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Welcome to The Roaming RenegadesWe are a travelling married couple from Manchester, UK who are escaping normality to travel the world full time looking for the next adventure! Boston might seem a little out of the way from New York City but if you have the energy taking a day trip up to this amazing city is totally doable and utterly worthwhile.
Driving would be a great way to see a little more on the journey and stop off whenever you like, taking the train is relaxing and scenic but a little on the expensive side.
The famous Greyhound also runs regular services from the Port Authority Bus terminal to Boston which takes around 5 hours. Fenway Park, the home of the Boston Red Sox since 1912 and is the oldest and most historic ball park in America, and one of the oldest sports stadiums in the world. Faneuil Hall had been a market and meeting place in 1743, several of the cities most important evens have happened in and around the hall.
A trip to Boston wouldn’t be complete without sampling some of the amazing local sea food. One of the best things about Boston is just wandering the streets and taking in all the history, the city is a patchwork of buildings dating back centuries which are surrounded by newer constructions. Boston harbour is one of the most important in US history, from immigration to the Boston Tea Party this harbour has seen or been connected to almost every important event in the early years of the US.
This National Historic Landmark is the state capital and house of the government of Massachusetts.
Like much of Boston the Old South Meeting House is famous due to it’s role in the history and formation of the United States. We absolutely fell in love with Boston and wished we had more time to explore it’s historic and beautiful streets. Last Modified on March 24, 2016This entry was posted in Boston, New York, Travel Guide, USA Bookmark this article Here’s how to spend the most amazing day in historic Boston, MA. The fascinating Earth pyramids of Bolzano & The amazing Cable Car & hike to visit them!

Crossing the border from Poland to Ukraine (at gunpoint, at 4am), How to get from Krakow to Lviv!
Globus Cosmos Empire Vacation Avalon Urban Adventures Papillon Pink Jeep Tours Polynesian Adv. Other optional activities for the day costing extra include a visit to the Empire State Building Observatory Deck, Madame Tussauds New York Wax Museum and Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum (subject to availability, own expense). Whilst of course there is so much to cover in this beautiful and historic city it is also quite compact and assessable too. We set off on an early morning service which got us into the city for around about 10am and left on a late night bus to get us back into NYC for 2am. Whether you are a die hard baseball fan (like Nic – Mets fan), general sports fan or even just a culture and history junkie this is the number 1 spot in Boston not to miss!
We headed over to Legal Sea foods in the landmark Prudential centre to try some New England Chowder, lobster and of course this sea food cocktail which was a complete nightmare to eat!!
There has been a real effort to preserve the character of the city as it has grown and expanded over the years, from the tiny churches to the cobbled streets literally around every corner you are walking in the footsteps of the pioneers!
Not only is it a centre of historical events but a lifeline and cultural anchor of the city. Completed in 1798 by the architect Charles Bulfinch it is one of the most important buildings in the city and is often considered a masterpiece of federal architecture. The building was originally a church and was built in 1729, it is most famous as the meeting point, on 16th Dec 1773, of the Boston Tea Party. There are so many more things we would love to do and see in the city, we look forward to eventually paying a return visit…this time hopefully in the summer!
Fenway has seen it all, from Babe Ruth through to the post Boston bombing world series championship! Boston much like Liverpool in England was built around the harbour, food, work and recreation all centred around it’s seafaring culture.

Not only is it saturated in the history of the state and the country but it continues to be used to this day. Over 5,000 colonists crammed into what was the largest building in the city at the time to speak of revolution and liberty!
As you may be able to see from the photos Boston can get pretty chilly in the winter, at one point it was -13c! We are leaving behind the "normal" way of living in which we are conditioned into giving away our best years for a retirement which may never happen. You'll have the opportunity to take the Statue of Liberty Cruise for an additional cost to get a better view of this United States icon of freedom (subject to availability, own expense).
Of course, things move on and life is Boston has developed but the harbour still attracts a crowd with it’s restaurants, bars, boat tours and scenic views. The building itself is absolutely stunning, the golden dome shone in the crisp winter light as we turned the corner and caught our first sight of it. This National Historic Landmark also housed notable congregants such as Samuel Adams, William Dawes and Benjamin Franklin.
We'll see the United Nations Building, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue and the Empire State Building.
But not even the weather could ruin what was an amazing but tiring day trip from NYC, if you get the chance to see Boston you will not regret it!

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