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In 1991, the Toronto Transit Commission came under pressure as the result of a sharp recession pushing down provincial and municipal budgets as well as ridership, and the Commission experimented with a number of routes designed to maintain particular services while saving resources. Service begins on 166 SILVER HILLS - GRAYDON HALL running west from Fenelon Loop via Graydon Hall, Duncanmill, Lesmill, York Mills, Leslie and Bannantyne to Woodsworth, looping via Woodsworth and Davean.
This page contains a chronological history of the 166 Silver Hills - Graydon Hall (1991-1992) bus route.
To see a list of all available bus route histories, return to this page or this page for an overview of all available TTC bus related articles, or the main page for news and other articles in Transit Toronto. All words and images featured in this domain are either copyrighted to the people maintaining this domain or are copyright to other copyright holders who have given permission for their material to be used on the Transit Toronto web site only. Hopefully this is the end of the threat to close the ticket offices at Coulsdon and Purley and other Croydon Stations. We wish to thank all those who protested and ask that, should we need to protest again in the future that you will do so again and encourage your friends and neighbours to do so. The Board also noted that there is some uncertainty about the proposals given what has been said by GTR in recent public meetings.
In the light of this uncertainty and the additional feedback we have received, the Board felt that it was not able to support the proposals at the moment. London TravelWatch will now formally confirm the decision made by the Board to GTR (copied to the Department for Transport).
Poor Performance: The Service at local stations has been absolutely appalling in the weeks leading up to Christmas and the weeks after services resumed, this was taken up by East Surrey Transport Committee and GLA member Steve O’Connell with David Scorey and Alex Foulds the two Southern Service Directors. Major Changes at LONDON BRIDGE: From December 2012 until December 2018 London Bridge Station is being rebuilt 3 platforms at a time from west to east. New Timetable : The worse service provided by the new timetable at many local stations but at Coulsdon South and Norwood Junction was also raised at the meeting with Steve O’Connell, Southern took the view that things may be worse in the Croydon area but they were better elsewhere. From 2012, all London Bus stops are now regarded as request stops and, if you want a bus to stop at a stop, you must indicate to the driver by waving your hand and you must ring the bell if you want to get off at the next stop.
TfL have now launched and APP that you can download to find out the time of buses at a stop near where you are using GPS technoligy.
Coulsdon has three stations : Coulsdon South on the Redhill corridor of the Brighton Mainline. This has been a great success in that all 41 new places have been occupied by 8.30am since the September. Coulsdon is in the Greater London Area and local bus services in Coulsdon and the surrounding area are operated by London Buses part of Transport for London (TfL). The Coulsdon area : Has eight London bus routes these are made up of four trunk routes 60, 166, 405 and 466 all serving Croydon.
Route 60 : Old Coulsdon, Coulsdon, Purley, Brighton Road, Croydon, Mayday Hospital, Thornton Heath, Pollards Hill and Streatham Common. Route 166 : Epsom (daytime) Banstead, Woodmansterne, Chipstead Valley, Coulsdon, Purley, Brighton Road, and Croydon.
Route 466 : Caterham on the Hill, Old Coulsdon, Stoats Nest, Purley, Brighton Road, Croydon, Shirley Park, Addington Village.

