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Trains are favorite toys for boys and girls of all ages, and they come in a wide variety of styles and designs.
For each slide in this gallery, click on the "buy now" or "more details" buttons for retail information. This deluxe canyon train table set keeps everything in one place so that pieces don't get scattered everywhere. Thomas the Train is a well-loved children's character, and he and his friends are available in a range of toys including figurines, tents, bathtub squirters, plush toys, and a wide range of other merchandise. This set of three bathtub-ready trains features the character of Thomas and two of his friends. This Melissa and Doug wooden train set is stackable, helping children with manual dexterity and color recognition. This 130-piece wooden train set comes with 100 track sections, 30 different accessories, and a six-piece freight train. Start your child's love for toy trains young by investing in a plastic set with big pieces. Whether you opt for model trains, plush train figures, or trains operated by remote control, there are lots of options for train enthusiasts of all ages.
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GeoTrax remote control toy trains are great for preschoolers, since the sturdy plastic construction makes them very difficult to break.
The Bachmann Trains Chattanooga ready-to-run HO scale train set is named for the famous Nashville, Chattanooga & St.
From classic toy sets with bridges, tunnels, and stations to train-themed toys of all types, it is possible to ride the play rails in many ways.
Some toys will have magnetic or Velcro attachments to add cars, while others may come with a plush conductor or station carrying case.

Flexible tracks are available, and children can combine sets to create play worlds full of imagination. Circus trains are always popular, but other themes include Christmas trains, dinosaur trains, and learning trains where each car is numbered or lettered. It is a 95-piece set that comes on a round table, so your child can easily reach every corner of the train track without bumping into corners or having to lean over the table.
These wooden trains are often loaded with colorful blocks that can be stacked on the train cars or used to build other creations. Realistic proportions and authentic details make these trains highly sought after by collectors, and both modern and vintage designs are available. It is recommended for ages seven and up and has a safety warning to keep away from children under three years of age. Trains are included of course, and you'll also find fun extras like wooden trees and railway signs. While they can use any toy train or set on the market, certain themes and colors may appeal a little more.
Perfect for ages 36 months to 8 years, the train also comes with a small pink pony in the train car.
There are toy trains for children of all ages, ranging from simple toys for toddlers to elaborate replica trains suitable for teenagers. This simple toy features a unique steering wheel-style remote that makes it very easy for little hands to operate.
The snap lock tracks can be customized to create many different layouts, which allows for hours of imaginative play.
The highly detailed G scale steam locomotive features a working headlight, authentic train sounds, and passenger cars with fixed knuckle couplers. This is a 1:187 scale, which means the real version of the toy train is 187 times larger than the remote controlled toy.
Before buying any toy trains, parents should always investigate the toy carefully to ensure it is appropriate for their child's age and abilities.

Always check the toy's construction carefully to ensure there are no sharp or loose pieces that can be choking hazards to young children. Duplo train sets with larger pieces and simpler designs are also available for younger train enthusiasts. This great starter set from Bachmann Trains comes with a 4-6-0 steam locomotive, wood tender, reefer, and bobber caboose.
The HO scale Rail Master electric train set from Life-Like Trains includes an F40PH diesel locomotive with working headlight, two-bay hopper car, refrigerator car, and eight-wheel caboose, as well as the track, utility poles, signs, call boxes, and street lamps you need to build your own miniature railroad.
This HO scale train set is a good starter gift for teenagers interested in remote control toy trains. In 1920 this toy has became really popular but only the rich child where able to afford it. The set includes an illustrated instruction manual, as well as a DVD to help with setting up your track. But it is only after the war, in 1959, that the interest in the trains took off also because electric toy trains become less expensive. Remember that it is really important that the decoder, the transmitter and the power station follow NMRA guidelines in order to be able to use different tracks and accessories from different manufacturers together. For example a toy train enables you kid to use his imagination in creating all the scenery.
Pay attention when you buy this toy that it is guaranteed safe: there are no small parts that fit your kid mouth, no loose parts and no toxic material.
Christmas is near and I think that an electric toy train would bring joy to a lot of children!!

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