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The Buenos Aires Metro is a mass-transit system that serves the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. If you’re thinking that SND Buenos Aires could be a good conference to attend in 2009, put in your vacation request ASAP! Just walking around the city, I saw some of the best use of color, particularly around the neighborhood of La Boca — (for soccer fans) home to the Boca Juniors stadium where Maradona played — with its multicolored homes and shops. The subway consists of 5 different lines which were all established one after the other and which are referred to by letters. The subway lines cover a distance of approximately 29 miles which incorporates 69 subway stations. The subway may not be the most comfortable form of transport, but it has a good coverage of Buenos Aires and will ensure that you have a mode of transport which covers most of the key tourist attractions.
Until the privatisation of the subway system, this form of transport was losing customers in Buenos Aires by the droves. When travelling on the subway in Buenos Aires, a fixed fare is payable in the ticket offices of any of its stations.
The first station of this network opened in 1913, the first of its kind in Latin America the Southern Hemisphere, and the entire Spanish-speaking world. I went there a few weeks ago and can give you a sneak peek at what you may see while you’re there enjoying the Workshop.

After flying ten or more hours, you’ll want time to relax and stroll around the city’s many neighborhoods.
From fantastic architecture to well designed stores, from colorful facades to ornate signs, there’s so much to take in. If so the subway is a useful means of public transport to help you get about.The Buenos Aires subway (or ‘subte’) is the oldest in Latin America and indeed across the Southern Hemisphere.
However it is now managed by a private transit company which has managed to turn things around and is now developing the system for the better. This will purchase a ‘token’ and each token enables you to travel to any part of the city which may involve changing stations or lines. At present, Buenos Aires is the only Argentine city with a metro system, but there is a project to build an underground system in the city of Cordoba. But look past all that and you’ll find a great place, one inspiring and show-casing design. The subway is in part a conglomeration of what remains of the original Anglo-Argentine Tramway Company.
This line was built in 1913 by the Anglo-Argentine Tramway Company and if you travel to Buenos Aires, you will notice that the carriage cars on this particular line contain many of the original features. Of additional historic significance for Argentina, is the fact that the Buenos Aires subway was the first subway globally to be privatised.

Not your average signs, these were full of color, great typographical sense, and fanciful designs.
They’re a unique artistic expression called “fileteado porteno,” an art form that started as a way to identify carts at the market.
I love its naive simplicity and bought a sign painted by an artisan in San Telmo, an up-and-coming neighborhood with an art fair and flea market on Sundays. Though you can find many street vendors and artists selling signs in the fileteado style, each shows various skill levels.
I also bought a book on the subject, “Fileteado Porteno,” by Alfredo Genovese to learn more about its history and current use.
When you’re in Buenos Aires pick up a copy of the book, it’s an indispensable reference book for any designer.

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