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NBC NEWS — Sixty people were injured, five of them critically, and rail traffic from New York to Boston was shut down after a Metro-North commuter train derailed and plowed into a second train Friday in Fairfield, Conn., Gov. Amtrak service between New York and Boston remains suspended after a Metro-North train collision sent at least 60 people to the hospital. In a press release, Amtrak said that there was no estimate on when service would resume, but trains would run on a limited basis between Boston and New Haven, Conn., and on a regular schedule between New York and Washington.
An update on the restoration of service is expected by Sunday evening, the railroad company said. BOSTON (CBS) – The contractor that runs the MBTA Commuter Rail System, the MBCR, will be fined $480,000 dollars, according to MassDOT. Mullan say a major part of the problem is the old equipment, as well as the frigid temperatures and the 4 major snow storms in January. The MBCR released a statement: “MBCR and the MBTA are totally focused on restoring the quality of commuter rail service. Approximately 60 people were taken to hospitals this evening - five with critical injuries - when a New York-area commuter train derailed near Fairfield, Conn., knocking a second train coming the other way off the tracks, officials said. Amtrak train service between New York and Boston was suspended indefinitely, as was service on the Metro-North Railroad's New Haven commuter line in Connecticut, amid an investigation.

Officials said two of four tracks in the area were already out of service for extensive maintenance work on overhead wires, and the other two tracks and overhead wires were damaged during the collision of the Metro-North Railroad commuter trains.
The National Transportation Safety Board was sending a team to investigate the crash, and was to be the lead agency in the investigation. Local police initially put the number of injured between 20 and 25, but several hours later Malloy said 60 people had been taken to hospitals. Multiple reports of injuries initially prompted officials to scramble ambulances from all over the region to the site, police said. Federal investigators on Saturday searched for the cause of a rush-hour train crash in Connecticut that injured dozens of people commuting home from New York City, three of them critically. Media That Matters - From the serious to the hilarious, we share stories that rise to the top. ET and struck a westbound train between the Fairfield and Bridgeport stations, a Metropolitan Transportation Authority official told NBC News. Instead, she arrived to find her train had been canceled, making it unlikely she would arrive in Manhattan by 4 p.m. According to its contract, the MBCR must be on time 90 percent of the time, or face penalties.

Our dedicated, hard-working 1,800 member staff continues to work around the clock to combat the cumulative effect of unrelenting harsh winter weather on aged locomotives, coaches and infrastructure. The collision occurred after the derailment of the New York-bound train carrying an estimated 300 people.
That train hit the other train, carrying an estimated 400 people, knocking it off the tracks. Jorgensen said she was upset by a lack of customer service, as Amtrak employees were unable to help her make alternate arrangements by plane or bus. She was scheduled to get into New York about an hour later than she originally planned, but that overall it was not much of an ordeal. There had been construction and repair work going on in the area and one question was whether debris was on the track.

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