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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Buying a Hornby train set is the ideal way to start your model railway collection, but what other Hornby products are available to help you take that first step from train set to model railway?  Whether building your first TrakMat layout, or extending your train set to a larger model railway layout, the basics are the same - you need to know how to lay down track, add electrical connections and scenic your layout. The Hornby book of Scenic Railway Modelling is a companion book to the Hornby book of Model Railways and goes into much more detail of how to make your layout work for you.
All Hornby train sets come with a TrakMat - a scenic underlay sheet which you can use as a base for your layout at any stage in its development . This type of baseboard can be constructed to almost any size and shape, although for a TrakMat layout, the baseboard will have to be a minimum of 1800mm x 1200mm (6ft x 4ft) in size. Extend your set in easy steps by adding Hornby Track Extension Packs all the way to the full layout pictured on your TrakMat scenic underlay sheet. Add Extension Pack A to the Starter Oval supplied with the smaller Hornby train sets to make this layout.
The TrakMat layout also gives you space to add a variety of buildings, which are available in these TrakMat accessory packs.
Pack 3 contains a larger curved platform and platform shelter with luggage and accessories. Once you have your baseboard built, TrakMat fixed down and track in place, it is a simple task to plug in Hornby's standard power supply system - the transformer plugs into the controller, the controller plugs into the power clip and the power clip plugs into the track - all these items come with your train set. However, to control the full TrakMat layout, you will need at least one more controller, so you can control two trains or more at the same time on different circuits.
Remember, you can 'try before you buy' with the FREE download facility, so you are buying with total confidence. One of the joys of the model railway hobby is finding subject material crying out to be modelled. And so it was when my wife detoured into the Health Centre on Halifax Road leaving me in the car. A number of modellers have created their own card kits in the style of Bilteezi using photographs.
I took a set of snaps for later study, and realised as well as the obvious large bush in the back yard, the cars parked around it in the Health Centre car park took a while to remove using PaintShopPro.
What I particularly liked about these two properties was the dated exteriors and faded paintwork, so easily 'backdated' to the 1960s.
They were part of a terrace, and the northern gable wall has been rendered, but the southern wall appears to have been faced in stone, with two modern fire exits cut through the wall, one being accessed from a modern external staircase. This seemed a very neat and self-contained building - just a perfect shape and size to either create a half-relief building from or replicate them to form a street scene. I am therefore happy to share this with fellow modellers of the northern scene, and have created a set of artworks - currently in 4mm only - which can be downloaded free of charge. Another option is take the PDFs down to your local print shop on a Memory Stick and get them printed out on their industrial-grade printer: I use Orbitpress in Chesham who are very tolerant of my strange and varied requests. Take the first set of sheets for the front and rear walls only, and cut out each wall section to the final finished size, taking off the tabs which are not required. Once dry, spray the windows areas with a gloss spray - I use car lacquer, as it's only A?12 for a large can.
Next, take your second set of sheets, apply the Spraymount, but this time affix them to thinner card - I use cereal packets. The end walls are now also affixed to mounting board, but leave about 3mm overhanging each side so that the card is hidden when the walls are glued together.
Glue the four walls together, and the interior strengthening walls, and the two roof panels. There are four chimney stacks: the prototype only has one which is about a foot in from the edge of the roof.
With regard to roofing, my own preference is for the Howard Scenics slate sheet HSB47, which are the ones used in the Howard Scenics house kit HSK41. See what others have done: Take a look at how N-scaler Jerry Howlett built the model as intended and then also produced a partially demolished version. Keith Brown served with the Royal Marines before pursuing a career in local government administration, where he was also an active trade union representative with UNISON.
Norman Baker MP has been Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport since May 2010 and is the Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Lewes, East Sussex. Prior to entering the House of Commons in 1997, he had a variety of jobs including periods as a Regional Executive Director for Our Price Records, a teacher of English as a second language and clerk at Hornsey Railway Station. Norman held a number of portfolios in the Liberal Democrat Shadow Cabinet, including Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office, Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, and Shadow Secretary of State for Transport. As an MP, Norman made his reputation for uncovering scandal and as a dedicated and effective campaigner for the environment and animal rights.
Professor Roderick A Smith, now Chief Scientific Advisor to the Department of Transport, has had an academic career at the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Sheffield and Imperial College.
He has published widely in areas of fatigue and structural integrity, and has lectured in many countries. Jim Steer is the founder of Steer Davies Gleave, transport consultants, where he is a Board Director. He established Greengauge 21 in 2006 to foster debate on a high speed rail network for Britain.
He was seconded to the Strategic Rail Authority from 2002-5, heading strategy and planning. He is Vice President of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, and a columnist for the Transport Times, and was a member of HS2 Ltd’s Strategic Challenge Panel.
