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Luminati Aerospace CEO Dan Preston (right) with Riverhead Town Board members George Gabrielsen and Jodi Giglio. Board members of Luminati Aerospace, which recently purchased the 16-acre property at EPCAL formerly owned by Skydive Long Island, weren’t sharing the details of their new venture to build large solar-powered, high-flying drones when they met with the Riverhead Town Board Thursday morning.
But they were promising that their project would bring 40 jobs for machinists, CAD draftsmen and engineers to the long-dormant airfield at EPCAL, the former home of Northrop Grumman’s fighter jet testing runway. The firm’s CEO, Daniel Preston, said that he hopes that, as his company grows, they will be able to use a second runway at EPCAL. Mr Preston was the prior chief of Atair Aerospace, a firm that designed military parachutes which he sold for $22 million in 2009. Earlier this summer, Facebook launched a similar solar unmanned aircraft, the Aquila, a carbon fiber boomerang-shaped craft with a 140-foot wingspan designed to provide internet access in hard-to-reach areas. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg announced in March that Facebook had just begun testing one-tenth scale models of the Aquila over the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, Google last year acquired Titan Aerospace, which received approval earlier this year to run test flights in New Mexico.
Mr. Walter said the town will do everything in its power to expedite the review of the building plans. Delivered piping hot to inboxes throughout the East End in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Across the East End, town budgets under negotiation are keeping tightly within New York State’s tax levy cap.
Southold is also planning to hire eight new police officers, six immediatly and two after officers who are already in the force retire. At a budget hearing Wednesday, only Ray Huntington of Cutchogue had anything to say about Southold’s proposed budget.
Southampton Town Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst has continued her goal for the past four years of presenting a structurally balanced  budget including a zero percent tax levy increase. Riverhead High School award-winning artist and 2014 graduate Maria Valdivia painted two murals for the Kent Animal Shelter in Calverton, which is undergoing renovations. It seemed there was something to hate for everybody when Riverhead Town unleashed its plan to subdivide the Enterprise Park at Calverton at the former Grumman plant for public comment Wednesday night.
And even former Congressman George Hochbrueckner, who wrote the federal legislation in which the U.S.

Five hundred acres at the industrial core of the 2,900-acre site of the former Grumman plant were sold to developer Jan Burman in 2001.
The property would be placed in a special zoning district known as a planned development district in order to accomodate the different uses. Four hundred fifty-eight acres of the property would remain as grasslands and 138 acres of grasslands are expected to be created as habitat for the short-eared owl, northern harrier and upland sandpiper.
The potential residential use of the property seemed most offensive to people who spoke Wednesday.
John Ehlers, who did the original survey of the property, said the town can’t sell the lots before they put in roads, water and a sewer.
Robert Boehm, who lives on River Road just south of the property, said he believes the roads to the south of the property can’t handle the weight of traffic en route to EPCAL. Anthony Coates of Riverhead, who ran for a seat on the town board last year, said the town had an opportunity for three ways to make money from EPCAL: collecting taxes, selling the land, and providing jobs for people.
He added that if the property is developed as housing, it will not be providing jobs for people who live in Riverhead, and many large employers who might set up shop there would import their work force.
Aquebogue resident and attorney Ron Hariri said he didn’t hear anyone say anything nice about the plan. Gordan Howard, a Sierra Club member and frequent user of the bike path at Calverton, was more blunt with his words.
Preston was unable to continue working for the defense industry because of a non-complete clause. Preston declined to discuss his work in-depth with the town board or reporters at Thursday’s work session, citing the confidential nature of his contract to build the unmanned aircraft. Those tests hit some negative publicity in May when a Solara 50 UAV built by Titan crashed into the desert near Albuquerque.
20 public hearing on the proposed runway lease agreement, which would grant Luminati controlling use of the EPCAL runway for just under $32,000 per year. In her spare time, she runs around the block, tinkers with bicycles, tries not to drown in the Peconic Bay and hopes to grow the perfect tomato. Walter cut his budget by $800,000 due to 11 retirements, and included $775,000 in projected revenue from sale of the town’s Second Street firehouse and East Lawn office building, and included $750,000 from two energy contracts still under negotiation at the Enterprise Park at Calverton at the former Grumman plant that is now owned by the town.
East Hampton’s budgets must be reviewed by the state comptroller as a result of deficit financing the town acquired several years ago.

Russell suggested the town board continue to look into innovate revenue sources similar to the planned leasing of a portion of the town’s capped landfill in Cutchogue for a photovoltaic solar array.
Maria, who graduated 13th in her class, will be attending the New York Institute of Technology, where she plans to major in computer science and animation. Also, members of Congress from Long Island are asking the MTA to stop this silliness and make a counter-offer to the union’s latest proposal.
Industrialists were unhappy with the mere notion that people could be living within the subdivision. The subdivision plan would divide the remaining property into 50 lots, 42 of which would be redeveloped with a mix of uses, incluing retail, industrial, residential, recreational, energy park and utility projects. She derided the plan to allow residential development of EPCAL, and pointed out that the Riley Avenue Elementary School, attended by kids who live in Calverton, is already full of students and she believes it will need to be expanded, especially if EPCAL includes housing. Hochbrueckner, the former congressman, said he would like the town to wait to hear whether LIPA approves a project to put 20 megawatts of solar panels on the property’s 7,000-foot abandoned runway, as proposed by the Virginia company Heliosage Energy.
He offered his consulting services to the town, free of charge, in order to facilitate solar panels there. He switched gears and began experimenting with cacao fermentation, founding Cacao Holdings and opening a commercial chocolate distillery in Red Hook, Brooklyn, at the same address where Luminati Aerospace is now registered as an LLC. Schneiderman sponsored the launch of a pilot program on the East End’s S92 and 10C bus routes last year, and helped expand it to seven more lines on Jan. Neighbors to the south of the property were concerned about an increase in traffic in their quiet neighborhoods. People concerned about the town’s finances saw the tax-free development as a mistake for a town already deeply mired in debt. According to data from the Suffolk County Division of Transportation, which runs the buses, ridership has risen from 1,307 in early January to 3,665 riders by the end of June.

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