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America’s fiercest rivalry has broken out into full-on barroom brawl up in Syracuse, New York. So pull off your tie, unbutton your top button, and kick back with a few of our finest at Bon Chin. The city has been a major crossroads over the last two centuries, first between the Erie Canal and its branch canals, then on the railway network. The land around Onondaga Lake had been inhabited by Native Americans for 4,000 to 5,000 years.
During the 1640s, which were years of "troubling" battles between the French, Huron and Iroquois, many Jesuit priests were killed. On August 5, 1654, Father Simon LeMoyne, a Jesuit missionary, arrived in the Onondaga village.
The British began to take an active interest in the land around Onondaga Lake in the early 1700s.
As the Revolutionary War approached, both the British and the Americans sought Iroquois support. The result of the American Revolutionary War was the Treaty of Fort Stanwix (1784) enacted by the United States on October 22, 1784.
In later years the Onondagas began selling their land in order to gain items brought by white men to the area. After the American Revolutionary War, more settlers came to the area, mostly to trade with the Onondaga Nation.
In late 1788, after the Treaty of Fort Stanwix (1784), the Onondaga Nation relinquished part of their reservation including Onondaga Hollow to the local salt producers. The ground upon which the city stands was originally part of the Onondaga Salt Springs Reservation.
In 1804, an act was passed that directed the sale of 250 acres (1,010,000 m2) of the Onondaga Salt Springs Reservation for the purpose of "laying out and improving a road" running from lot 49, Manlius, to lot 38, Onondaga, east and west through the reservation. The original settlement went through several name changes until 1824, first 'Salt Point' (1780), then 'Webster's Landing' (1786), 'Bogardus Corners' (1796), 'Milan' (1809), 'South Salina' (1812), 'Cossits’ Corners' (1814), and 'Corinth' (1817).
The village of Syracuse was laid out into streets and lots in 1819, but the first election of village officers did not occur until 1825. Because of similarities such as a salt industry and a neighboring village named Salina, the name Syracuse was chosen by village planner, John Wilkinson,[11] after Syracuse, Sicily.
During the winter of 1847–48 discussions about the incorporation of the three villages, Salina, Lodi and Syracuse began. The period between 1830 and the incorporation of the city in 1847 was one of remarkable growth in all directions in the village of Syracuse. After the War of 1812, it became difficult to obtain salt from abroad and commercial salt production became an important Syracuse industry. Jesuit missionaries visiting the region in the mid 17th century reported salty brine springs around the southern end of "Salt Lake", now Onondaga Lake. The end result of the Revolutionary War was the Treaty of Fort Stanwix (1784) enacted by the United States on October 22, 1784. I’ve been a bit slow on the posting lately, in part because of a road trip this weekend to central New York. Fayetteville Mall – Opened in 1974, this mid-sized mall was home to Sears and later Burlington Coat Factory. Marketplace Mall – At one point, Penn-Can Mall was so successful there was a market for its spillover, hence the construction of the Marketplace Mall in its outlots in 1984. Look for detailed posts soon on the surviving malls, and also on Penn-Can, which has been converted to an auto mall and is (at least in part) open again, even after sitting vacant for eight years. Forgot to mention; the Great Northern Mall is not exactly distressed, but one of the lamest (one-level) malls especially in contrast to the grandiose Carousel Center in the downtown area. Due to timing, I missed out on the Fingerlakes Mall (I took a long swing down through Ithaca, Elmira, and Binghamton on Sunday, so I didn’t have time to go over to Auburn). First you didn’t mention Shoppingtown Mall which is shaping up to be the next distressed mall. Fairmount Fair-from what I know was opened in the late 1960s and was anchored by Dey Bros and Sears with about 40 stores in between. For some reason, I thought the Labelscar crew visited Driver’s Village (former Penn Can Mall). North Country Plaza had an IGA, a liquor store and North Country ( a very low end department store). If I may say something else about Fairmount Fair, it was different in many ways from the other malls in Syracuse.
