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So I bought a few of the engines to roll around on my computer desk, along with several of the train sets to donate to the "Toys for Tots" charity.
We also went on many local and long distance train trips, visited railway museums and attended toy train shows.
So it is in this context that my interest in collecting these trains and researching their history began to "pick up speed". Prior to World War II, Larrabee established a company, Skaneateles Handicrafters, to produce hardwood train sets that used twin-groove track (for which he received a US patent in August of 1941).

In the 1980's, Thomas the Tank Engine appeared on TV and would soon become a pop-culture icon. Soon, one could find wooden train sets that featured well-known characters from Sesame Street, Winnie the Pooh, Looney Tunes and others. Sadly, some of the Thomas series of wood trains were involved in the toxic material issues that shook the toy industry in 2007-08.
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The Brio Classic Train Set is the ideal first train for your little one and will provide hours of fun and imaginative play. The Brio Classic Train Set is the perfect first train for your little one it features beautiful wooden trains with magnetic couplings and includes a classic engine, 2 wagons and 2 loads.

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