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I had accommodations covered, so I only had to pay for my transportation to NYC to and from Boston and any food or entertainment costs. Also, after gas, tolls, and parking, driving would have been the most expensive option for me.The train was also expensive at around $200 round-trip, depending on the hour and how far in advance I booked. My trip was a little spur of the moment, so my transportation options were not as budget-friendly as it could have been if I planned ahead.For me, taking the bus was the best option.
Due to price and schedule, I took Megabus to NYC from Boston and on the way home I took Bolt Bus. It would have been $40 if I bought a ticket at South Station, so please book your ticket online or on your phone!Showed ticket via e-mail confirmation on smartphone.

Seats were comfortable and I had plenty of room Megabus is a double decker bus, and I sat on the bottom whereas more people sat on top. If the bus arrived on time and it didn’t take so long at Wendy’s we would have arrived on time.Only window side passengers have power supply, so keep that in mind when you pick your seat. Also, the handicap row doesn’t have a power supply either.NeutralWe stopped at a Wendy’s around half-way in our trip (although there were bathrooms on the bus too) and were given 15 minutes.
The sooner you book your rate, the lower fare you typically receive. However, even though I booked on the same day of my trip, I still feel like I got a decent rate. I don’t think I could have driven, flown, or taken the train for $40 roundtrip.If you are looking for a budget-friendly way to go and from Boston and New York City, Bolt and Megabus is definitely a great way to go.

However, I may look into another bus company too, especially if they have an indoor terminal from NYC if I’m traveling in the winter again.If you have travelled to Boston to NYC, what is your favorite way to travel? And do you have any bus recommendations that I haven’t tried or any pro tips to share?*This post contains some affiliate links, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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