If anybody has older picture of Fairmount Fair, I would love to have them, especially of the old sign (which has been replaced with a similar but uninspiring new version), please email me at ian (at) fairmountfair (dot) com.

Do not forget Marshall Square Mall upon the University Hill area behind the most hospitals.
Fairmount Fair has a small, unexpandable footprint, which probably as much as anything has contributed to its relative ongoing success as a retail space. Northern Lights started out as a shopping plaza with Grants, Chappells and an Acme grocery store. Two Guys gave way to Zayre, which becames Ames and then the whole thing was split up to become Staples and something else.
Browse by state to find photos, histories and discussion about shopping centers throughout the U.S. Winter Storm Juno is expected to dump two or more feet of snow on New York City and Boston as it causes blizzard conditions across the Northeast. New York City is expecting to measure the snow this week in feet, not inches as Winter Storm Juno roars up the Eastern seaboard.
NEW YORK (AP) -- A winter that has largely spared the Northeast thus far is about to arrive with gusto: a storm the National Weather Service called "potentially historic" could dump 2 feet or more of snow between New York and Boston.
Blizzard conditions with heavy snow and powerful winds are possible in both cities starting Monday and into Tuesday, and snow should arrive in some areas before daybreak -- just in time for the start of the work week. A weekend storm that had brought snow and slush to the Northeast -- the first real snow of the season for many areas -- was just a warm up.
The storm system driving out of the Midwest was expected to spread snow from the nation's capital to Maine. The storm promised treacherous travel by both land and air throughout the busy northeast corridor. Farther north, a blizzard watch is in effect for Boston from Monday night through early Wednesday.
Wyatt Baars, manager of the Charlestown Ace Hardware in Boston, sold out of his bags of ice-melting pellets. Snow plow driver Al Laplant expected to be out clearing roads of Simsbury, Connecticut this week, just as he has for more than two decades. Search for arrests by Syracuse and Central New York law enforcement agencies and New York State Police. This week at Kitty Hoynes Irish Pub & Restuarant, every Brooklyn pint you enjoy gives you one more chance to win the Yankees tickets we donated, and every Sam Adams pint you down does the same for the Red Sox tickets Boston Beer Company has so kindly offered up.
This is the perfect opportunity for you Midtown beer aficionados to come sample some of our favorites and hear about what you’re experiencing from Brian Duprey, our excellent Brand Rep for Manhattan.
But there is a cacophony of subtle flavors beneath the smooth, quaffable surface you’ve likely never noticed. Made with 9 iconic varieties of hops (5 American, 4 British), Blast is an Imperial IPA which packs a serious punch at 9% ABV. Stand-ups, actors, The Moth participants as well as chefs and other personalities and provocateurs take turns telling only their funniest stories in our Tasting Room. Tickets are $10 and include a free beer, and the show runs from 8-10pm.
Syracuse is at the intersection of Interstates 81 and 90, and its airport is the largest in the region.
The Five Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy consists of the Mohawks, the Senecas, the Onondagas, the Oneidas, and the Cayugas. During his short stay, he drank from a spring that the Onondagas believed to be foul due to an evil spirit.
Ephraim Webster left the Continental Army to settle in 1784, with Asa Danforth, another participant in the war.
The land was now open to settlers and the natives were left with only hunting and fishing rights. James Geddes laid out the road in "rather an irregular form so that as much dry land might be secured as possible."[8] The land, now the central portion of the city, was purchased by Abraham Walton for $6,650[9] and the area was later named the Walton Tract. A gristmill, called the old red mill, was erected in 1805 followed by a sawmill and tannery.
Those going from Onondaga to Salina were obliged to pass around the area on the high ground east of the city "over by-ways" cut in every direction through the reservation for collecting wood in the winter for the salt works. At the time of incorporation, the village had 15 merchants, one newspaper, a fire department, and several small industries.[9] The first schoolhouse was erected in 1820, the first church (Baptist) was built in 1821, and the First Presbyterian Church in 1824. I was somewhat eager to make the trip because Syracuse is a relatively big market for malls. Expanded in 1992 to house Caldor and Cohoes, the mall declined through the 1990s due to its proximity to the large Shoppingtown Mall. JCPenney immediately jumped ship for Carousel Center, and began a downward slide from which the mall never recovered. It was doing fine but it was one of the more boring malls that I’ve seen in awhile (and definitely the blandest of the weekend).

