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Christians from eight Chelmsford churches have joined forces and raised ?1500 for charity by selling hot drinks at the Boreham Car Boot Sale. A team of Chelmsford Christians have raised ?1500 for charity this year, by selling posh coffee at a series of car boot sales beside the A12 bypass. They will be presenting the money to Changing Faces at the next boot sale, on Boreham farmland, on Sunday.
Media spokesman Christopher Smith said: "At our last boot sale we sold 170 hot drinks, a few sellers and buyers asked to be prayed for - and we have overtaken the ?600 we raised last year for Essex Air Ambulance.

Bargain hunters at a car boot sale helped Chelmsford Churches raise ?600 for the Essex Air Ambulance. Boot sale enthusiasts who religiously spend Sunday mornings trying to turn a profit or grabbing a bargain have been enjoying a taste of coffee heaven.
Thanks to a state-of-the-art Espresso Essential bean-to-cup coffee maker, the Church team has found that the aroma of freshly ground coffee, as well as tempting tea, is the perfect way to reach people who otherwise wouldn't go to Church. Sales were so good that they donated ?600 of their takings to the Essex Air Ambulance at the last event on Sunday.

The timepiece was found by a Cheshire man in a chest of drawers while he was clearing out his late father's house. Another great carbootsale is the Rusper carboot in sussex, Friendly sellers, great atmosphere and a very helpful team of marshalls !

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