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We are licensed Auctioneers in Pennsylvania and New York with over 35 years of experience.  Our goal is to get you the MAXIMUM value for your collection! Let our expert staff find the train that you have been looking for!  There is absolutely no charge until we find that treasured train for your collection!
When choosing trains, consumers need to determine the amount of space they have and choose a set that fits in that space. Traditional ready-to-run sets come with a locomotive, boxcar, and caboose as well as track sections that snap together. Experienced train enthusiasts often like to build their own custom train sets using individual pieces. Lionel freight cars come in a variety of designs that allow consumers to customize their trains.
Accessories allow consumers to create entire towns, villages, and country scenes for their trains. From children to adults, setting up the trains and designing elaborate tracks provides a fun way to relax. Before purchasing a Lionel train, consumers need to make sure they have the right train for the gauge of track they own. The Lionel B and O Capitol Freight set includes an extension bridge and 10 telephone poles. The Polar Express train set is a replica design that includes a locomotive, two passenger coaches, and a passenger observation car.

Its Southern Heritage diesel series includes special paint schemes that highlight the line's history. Aluminum passenger cars have a vintage style and feature interior lighting with painted designs of passengers on the windows. Ready-to-run sets come in a variety of styles from basic trains to special designs featuring popular character and movie themes. Its Santa Fe Steam Freight set has a steam locomotive that puffs smoke and has a headlight and whistle. Silhouettes painted in the windows depict movie scenes and articulated figures representing characters also complete the set.
The engines include realistic smoke, sounds, and lights and operate using the Legacy control system. Flat cars hauling loads like logs, boxes, and specialty items, like holiday decorations and Christmas trees, bring extra personality to a set. The 1950s-themed cars, like the Silver Range Vista Dome, Silver Cloud Pullman, and Silver Dawn Observation cars, create a retro-styled train. Add depth to the train set with bridges and tunnels that include lights and painted details like snow. From ready-to-run sets to individual components, consumers have a wide range of options for building their own collection. The Harry Potter Hogwarts Express features a locomotive, two passenger coaches, and a combination car with interior lighting.

Steam engines, like the Virginian Legacy locomotive, feature designs that reflect popular trains from years past. Hoppers carrying a variety of loads, like coal or covered hoppers, give a train a more industrial feel. Oil tanks, train stations, shanties, and trestles provide endless possible combinations for consumers.
If you want a particular set, like the Polar Express train set, use that name as your search term instead. To get started, consumers need to identify their personal preferences and understand the different kinds of trains available to create their own indoor displays. With the Pennsylvania Flyer Freight set users get a locomotive, boxcar, searchlight car, and caboose as well as scenery. Trains include multiple options, like interior and exterior illumination, smoke, and sounds. Search the huge inventory of trains offered by reliable sellers and take advantage of their convenient shipping options.

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