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German Motion, Manchester are a specialist supplier of German car engines & auto parts. German Motion  are specialist & the cheapest in used, replacement, reconditioned, new, remanufactured engines, Gearboxes, Turbos, Alternators, Starter Motors, ECU, ABS Pumps, Cylinder Heads, AC Compressors. The chassis works with off the shelf new suspension parts or you can add your own suspension.
It’s truly amazing how much attention this car gets everywhere you go, you get people young and old smiling, pointing and waving at you, there’s a genuine sense of appreciation surrounding this car.
Old people love it because it’s a beautifully restored and tastefully modified classic car.
It’s definitely loud and proud, but not at all annoying or intrusive if you’re just taking it easy. Alas, another opportunity to own a stunning car has passed me by, but whoever gets this will be over the moon, see all the pictures and pages below, and check out the for sale page to see the full spec.

It’s a remarkable example of the car, you only need to glance over the pictures to see and realise that..
Some people even stop in their tracks to watch you drive by, you even get the odd thumbs up and smile from the police! probably reminds them of the days when every other night they were pulling one of these or a Cosworth over! The leather seats are lovely and comfortable to sit in aswell, it’s not a GT car but you wouldn’t mind a long journey in it, thats for sure.
To car enthusiasts like me and most likely you, we yearn to have it because its one of the best examples of a Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider out there. It’s like instant response when you put your foot down, the clutch is nice and light and the brakes stop it on a penny. This is where you start to see the advantage of the Ktec low temperature switch if you’re stuck in traffic.
The car never understeers when powering out of a corner either, if anything it tucks in more, no body roll to talk about and insta-direction change.

The steering wheel really is connected to the wheels, Saying its fun to drive is an understatement.As you probably know by now, a big part of cars for me is how it sounds. After driving my Volvo, you can really feel the weight and size of it sometimes, where as the Renault 5 is like a little shoe. It’s that momentary excitement as the turbo spools and the sound builds, accompanied by a nice side plate of acceleration.

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