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With 223 gates serving 7800 buses daily, it sees 230,000 commuters pass through on any weekday. The opportunity to review a tour of sites where movies and TV shows had been filmed with On Location Tours seemed like the perfect fit for the day before Mike’s birthday.
The clips showed ranged from classics like a€?Breakfast at Tiffany’sa€? to a€?Gossip Girl,a€? keeping both those interested in pop culture and vintage film craning their necks to see things out the window.

Roseanne also took the time to ask what TV shows people were watching and point out where scenes where their favorites were filmed, as well as show us how to spot filming posters, so we could come back later and stalk our larger-than-life crushes.
We made 5 walking stops including the Ghostbuster’s Firehouse, Washington Square Park which has been used in many movies, and an independent stop in SoHo where we could walk around and choose from different spots to visit with the provided map.
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