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NEW YORK — After a tour of Midtown Manhattan's Port Authority Bus Terminal, New Jersey State Senate president Steve Sweeney urged the authority to return to its "core mission" by providing for a new bus terminal in its forthcoming 10-year capital plan."They need to be done with economic development and real estate completely. Sweeney said the terminal was "third-world infrastructure" — a few minutes before a confused pigeon flew by his head — and said it was "idiotic" for the Port Authority not to include a new bus terminal in its 10-year capital plan.
PABT serves as a terminus and departure point for both commuter routes, as well as for long-distance intercity routes, and is a major transit hub for New Jerseyans. The PABT, opened in 1950 between 8th and 9th Avenues and 40th and 41st Streets, was built to consolidate the many different private terminals spread across Midtown Manhattan.
The terminal has reached peak hour capacity, leading to congestion and overflow on local streets.
Once built, the building served as a nexus to consolidate several intercity bus locations serving Boston into a single central location.
He deemed a daily commute through the terminal to be "cruel and unusual punishment."The bus terminal's general manager, Diannae Ehler, led the tour through the labyrinthine terminal.
It is important to check with your carrier before traveling to confirm exact pickup and drop off locations.

As it does not allow for layover parking, buses are required to use local streets or lots, or return through the tunnel empty. This shift facilitated the removal of the main bus terminal at the heart of Dewey Square, a shift from the former Greyhound Bus terminal at number 10 St.
She said that the facility's pillars had between 20 and 25 years of operating life left.The tour passed long lines of commuters and forced others to rush around it. Click on the map link next to each station name to find a map of where the station is located. The bus station building, which was constructed in the 1990s, is a mixture of glass and metallic exterior, with mainly a red-granite stone and metallic surfaced interior.
Like other significant transportation facilities, it also contains full service ticket counters and seating areas.
Situated in isolation from the main South Station train terminal, the bus terminal is strikingly vertical in design, with five floors. Continental Trailways service also previously operated from a terminal in the Back Bay, until sometime in the 1980s.
The station building, which underwent an interior remodeling in early 2007, is relatively small and nondescript, belying its importance as one of the busiest, long distance, bus-only terminals in the United States.

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There's no more room for people up here.""I've been commuting this way for 20 years, this building hasn't changed," she said.
It's really just barbaric treatment," she said.The Port Authority's board will meet on Oct.

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