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73 people killed, 53 injured in accident involving 2 buses and a fuel tanker in Afghanistan.
Four gunmen killed eight police officers dressed in plainclothes south of Cairo on Sunday, authorities say.
Two people in Afghan military uniforms kill two NATO service members in southern Afghanistan. At least 13 people were killed Saturday in a tour bus accident in the Bronx, a New York Fire Department spokesman said.
There also were injuries among the 32 passengers on board, with six of them critical, the fire department said. A more current news article says driver acct of accident differs from both passenger and witness accts. This is so sad ii been to new york butt forgot wat partt its very sad to hear thiss everything going to be okay en christ jesus,,!
Claiming payment next a car accident at work can seem just like a tricky organization. Investigators work at the site after a deadly tour bus accident at the New England Thruway in Bronx, New York, the United States, March 12, 2011. NEW YORK, March 12 (Xinhua) -- A deadly New York City (NYC) tour bus accident took place early Saturday morning has claimed 15 lives, and many of the victims are of Chinese descent, local authorities confirmed. Thirteen people were killed on the scene, and two passengers died from injuries at hospital on Saturday afternoon, New York City Fire Department said, according to local TV station NY1. New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said earlier at an on- site press briefing that "13 people were killed and others are badly hurt" when a bus returning to the city from a casino overturned on a highway. The Worldwide Tour bus, carrying 32 passengers, skidded and hit a sign pole on Interstate 95 at Exit 14 for the Hutchinson Parkway.
Authorities said police began a hunt for the driver of a tractor trailer, which may have made contact with the bus moments before the crash. Kelly told reporters that it is undetermined whether the bus was hit by the tractor trailer or whether the bus driver, upon seeing the tractor trailer, began to swerve himself. The bus driver, who survived the crash, told police that a tractor trailer clipped the bus from the behind and fled away.
Yesterday, at around 3pm in the afternoon, two double-decker buses crashed in Times Square, New York, leaving several injured. The buses generally transport individuals to visit popular and well-known areas in Manhattan but opponents are using the accident as an opportunity to illustrate the dangers of such a business. Although it is not obvious what Dalambert was under the influence of, his driving record indicates a history of irresponsibility.
Majed Nachawati is a preeminent personal injury lawyer with a focus on representing victims and families involved in automobile accidents, wrongful death cases, and product liability claims throughout the state of Texas.
See our site or enter your information below to send us a quick message and we'll reply in one business day or less. Texas Accident and Injury Lawyers, Fears Nachawati Law Firm, offering services relating to auto accidents, eighteen wheeler accidents, medical malpractice wrongful death, personal injuries, insurance companies, serving Dallas, Ft. The scene in Greenwich Village in New York City where a bus and a truck collided, killing the driver, on Feb. Gair, Gair, Conason, Rubinowitz, Bloom, Hershenhorn, Steigman & Mackauf is a New York Plaintiff's personal injury law firm specializing in automobile accidents, construction accidents, medical malpractice, products liability, police misconduct and all types of New York personal injury litigation. February showed an increase in pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents and motorcycle accidents in NYC while bus accidents and truck accidents were lower than the previous years during the same month. After two years of decrease, the monthly number of pedestrians injured in NYC crashes in February is back to the level where it was 3 years ago. Even though the trend is still showing a decline of pedestrians injuries since the beginning of 2013, the 3-month moving average is back around 1,000 while for the same period last year it was around 900. The number of bicycle accidents more than doubled last month compared to the month of February last year or the year before. 173 bicyclists were injured in NYC in February 2016 compared to 81 in February 2015, 94 in February 2014 and 128 in February 2013. The total number of people injured in NYC traffic accidents including pedestrians, bicyclists, passengers and motorists  was the highest recorded for the month of February since 2013. A total of 18 people died in traffic accidents in the city in February 2016 with pedestrians accounting for 11 of them. The number of truck accidents decreased in February 2016 compared to the previous month of January and also compared to February 2015 and February 2014. The National Transportation Safety Board has given the Transportation Department failing grades for its slow progress in implementing its recommendations, some of which date back more than a decade.
