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By the way, many thanks to Perth Buddy and others for their suggestions when I wasn't sure how to proceed.
As I said I used two RS power supplies wired together, but provided the output voltage and power is correct, then most 12v supplies will do.
Index here it comes, both actually as it comes under forum content and equipment, broadly speaking. What I did for the route indication on Cramdin's panel (Mk II) was to hook the LEDs so that they only illuminated when the route was completely set. Gordon, the Tortoise will work on 6v so it means only 3 LEDs in series using a 12v supply but normally only one is used as per the circuit diagram that comes with the Tortoise.
Using a maximum of 12v thru the tortoise with internal resistance of 600 ohms, the maximum current can only ever be 20mAmps & by adding LEDs, the current can only drop in total as LEDs give resistance as well. If it is OK to run 5 (I've had 5 running for 30 minutes or so without problem), is there a maximum number that could be hooked up in parallel from the calculation you have made? During the first days of the year the base plate was set up, and the first track helix was mounted. Upon the Grand opening of the Switzerland layout more than six year ago, our Lindt chocolate factory took up production. One of the big projects in the train department will be the conversion from 3-way tracks to a 2-way system in some of the layouts.

The complete ship control is currently put through it's paces under laboratoy conditions before it will be used under real conditions in the Scandivian section.
In order to speed up development of the airplanes, Gerrit now lends a hand at converting the planes.
The normal wattage in the tortoise is .24W so reducing current because of adding LEDs, reduces wattage as well. We spent the first days and weeks with processing the previous year, and to contemplate our plans for 2014.
With regard to model making, this layout will be the most challenging in the history of Wunderland. Behind closed doors we’re busily working on it, and hope to be able to announce some progress this year. Beginning February, we’ll start a blog with current videos, essays, and photo reports about the progress. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. As you can see, the complete left corner has been cleaned out, so Maik eventually gets his long longed for cabinet (which a bit inauspiciously lies on it's side).
We hope to be just as successful in 2014, and that we’ll be able to greet the 12 millionth guest in the fall. Especially during vacation time the button gets pushed by little children’s fingers permanently.

That’s why there’s a degree of wear and tear, for example, with the wiper for the middle contact studs, which would never happen in a home layout. Therefore, we’ll install the MiWuLa-charging stations which were tested in the Airport layout previously. We are already busy with producing the first reports, and hope to present the first issue in our next news letter.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Once all test runs are accomplished, the new signals will replace the old unreliable ones in the layout. That is the reason why Joachim every so often sits in front of his desk with some test assemblies and looks for flaws. Here he tries to find out why some occupancy detectors loose their signals from time to time. However, our guests will not be aware of the changes, because during business hours the chocolate production will go on as usual.

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