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This is for DC users only, --------- but this kind of wiring is still needed for DCC if you intend to go this way. For DCC, although there are only 2 wires in use at the controller end, you will still have the need to wire (If using electro frogs) the layout as if you were going to use block control, (but without the need for DPDT toggle switches).
When 2 facing turnouts come together, the need for isolation between these areas is a must otherwise a short will occur.
All that remains to do now is to pick up all these wires (Lets say they were all Black and Red wires) and solder each Black wire together and the same for the Red and now you have 2 wires ready for DCC. So for those how are about to start in the wonderful hobby of ours, here’s how I have always wired a model railroad up to a control panel. Once all your track and points (turnouts) are down and ready for wiring, first make a simple drawing of your Trackplan on an A4 sheet of paper.
This Trackplan above is not any particular plan, just a way of showing how to wire up the track & Points. Once you have daisy chained the top rights of every switch, start TOP left to TOP left and so on until all switches have been daisy chained in this manner.
Making the control panel it 'self, I use two pieces of Perspex the right size for my panel. When all drilling is completed, I remove the plain paper and clean up the two pieces of Perspex. For my point control I use the stud and contact method utilizing a capacitor discharge unit (CPU), which has a 24volt output for my PL10 point motors which I use to throw the points.

Here is what my control panel looks like, notice the nuts and bolts, these are my stud and probe contact for changing point direction. Well with DPDT switches, you can only ever run one train on one piece of track at the same time. Aso that probe system is cheap, just nuts and bolts plus a piece of wire with a bit of wire i=on the end.
Availability: Available in Redlands Ca, Call now to see if we have one in stock at one of our other pickup locations today! All logos, Images, trademarks, banners, text, content and photos are property of their respective owners. The Cargo Trailer Store - 6 x 12 Single Axle Enclosed Cargo Trailers for sale in Tampabay's Palmetto, Florida.
A standard tandem axle trailer has a larger towing capacity and comes with electric brakes for safer braking control.
Now because you have added wires to power up this area, and most likely other facing points (Turnouts) in other parts of the railroad, you will end up with many pairs of wires dangling underneath.
Now I insert the new Photo Paper printout and I have a professional looking control panel just waiting to be wired up.
The reason I prefer stud and contact over momentary switches (To throw the points) is I only need two tiny nuts and bolts (Brass) fitted to each point on the control panel. 10 position rotary switches are about $1.50 here, so that will let me run up to 8 different controllers, with the 2 extra positions (one each end) being reserved for 'emergency off!' situations (rotate the knob in either direction to the stop!).

The double pole double throw switches are only for switching between one controller and another. You will notice that I have included the use of two controllers in this loop, should you wish to use either controller to reverse a loco.
When finished I print one copy on plain paper and another on Photo paper at top quality to use as the finished product.
Also because I use a CPU, if I did leave the probe pressing against the bolt, it wouldn't damage the point motor because the probe needs to be taken off before the CPU re-charges itself ready for work again. First and most important it saves on a bit of wiring and labeling, pretty hard to go wrong there, point where you want to go and open the throttle. The only real advantage I see in using rotaries versus DPDT's, as Paul uses, is that you can only EVER have one controller on one block at any given time. Even if you are using standard insulfrogs, if you want proper block control, then I would suggest that you follow these instructions as for Electro frogs. Looking at the Trackplan you will notice that the outside tracks have three RED power supplies (3 blocks), and the inner tracks also have three RED power supplies (3 blocks.) with one single RED power supply in the middle feeding back the spur.

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