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Convertible The first mass-produced car intended for the road and water was the Amphicar. Convertible This Fjord Green Amphicar is one of only 3878 built and 1 of only 350 known to survive in the world. The Concours d'Elegance of America, established in 1978, featured over 300 significant automobiles on the beautiful green at the Inn at St.
Best of Show winners at the 37th annual Concours d'Elegance of America was awarded to a 1929 Duesenberg Model J owned by Charles Letts, Jr. Scottsdale, Arizona (July 18th, 2015) – Thomas Scott is an accountant and entrepreneur from Athens, Georgia who has had a love for all things automotive for as long as he can remember. It was designed by German Hanns Trippel and manufactured by the Quandt Group in Germany exclusively for sale in the United States. On land this was directed to the independently-sprung rear wheels and in the water to twin propellers. Currently it has about 6,000 original miles from new and the current owner is currently the fourth caretaker.

It was produced from 1962 through 1967 during which around 4500 examples were produced with most going to the United States. He possesses a lifetime of passion for buying, selling and working on classic American cars. The vehicles were produced in Germany and borrowed many components from European automobile manufacturers.
Eventually some cars were sold in the United Kingdom and some were used by the Berlin police department.The Amphicar uses a special two-part land-and-water transmission built by Hermes, makers of the Porsche transmission, that allows the wheels and propellers to be operated either independently or simultaneously. The 'land' transmission is a 4-speed manual with reverse, while the 'water' transmission is one speed forward and one reverse. The front compartment housed the fuel tank, tools and spare tire.This example was given a cosmetic restoration around the early 2000s. The Amphicar had a Lucas 12 volt positive ground system which powered the horn, lighting and switches made by other manufacturers such as Hella and Bosch.
The 1147 cc power-plant produces nearly 45 horsepower to the rear wheels and can propel the vehicle to a top speed of 70 mph on land and 6-8 knots in the water. On land or water, it was steered by the front wheels - which works better on land than water.
The Amphicar was capable of achieving 7 mph on the water and 70 mph on the land (hence, it was called the Model 770). The transmission and some of the fuel system components came from Porsche while the suspension and braking system came from Mercedes. Powered by a 1147cc Triumph 4-cylinder engine producing 38 horsepower, it has an 84-inch wheelbase and weighs 2315 lbs. The car is equipped with a modern alternator and comes with two life jackets and a bag of nautical lines.In 2010, this Amphicar 770 Convertible was offered for sale at RM Auctions 'Automobiles of Amelia Island' sale in Amelia Island, Florida.
A special two-part land-and-water transmission built by Hermes (makers of the Porsche transmission) allows the wheels and propellers to be operated either independently or simultaneously.
However, the steel is much thicker and great care was given to the assembly and to the joins to keep them leak proof.

The Amphicar cost between $2,800 and $3,300 and 3,878 were built.This Amphicar is among 700 that still can swim at this time. The 4-speed (plus reverse) 'land transmission' was similar to those found in the Volkswagen Beetle.
Around the doors, rubber strips were fitted to create a water-tight seal, much like opening and closing of a refrigerator. While some have complained that the Amphicar was not a particularly good car or boat, two crossed the English Channel in 1968 enduring 20 foot waves and gale force winds. The tires are very narrow and the vehicle has been raised, offering excellent ground clearance. Propellers are located in the rear, underneath the vehicle which drive the vehicle while in the water.
It is the only civilian amphibious passenger automobile ever to be mass-produced, with 3,046 imported into the United States between 1961 and 1967. Even though it was only produced for five years, it did accomplish something that has not yet been duplicated: production of a commercial, non-military, amphibian car. When new, the Amphicar sold for between $2,800 and $3,300, depending on the year (the cars actually sold for less than those of early years). Other non-military designs have been created for travel on land and water, but none have been able to mass-produce the vehicle in quantities that the Amphicar were able to achieve.
The Amphicar has travel many historic adventures such as England to France and Africa to Spain, although most of the time they have been used for recreational purposes on lakes. Government's EPA and DOT regulations that went into effect beginning with 1968 model year vehicles. Amphicar's have been featured in many TV shows and movies from the early 1960's through the later 1990's.

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