The National Transportation Safety Board is studying the crash to see whether new safety technologies that are available, but not required, might have made a difference. For example, there are collision warning systems that alert drivers to obstacles in their paths and tell them when they are swerving from their lanes.
It’s too early to know whether any of the safety recommendations would have made a difference.

The bus ran off the road along Interstate 95 in the Bronx as it was returning to New York’s Chinatown from an overnight trip to a Connecticut casino.
Though operated by different companies, the buses were among scores that line up in Chinatown each day for bargain-price trips to casinos and elsewhere. On a typical weekday in New York, about 4,000 seats are sold on dozens of such buses, and 6,000 on weekends, residents say. Federal regulators have long recognized the dangers of fly-by-night bus companies that skimp on safety and skirt the regulations. However, the bus company in the Bronx crash, World Wide Travel, has no history of serious problems. Driver fatigue, which has been cited more often than any other reason as a cause or contributing factor to bus crashes, has been the target of a slew of recommendations not just for buses and trucks, but in aviation, rail and marine accidents as well. NTSB investigators have said they are looking at casino surveillance tapes and gathering other evidence to establish what driver Ophadell Williams ate, what he drank and how much he slept before Saturday’s crash. Investigators said survivors and other witnesses have disputed Williams’ claim that his bus was clipped by a tractor-trailer before it ran off the road.
Williams served time in prison for manslaughter and grand larceny, and state officials told The Associated Press that Williams was ticketed in 1995 for speeding and driving without a license and that his driving privileges were suspended when he ignored those violations. World Wide Travel didn’t return calls for information on how Williams managed to get hired.
Like the NTSB, the police are looking into Williams’ activities before the crash and have viewed surveillance video from the Mohegan Sun.
Federal statistics show that the number of fatal crashes involving buses has been declining somewhat in recent years, from 340 deaths in 2005 to 254 in 2009. Search for arrests by Syracuse and Central New York law enforcement agencies and New York State Police. Our thoughts and prayers at Gersowitz Libo & Korek go out to all of those affected byt this clearly preventable accident.
Yes driver should say enough is enough, but when you have a income or family to support then what???? The accident that took place early Saturday morning has claimed 15 lives, and many of the victims are of Chinese descent, local authorities confirmed. The accident happened when William Dalambert, the driver of the red Gray Line involved in the accident, slammed into a stopped City Sites bus and a Yukon SUV at W. At the scene of the accident, Dalambert failed a sobriety test and later submitted to blood and urine testing to determine whether he was using prescription or illegal drugs.
Reiter reports four people killed, 25 injured in double-decker Megabus crash in Syracuse suburb of Salina. Reiter is one of the leading aviation, construction accident, motor vehicle, personal injury and medical malpractice law firms in the United States.
Nothing on this or associated pages, documents, comments, answers, emails, or other communications should be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation.
Last month 980 pedestrians were injured in traffic accidents in the city compared to 735 in February 2015, 820 in February 2014 and 983 in February 2013. A similar observation can be made for the 3-month moving average of pedestrians killed in traffic accidents. There were 240 bicycle accidents in February 2016, compared to 109 in February 2015, 129 in February 2014 and 170 in February 2013.The unusually warm weather may have been a factor in the increase of bicycle and pedestrian accidents in New York City during the month of February.
In 2015 and 2013 during the month of February nobody was killed in a bicycle accident and only one person did in February 2014. A total of 3,665 people suffered personal injury in a motor vehicle accident in New York City during that month. Because of an unusually warm month of February, the number of motorcycle accidents was also unusually high for the month, There were 55 motorcycle accidents in NYC last month compared to 40 the month before. There were 535 bus accidents last month compared to 649 the previous month and 572 for the same month a year ago.
But the board has given the Transportation Department failing grades for its slow progress in implementing some recommendations, some of which date back more than a decade.
The independently owned Chinatown buses cater to Asian immigrants and often feature Chinese-language films on trips.
One exception is in the category of driver fatigue, where it is ranked slightly below average by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, based on some recent violations.
The officials spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the investigation. New York State Police spokesman Joseph Becerra, would not reveal what police had seen on the recordings or what witnesses were telling police about Williams’ activities in Connecticut or his behavior behind the wheel. In addition to cracking down on shady bus companies, the Transportation Department under LaHood wants to require all new buses be equipped with seatbelts.
