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Built by TrinityRail starting in late 2003, the ultra-modern 64' refrigerated box car was designed to replace aging reefer cars. We are proud to announce the Bx-166 boxcar, a 62a€™ double-door insulated boxcar that has been a hallmark in the logistics of beer distribution all throughout North America, and particularly in its service to breweries in the western United States. Custom-built by the ATSF in 1974, a total of 300 Bx-166 boxcars were built at the Santa Fea€™s car shops in Topeka, KS. With a much storied history, the Bx-166 was first unveiled in the Santa Fea€™s famous a€?Indian Reda€? paint scheme, bearing a large white cross herald and a€?Shock Controla€? lettering. Roughly 40 years in service and still going strong, many Bx-166 boxcars have now been relegated to non-beer service, such as the hauling of bundled corrugated and paper recyclables. This model started in our normal fashion - a whole lot of hard work, hours in 'the field', and a massive amount of data. These models are coming in 24 unique road numbers, so make sure you pre-order early to avoid any disappointment due to sell-outs. Easily identified as a common asset in the vast TTX car fleet, over 1,600 F89-J's haul trailers, pipe, rail, bulk loads, and hundreds remain in service today!

Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. The Bx-166 is unique for its double- door configuration, distinguishing it from its fellow beer-hauling cousins. Measuring 61a€™ 6a€? in length (66a€™ A?a€? over strikers), this icon of beer transportation has proven invaluable to the Santa Fe and, later, BNSF. Later, the cars were repainted into a more minimalist scheme: plain mineral brown paint with a small Santa Fe herald affixed to the upper left corner of the car. Not easily confused with other 89' flat car, Order your F-89J's and add flair to your freight roster!- Yellow Trailer Train TTX Cars (Early 1970s+)  With over 1,600 F89-J's in TTX's roster, these cars started their service life as strict TOFC (trailer on flat car) loading. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
Compared to earlier Reefer Units, the X2 family was designed for lowerlifecycle costs, durable construction, lower noise levels, exceptional capacity and a modern, aerodynamic design. The defining characteristic on these cars, instantly separating them from the pack, are the diagonal braces on either side of the doors.

Boasting two 8a€™ insulated doors on each side, the Bx-166 provides a total of 16a€™ door opening width for crews to load and unload pallets and kegs of beer a€“ one of the most delicious beverages known to man. Many cars in the fleet never received the small herald, and feature only the reporting marks and necessary dimensional data. Model Description:Now you can add an ultra-realistic Carrier X2 Reefer Unit to your trailers or rail cars! No matter where you live or have railfanned in North America, chances are youa€™ve seen this car mixed into general merchandise freights - both individually or in cuts of several beer cars. Originally built with interior load dividers, the boxcars prominently feature a a€?Holland Load Snuggera€? sticker above the Plate C stencil.

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