First, Northern Lights (Mostly a strip center near the airport, but at one point had a mall section in it). It was one of the sites that I drove by and it had an unusual design but I couldn’t tell if it had ever been enclosed.
On the outskirts of town was Cortlandville Crossing, which was the former Cortlandville Mall until it was converted into a strip center in 1990-1991 due to it being empty except for its two anchors (K-Mart) and at the time a Chappells .
I didn’t mention it because I will be doing a full post on that (as well as Great Northern, Carousel, and Penn-Can) in the upcoming weeks. There’s a spectacular Penn Can Mall tribute page with photos from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Even Chappell’s had that reanglaur slate for a canopy in front of the store INSIDE the mall. Grants gave way to Two Guys and in the late 1970s or very early 80s, from Two Guys to the old Acme store at the other end it was all enclosed. Lesser totals were forecast for the Washington area -- a coating or a bit more -- with steadily increasing amounts forecast as the storm plods its way north. A Manhattan Home Depot store sold about twice as many shovels over the weekend as it normally does while transit officials hoping to keep the subways running smoothly planned to use modified subway cars loaded with de-icing fluid to spray the third rail that power trains. Our own western New York rep Lindsey Styborski will be in the house Friday night from 7-9 handing out free Brooklyn samples and swag, but the event is running all week so head to Kitty Hoynes and get started.
Additionally, if you’re new to craft beer, tasting Brooklyn Lager is a great way to start to understand what makes real beer so different.
The thing that sets it apart is our use of Maris Otter and German Pilsner malts, which give the beer a balance and weight that so many hop-bombs lack.
A British agent, William Johnson, acquired 200,000 acres (810,000,000 m2) of land in the Mohawk country near present-day Johnstown, New York. Comfort Tyler, whose engineering skill contributed to regional development, arrived four years later.
Postal Service rejected the name Corinth upon its application for a post office, stating there was already a post office by this name in New York.
The first grist mill occupied the ground where Syracuse High School later stood, also the site of Central High School. The Syracuse metropolitan area, with 750,000 people, has at one point or another been home to no less than eight enclosed shopping malls. After sitting idly for nearly a decade, portions of the mall were demolished and the remainder was redeveloped as a large auto mall.
The Camillus Mall was shuttered in 2003 and demolished in 2004, save for The Bon Ton store which remains open.
The car dealership that’s there now has rehabbed the building, but the Caldor space is *distinctively* a former Caldor shell, with the same-shaped facade as they were using during the 1990s.
Was the enclosed portion in the back near Media Play, or has it changed substantially since it was enclosed?
It sure is an interesting mall, and I appreciate the historical info that I can incorporate! Not posted there (but some of which I have) is *the* clock that’s been there in the center court for ages. Philadelphia could expect to see about 8 inches but points north and east should see more substantial snowfalls: 14 inches was possible in some parts of New Jersey, the National Weather service said Sunday afternoon.
It is the economic and educational hub of Central New York, a region with over a million inhabitants. In 1751, Johnson heard that the French intended on securing a military post in the vicinity of the salt springs.
All three settled in Onondaga Hollow south of the present city center at the head of Onondaga Lake, which was then marshy. Chappells became a Burlington Coat factory and then later it became Media Play when the mall was disenclosed. Syracuse is well provided with convention sites, with a downtown convention complex and, directly west, the Empire Expo Center, which hosts the annual Great New York State Fair.
He discussed the consequences of that action with the Onondagas and proposed that they grant him rights to all of Onondaga Lake and a two-mile (3 km) band of land around it. Current anchors include Ashley Furniture, Christmas Tree Shops, and Michaels as well as TJ Maxx.
The city derives its name from Siracusa on the eastern coast of the Italian island of Sicily.

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