Dr PETE WATERMAN OBE, DL is the most successful British producer-songwriter in pop history, an author, DJ, Pop Idol judge and television presenter and a lifelong entrepreneur.
Colin is a Director of Arup, where he is jointly responsible for the Partnership’s international design operation for transport projects. He is currently Project Director for the route options study being carried out by Arup for HS2 Ltd., to identify a new high speed line from London to the West Midlands and also the proposed Y-route to the North-East. Arup High Speed Rail projects include High Speed 1 and High Speed 2 in UK, California High Speed Rail, Texas High Speed Rail, Express Rail Link (China to Hong Kong), Portugal HSL, High Speed Line Holland and Beijing South High Speed Rail Station. Colin has played key roles in the delivery of major infrastructure projects and has first hand experience of private finance projects through his roles as project manager, designer and technical advisor to financial institutions and strategic advisor for the implementation of private finance initiatives. Councillor Paul Watson was elected as Chair of the Association of North East Councils in October 2009. Born in Sunderland, he served an apprenticeship at Sunderland Shipbuilders where he worked until 1981. The Leader of the Council, as Leader of the controlling majority political group, Chairs the Cabinet and acts as the Council’s lead political spokesman. Stephen joined TfGM after a stint at Manchester City Council where he combined the roles of Head of Transport Policy for the city and Deputy Clerk to GM Integrated Transport Authority. David's policy brief at the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry focuses on 'London's Infrastructure', with a particular focus on major transport projects. Previously David has worked in the House of Commons, and in political consultancy advising a number of international businesses across the technology, manufacturing, energy and skills sectors.
David Thrower has had a longstanding interest in high speed rail, going back to 1989 when he served on the former North West Channel Tunnel Group, which successfully sought the inclusion of a study of a high speed rail link into the North West's regional plans.

For most of the past decade, following working for two Passenger Transport Authorities, he has on a freelance basis advised the North West Business Leadership Team on high speed rail issues, including assisting with giving evidence to the House of Commons Transport Committee and the All Party Campaign for High Speed Rail. David Simpson, Network Rail route managing director for Scotland, has been running Scotland’s Railway since 2005. Richard Lakin is a former journalist with experience of working in communications in the rail industry in London, the West Midlands and the North West. He leads communications activity for the Go-HS2 consortium of groups and organisations which supports bringing high-speed rail to the West Midlands.
James uses twenty years’ communications experience working across government, media and industry to build businesses for other people. Iain Docherty BSc PhD CMILT is Professor of Public Policy and Governance and Head of Management at the University of Glasgow Adam Smith Business School. Iain has worked with and advised a range of private sector, governmental and other organisations including governments and public agencies in the UK, US, Australia, Canada and Sweden, and the OECD. Respectively representing pre defined decoders with 15 Servos F0-F14 and 1 LED F16, 13 Servos F0-F12 and 4 LEDs F13-F16, 10 Servos F0-F9 and 7 LEDs F10-F16, and last 17 LEDs F0-F16 like the original decoder I presented. The Double Blink Function Configuration 3) will alternately blink the designated pin and the pin immediately following (as for a crossing gate).
If you change a configuration CV it is recommended that you either reset the Pro Mini or power cycle it after you make all your changes. If you did everything right, you can control your decoder and turn on and off 17 functions at will. Once you get it assembled and programmed, hook it up to any DCC track bus and power supply, and away you go! This would enable  you to use the servo to throw a turnout, power the frog, and indicate the position of throw. Likewise, a fascia switch could be used to control turnout position, but it would also use another pin per servo (now 3 per servo) so a total of 5 servos could be supported. The kit itself comes with a weathered stone finish, very realistic windows and doors, tiled roof, section of asphalt roadway, pavement and cobbled rear yard. Separately applied detail including Extractor Fan vent, drain pipes, cellar doors, guttering and downpipes make this model stand up above the rest for the level of detail that can be achieved with paper and card using simple, easy to follow, construction methods. You can also choose your own pub name too just by editing the names on the signs in the downloaded file and it takes just seconds to do.
Looking For Pre-Printed & Laser Cut Kits?Free UK P&P on all pre-printed & laser cut versions of our kits & texture papers in our new shop. One of the most rewarding aspects of railway modelling is creating a world in miniature for your trains to run in. A TrakMat also tells you where to put the track, buildings and other accessories to complete the full TrakMat layout. The Hornby HM2000 controller is a complete transformer and speed control unit in one, with built-in control for two separate trains and bi-directional running. Upper Quadrant Corrugated 4mm signal transfers including LNE shunt, disc and spectacle plates! All credit card transactions are handled by Barclays Bank on their secure server; or you can use your PayPal account.