Route 434 : Rickman Hill, Coulsdon, Woodcote Valley Road, Purley, Kenley, and Whyteleafe South Station. Route 463 : Coulsdon South Station, Coulsdon, Clock House (the Mount), Wallington, Beddington Lane, Pollards Hill and Mitcham Eastfields.
Route N68 : Old Coulsdon, Coulsdon, East Croydon Station, Upper Norwood, Elephant and Castle, Waterloo, Holborn and Tottenham Court Road. Provides information and advice on accessible transport in Croydon and other London Boroughs.
Route 866 : one journey each way Coulsdon to Banstead Beacon School operated by Surrey County Council.
The Netherne Community Bus is now up and running between Netherne and Coulsdon South station Monday to Friday and can now be used by non-Netherne residents. Service 025 runs from Victoria to Gatwick Airport and Brighton stopping on request at both Coulsdon South Station and Hooley. London Bus Fares; in the outer zones can be paid to the driver, but in the inner zone 1 a ticket must be purchased in advance. You can reduce this by either purchasing an Oystercard smartcard which you prepay in advance, this cost ?5.00 deposit plus the amount you load on it.
Freedom Pass : Coulsdon Residents on reaching the national retirement age or with a permanent disability who live in the London Boroughs of Croydon or Sutton can obtain a Freedom pass provided by the London Councils. New 60+ Concessionary Travel Scheme: The Mayor Boris Johnson has introduced a new 60+ Concessionary Travel Scheme using a variation of the Oystercard from 1st November 2012 for those people over 60 years of age who no longer qualify for a Freedom Pass. As all three station are both part of the National Rail network and are also in London, there are two different ticket regimes in place. National Rail : You can buy a single or return ticket to or from any other national rail station you can also buy a ticket to any London underground stations.
Maximum Fare: The Oystercard will also cap the cost in any one day at the cost os a one day Bus Pass if you have only used buses and trams. With ridership too low to justify Monday-to-Friday evening and Saturday daytime service on the 122 GRAYDON HALL route, the TTC established the 166 SILVER HILLS - GRAYDON HALL route to maintain service in the Duncanmill, Graydon Hall area while sacrificing the direct connection to the YONGE SUBWAY at York Mills station. As the recession progressed and budget cuts increased, however, both experiments proved unsuccessful. Service initially provided during Monday-Friday evenings and Saturdays at thirty minute intervals. This section features articles relating to the Toronto Transit Commission's bus operations.
We have processed almost 3,000 additional comments from passengers on top of the 5,000 mentioned in the report.
It suggests GTR should develop a more considered proposal which could be piloted at a few carefully chosen stations. While Chris Philp MP, along with a number of other MPS raised these problems in Parliament with the Rail Minister Claire Perry MP. This will mean that from January 2015 Southeastern Trains to Waterloo East and Charing Cross will no longer stop at London Bridge for up 18 months.

This is an add on fare and sometimes the paper ticket especially for groups of three or more will still be cheaper. During the course of the year, the red request bus stop signs will disappear and all bus stops will become white bus stops and request stops. Also you can “text a stop for the next bus” All stops should now have a plaque that enables you to text 87287 with the stop plate number and within a minute they will text you back with the times of the next buses.
However, the Oyster cap has become a daily cap at ?11.80 regardless of what time you travel.
However, East Surrey Transport Committee raised the concerns about the price of ?6.00 all day.
The Mayor for London also has responsibility for people travelling to and from London and TfL also operates cross boundary services into Surrey such as routes 166 & 405. Three local routes 404, 434 and 463 and one night route N68 which operates a 24-hour service in conjunction with route 60. They do not provide individual Timetables they only provide the time of the first and last bus and service pattern.
London Buses operates a flat fare system and the cost of a ticket is ?2.45 per journey regardless of whether you travel one stop or the whole route including cross the boundary as far as Epsom and Redhill.
The pass will have the same validity as a Freedom Pass except that it will not be valid on buses outside London except for London routes such as 166 and 405. The Season Ticket Version: This requires a photocard and is used in exactly the same way as a paper season ticket. In addition, Monday-to-Friday evening and Saturday daytime service was added to the portion of the 115 SILVER HILLS that was not duplicated by service on 95 YORK MILLS. You may link to any page on this website, and you may quote text from this web site (citing sources), but before using any material found on this site beyond fair use, you must first obtain permission from the copyright holder. While other services will be subject to time changes, diversions and will not be able to call at London Bridge at all Southern and a South Eastern for up to 6 months and FCC Thameslink for 3 years. Accompanied children under the age of 11 can now also travel free on National Rail services in the London Zones. This cost 12p to receive, but some networks also charge to send to 87287 (you do not have to be at the stop if you know your stop number you can text before you leave home).
These are operated as though they are London Buses and London fares apply including Travelcard and Bus Pass which are valid for the whole route as far as Redhill and Epsom. You may also use these services as part of a longer distance National Express journey changing coaches at Victoria or Gatwick Airport. Freedom Pass allows travel on the Buses, Trams and Docklands Light Rail and some Overground Rail Services 24 hours a day It also allows use of the Nation Rail network in London zones 1-6.
There is one additional journey each way on route 027 between Victoria and Chichester which also calls at Coulsdon South and Hooley.

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