are still some rough days for him.

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