And Todmorden has some particularly rich pickings as Geoff Taylor has demonstrated with his models of the Queen Hotel and St. There are some nice looking shop frontages along the northern side of Halifax Road, including Border Books (interesting local history books in the window), which I thought I would snap. This is a good way of creating a lot of 'colour' quickly, but often its difficult to find a building that all four sides are easily accessible (and without trespassing or with bushes and trees in the way!).
You will be asked to download a Adobe Acrobat PDF file - do remember to save it on your hard-drive!
As you will see from the accompanying prototype photos, the southern-end gable (the Halifax-end of the building) has a modern stone facing, with two fire-exits, with accompanying steps it (if you view this in Google Streetview, there's a man carrying boxes down the stairs!). You can either print it out on thick paper or light card - depending on what your printer can handle - and build it rather like the brilliant Bilteezi kits - which are still available through Jerry Freestone.
The answer seems to be to spray them with varnish after printing, although I have subsequently discovered that those that have 'faded' can be rescued with a coat of varnish, so the colours are still there, you just cannot see them! I use Permanent Spraymount, so spray the back of the two fronts and two sides - leave for a minute or so - and then gentle affix to a piece of mounting board, making sure to smooth it down with a cloth, and watch for the glue oozing out around the sides. Click the link and scroll down the page to Reply #40 dated January 08, 2014, or check Jerry's photos below. He is a graduate of Dundee University and studied at the University of Prince Edward Island.He has been a Member of the Scottish Parliament since 2007 and is currently the constituency MSP for Clackmannanshire and Dunblane. He was educated at the Royal Liberty School, Gidea Park, before taking a degree in German at Royal Holloway College, University of London.
Perhaps best known as one-third of the phenomenally successful Stock Aitken Waterman team and for his world-famous PWL label and production company, Pete has sold in excess of 500 million records around the world over five decades, launching artists such as Kylie Minogue, John Travolta, Rick Astley and Steps.
David has spoken at a number of events on the vital importance of projects like High Speed 2 to the economy on behalf of the business community. Prior to entering politics, David studied History and Politics at the University of Leicester before completing a Masters at Brunel University.
Having originally joined the rail industry as a BR graduate trainee in 1986, David has worked in a wide variety of roles for BR, Railtrack, Network Rail and within freight operating companies. Go-HS2 members include Birmingham City Council, West Midlands transport authority Centro, Birmingham Airport, NEC Group and Birmingham Chamber of Commerce.
James has worked to develop and promote SCDI’s Blueprint for Scotland, focusing on growing Scotland's economy by creating an enterprising nation, maximising our assets and realising the potential of our people.
During this time, James sat as an observer on the Scottish Funding Council and Chaired the Funding Council’s review into the quality of further and higher education in Scotland. As a former senior BBC correspondent he understands the importance of balance and neutrality.
Iain’s research and teaching addresses the interconnecting issues of public administration, institutional change and city and regional competitiveness, with particular emphasis on the structures and processes of local and regional governance, policies for delivering improved economic performance and environmental sustainability, and the development and implementation of strategic planning and transport policies. This is my next version of a 17 Channel Multifunction DCC Decoder based on a low cost $2.56 Arduino Pro Mini.
The BIG change is the program and library modified for the job, which I make available for modeler use. The control signal is directly connected to the Arduino Pro Mini Pins labeled 3-13 and A0-A5. The green LEDs used as Function indicators are especially bright even with very low current. To get the LEDs to fit side by side on .1inch centers, I used a sanding disk mounted in a moto tool to sand the sides down just a bit in parallel with the LED pins. This will set up all the default CV’s and then permit you to modify them with your DCC controller of choice. You will note that as the decoder powers on, it will run through a test cycle turning all functions on, then all functions off—and only once. With a little more work than just copying and editing you can build complex functions beyond what is presented here. Obviously it would use anther pin (of the 17 available) per servo, so it would be limited to controlling 8 servos.

But it would seem to me that the fascia switch would substitute for DCC control, so only the endpoints and throw rates would use the DCC interface. In fact, I very much hope this will spur more modelers on of all interests to try these out. Based on the real Red River Inn in Gwithian, Cornwall (they do great food!), for a truly authentic look in every way, this highly detailed, yet easy to build kit uses photo-realistic textures throughout for the most realistic appearance possible. Also included is an outbuilding which has been converted into a small village shop, just like the real-life one, along with a surrounding wall for the rear yard, highly detailed gable ends, sandwich board, high resolution, customisable signage and much more. So much so, that if you're not entirely satisfied with your purchase you can obtain a full refund within 7 days of your original purchase, no questions asked!
This book details a range of simple but effective techniques and useful tips and tricks for making scenic landscapes from the Age of Steam through to the modern day.