I can understand having a fender bender there but not having enough speed so that a sign poll would slice a bus open.
The driver has also had his driving privileges suspended 9 times in the past few years due to a lack of insurance.

Gray Line New York has had 18 of its buses put out of commission in the past year because they were considered extremely unsafe. From a civil standpoint, our firm has represented numerous victims and their families who are affected by a motor vehicle accident.
Nachawati has resolved numerous workplace motor vehicle accident cases through trial and settlement that have brought seven and eight figure confidential reward settlements. ReiterSyracuse, NY (Syracuse NY Injury Lawyer News)—A double-decker bus crash in northern New York resulted in four fatalities and sent 25 others to area hospitals Saturday, September 11, 2010.
This information on this website is not intended to create, and receipt or viewing of this information does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship.
While the moving average was below or at the level of the trend line in February 2015 and 2014 it is now back above the level of the trend line in February 2016.
While the month of February was exceptionally warm in New York City, February last year was extremely cold. This number is higher than in February 2013 before the implementation of Vision Zero  initiatives but again the unusual warm weather may have contributed to an increase in traffic and therefore an increase in accidents as well. Last February there were 15 people killed in motor vehicle accidents and the year before 11.
Previous statistics for February show a total of 17 accidents in February 2015 which was unusually cold, 27 in February 2014 and 36 in February 2013. There were 587 truck accidents in New York City last month compared to 667 in  January 2016, and 597 in February 2015. Fifteen people died when the bus, returning to New York from a casino in Connecticut, flipped onto its side.
Transportation Department to require that bus roofs be strengthened so that they aren’t sheared off, as happened to the New York bus when it hit a signpost.
They offer cut-rate fares — gamblers can pay $12 round-trip from Chinatown to the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, and get a $60 bonus at the casino. The families of the victimis should consult with an attorney to file a suit against Dennison if he was found to have been driving recklessly. Before the implementation of Vision Zero, February 2013 had the highest number of traffic fatalities with a total of 20. Also, a Senate bill that was reintroduced this year would require anti-ejection glazing windows to prevent passengers from being easily thrown out of a bus.
Fourteen people in total were injured, with several of them transported to nearby hospitals.
A successful civil claim would enable the survivors and their families to cover any needed medical expenses. He is licensed to practice before the Supreme Court of Texas and Arkansas and is licensed in the Northern, Southern, and Eastern Districts of Texas. After Zero Vision was launched in 2014, the number of pedestrians killed in the month of February initially decreased from 13 to 8 between February 2013 and February 2014 and went back up above 10 for the last two years. A successful claim can also possibly cover any time lost from work or any pain and suffering caused by the injuries received from the accident. The Coach USA-operated Megabus involved was en route to Toronto when the fatal bus wreck occurred. Nachawati is a member of the Board of Directors of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, the Board of Directors for Public Justice, a Leader’s Forum and PAC member of the American Association for Justice.
According to information provided by CNN, those killed in the crash were from India, Malaysia, New York, as well as a midwestern state.Reports indicated a double-decker Megabus was traveling from Pennsylvania to Toronto, Canada when the bus smashed into a railroad overpass. According to Onondaga County Sheriff Kevin Walsh, officials seem to believe the unidentified driver of the Megabus missed a turn when the road split, causing him to hit a low bridge. Nachawati has been recognized as a Super Lawyer in Texas Monthly Magazine for the past five years in a row for legal excellence, in connection with wrongful death and products liability cases. While Walsh noted there is flashing yellow light meant to warn drivers of the low bridge, he added, “Obviously the driver didn't see the signs or didn't realize the height of his bus, that the double-decker bus wouldn't fit under that bridge.”Sheriff Walsh reported 25 people were rushed to area hospitals to be treated for various injuries sustained in the Syracuse double-decker bus crash. As of Saturday evening, five people, including one who was apparently listed in critical condition, remained hospitalized. Reiter states if you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a bus crash, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages. With more than thirty years of experience litigating the multifaceted claims of traffic accident victims and their families, contacting Syracuse NY injury lawyer Jonathan C. Reiter with regard to your particular personal injury or wrongful death case may help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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