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Megabus uses double-decker buses which looks cool from the outside but inside it’s crowded and uncomfortable. The last time I took a Boltbus, we had a ten minute break at a highway stop and I really appreciated that. I decided to add one more company to the mix because I recently took Greyhound and was surprisingly impressed.
Once with Bolt I arrived too early and they let me take the earlier bus because there was room. BoltBus is just Greyhounds way to get back in the market without the customer really knowing its all the same company.
After a horrible experience with Greyhound 2 weeks ago – I will NEVER use this company again.
Greyhound, though more expensive than the no frills bus companies, offers a better and safer ride. Then there is that occasion I was gradually informed, bit by bit over a quarter hour, that I would have to completely disassemble my bike to put it in the belly of the beast.
Bolt bus drivers are unionized, as are Greyhound, so they have to have time for breaks, lunch, maximum hours of driving etc.
One more thing: the writer apparently failed to proof-read or have someone else proof-read this review before it went to press. We travel often between New York and Washington DC either to see family, friends, or attend events.
I loved that they left from outside Penn Station in New York City but that didn’t last long. I’ve taken my mifi card with me and halfway through NYC and DC, it stopped working too. He left the cubicle life to travel the world in May 2009 and he still continues the journey to this day with no end to it.

I am travelling to the US from South Africa in December and have opted to use buses between NYC, DC and Boston as they work out the cheapest. The WORST customer service experience I ever had…which in turn negates any goods such as less people. You can’t tell me up front, you have to get me involved into trying to comply first, and keep telling me about more things that have to be disassembled. Recently, I have almost paid the same amount for Megabus tickets as airline or train tickets unless I book months ahead.
The rides from White River heading south weren’t too bad, and the ride from Boston to White River was decent as well, but for some reason, I always have a terribly hard time getting comfortable going in either direction between Boston and New York. It has a number of grammatical errors which especially surprised me for an editor-in-chief.
I don’t know when this started happening but now they pickup near Javits Center which is not close to any metro stop.
I’ve started taking Greyhound and the price is often comparable to MegaBus or Bolt but the service tends to be much better (in terms of being on time and having someone to answer questions) and the Wifi is about 50-50 on working well. Note that Greyhound Express does have reserved seating as well but it’s more limited. On the morning of the trip, weather was inclement, and the icy road conditions caused the roadways leading to the bus stop to be closed, making it impossible for us to take her to the bus. Megabus seriously needs to change the people who claimed to be managers in places such as Toronto bus terminal but who did not dare of disclose their names or call their superiors for their poor attitudes. Megabus and Boltbus are two of the most popular budget friendly bus companies often promoting deals that cost as low as $1. There was never enough time to stretch and even if there was, the bus stops are usually not in a great location. Riding the pooch also means I get to leave from Port Authority, which is a tad more convenient for me than Penn Station.

I would love to check out BoltBus, but they only make their schedules available 4-6 weeks in advance and, as an overplanner who wants to purchase tickets far in advance, that makes me incredibly nervous.
So if you were willing to wait until Bolt Bus posts their schedule, that would likely work out fine. We called Megabus and were told to pay to rebook for the next day, and that they would issue a refund on the first itinerary.
Cheaper, more comfortable, and the view is better if you spend the extra few bucks (still less than Greyhound) for the seats on the front of the second floor. But something changed and I think the rising Megabus and Boltbus type companies might have something to do with Greyhound having to change their look.
Then, instead of a refund, I received three different emails from them all letting me know that they refuse to issue refunds for any reason unless they are notified 24-hours ahead. FYI: Bolt Bus is owned by Greyhound and since Bolt is growing so much faster than its parent company, I think Greyhound knows they have to update their fleet before they are irrelevant.
I won’t be booking with them again, because it is impossible to know ahead of time what the weather will be like. It’s not that big a deal to me that they pick up in NYC several avenue blocks from a subway station.
Needless to say, Megabus refused to issue me a refund but I finally got a refund from my credit card company, but only after resubmitting my dispute claim THREE TIMES (Megabus kept challenging it) and threatening to close my credit card account if they didn’t issue a refund. To prevent crooks like Megabus from creating FRAUDULENT business models to STEAL from consumers!

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