Only for reasons unknown, when the site was cleared for Lidle and the Health Centre, two proprieties were left standing in splendid isolation. This looked oddly out of place on a building which otherwise has a very careworn appearance, so there's a choice: either make the building with the rendered north-facing gable mirrored at the south-end, or build it as it appears now in 2013. I would suggest a set of interior walls also be cut and fitted, using the end walls as a part template (they will have to be narrower). Winning a sweepstake allowed him to open a second shop in Market Street, Hebden Bridge, and in 1933 he vacated 82 for a corner spot further up the road. Peter writes: "My Grandfather Dawson's painting and decorating business was in number 82 and my father and his sister would have lived there prior to their marriages. I remember them being at the corner of Halifax Road and Union Street South as they sold Hornby Dublo items.
Before being appointed Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing after the May 2007 election she had been Shadow Minister for Education, Health & Community Care and Justice. Amongst countless international industry awards, in 1990 Pete was recognised as the Music Industry’s Man of the Year.
David, who was educated at Aston University in Birmingham, was also heavily involved in the introduction of Pendolino trains on the WCML and has led the devolution of Network Rail’s business in Scotland.
James played a central role in the development of Scotland’s cities strategy that created the Scottish Cities Alliance and now chairs its Delivery Group. Following this, he worked for Scotland’s Colleges, representing the college sector as Senior to politicians and the media. John Morrison is the owner of Morrison Media Strategies a leading PR, Public Affairs and Media Training company. His total research and consultancy awards in the last six years exceed £2 million, and he is currently Co-Director of the Scottish Cities Knowledge Centre and Co-Investigator on two major Research Council projects on sustainable transport and low carbon transitions. Assembly is pretty straightforward if you’ve ever soldered a small set of components before.
They are plugged into an IC socket cut and soldered to the board-- it keeps them in somewhat neat order.
Special programming was added so starting up many servos would not cause a major current surge for the power supply. I had considered another option to pair a second relay control pin as another configurable function, but have no immediate need myself. Since some of these are not what I would use these for (animation being in my foremost thinking), let me know via this forum, what might be worthwhile, and as time and interest permits, I might be able to make these available for modeler use! I have no vested interest in this, I just love to see people get enthusiastic in what they do. We’ve also designed the kit to be assembled using as much recycled card as possible to keep your construction costs to an absolute minimum.
Why the two properties were left standing when houses on each side were demolished no one knows.
Little did Jim Greenwood, the manager know what a long lasting effect he'd have on my life, and finances. In September 2012, still as DFM, she was appointed Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure, Investment and Cities with responsibility for government strategy and the constitution.
Yes, that does mean it can support 17 servos, each with rate, start point, and end point setting via DCC CV’s, per pin, as well as new LED configurable functions. You could also use a solderless breadboard (like Radio Shack 276-003) to assemble a decoder. If you control a Servo with a particular function pin, I recommend that you remove the LED at that pin. You are prompted to think beyond turnout control, but please realize that I don't want to spend all my modeling time doing updates for these.
All you need are a few sheets of good quality paper and some scrap card such as cereal boxes etc and you can get stuck in.
With the old cartridges taken back, this works out at about A?5 a refill - and there are six cartridges!
You could also glue a floor to the bottom of the building, as this will ensure the sides are held rigid. Father worked for Granddad as a painter and decorator for many years and no doubt was the person that painted the 'faded paintwork'. He was recently awarded the Degree of Doctor of Science honoris causa by the University of Lincoln. Since buying the first national rail franchise in 1993, Pete has continued to contribute massively to the preservation and development of this historic and essential industry. As a development professional, James continuously advises organisations on their growth plans, including Ministry of Sound, Capital Radio, Portland Communications (where he was managing partner) and PoliticsHome.
Regardless, you should cut off the surface mount LED Pin 13 indicator or its dropping resistor on the Pro Mini Board, as it is both redundant and may interfere with the function assigned to that pin. But this is still expensive, and recent I found a Hewlett Packard Laserjet on eBay for A?11 half-way through its design life, although it has cost A?80 to buy a set of laser toner.
In 1997, he established London & North Western Railway, a state-of-the-art independent railway maintenance company. On the Arduino Pro Mini these are labeled 3-13 and A0-A5 and they directly correspond to standard DCC Decoder Functions F0 through F16. This new supply can also power decoder logic, so this will minimize the load on the DCC lines. This is more cost effective, but the colours are more subdued, and ideally images should be centred as there is distinct fading towards the edges.
They are available in many hobby stroes, and can be ordered direct from Chinese manufacturers through ebay at a steep discount.
Pete is a director and currently chairs the board of Cadogan Entertainment Investments Ltd, the landlords of County Hall, Britain’s second biggest building and a key London tourist attraction. Note: while cheap servos are available, their noticeable characteristic is a great variability from servo to servo, including swing measure, noise, and current draw.

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