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The Volkswagen Beetle is more commonly known as the Volkswagen type 1 and when it was first introduced in 1938 it was an economy car.
In 1968 Volkswagen came out with an updated version of the Type 1 and called it the Beetle. The Beetle comes with rear wheel drive and there have been many generations of beetle even with front wheel drive after that.
The Beetle formed a major example for a lot of compact cars and it maintained the image of being the most influential car of many generations. Built by German company Karmann and designed by Italian firm Ghia, Volkswagen Karmann Ghia stood out from the pack for its exotic looks, back when it arrived in the marketplace in 1955.
The two-door coupe (also available as a convertible) followed the Volkswagen Type 1 platform was a huge success. The interior space of a Volkswagen Beetle is renowned for its unexpected roominess and unique shape. Seating design is one way to simultaneously upgrade the look and feel of the interior space.

Sometimes, the tiniest additions are the ones that mean the most, and make the greatest impact in comparison to their size.
Many Beetle owners utilize every inch of space their car provides, making useful VW Bug upgrades among the most common additions. Get accurate real prices for Volkswagen cars and see what people paid for retail, trade-in and MSRP. Due to the advent of new cars in the market the old Beetle fizzled out and after many years later Volkswagen re introduced the Beetle with the same pouter shape but a whole new technology. The future generations came with the name of Rabbit and golf but nevertheless they were all related to one another. Beetle is the only car which was produced for along time with the same body time after time. The Ghia has a nostalgic appeal to it, and even in the present age, remains among the riveting entries during car shows.
VW Bug owners often like to emphasize the quirkiness of their vehicles, as they can better display their eccentricity without looking unusual on a Bug than on almost any other car.

PriceHub is the only car pricing resource that shows real sale prices from real Volkswagen transactions. It was one car which has been there since the 1930a€™s without undergoing much change in all these years. While it relied on Beetle power, air-cooled, rear-mounted engine, the VW Karmann Ghia was a class all its own, making it an eminently desirable car. PriceHub also has comprehensive research on all Volkswagen cars with safety reviews, TSB technical service bulletins, recalls, and consumer complaints. PriceHub is the ultimate online destination for Volkswagen prices, research and information. Even new pedals for braking and gas can go a long way to setting your car apart from the rest of the pack.

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