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The sleek and compact $30,000 Mercedes-Benz CLA you saw in the Super Bowl commercial is real.
Nice to know about things like potholes, but 15 meters is pretty short distance to do anything about something bigger perhaps. What is saved in gas will be lost in $90 oil changes and massive service bills once the warranty is gone for these over engineered and remarkably unreliable cars. Would that there’s a humorous remark that alleviates your concerns and those of your friends who own Benzes. Nothing feels cheap, but lots of automakers without less cachet also have good cockpit trim, such as Hyundai and Kia.
208-hp 2.0 liter turbo four with SMG, sequential manual gearbox, quick enough, nothing like the AMG version that draws 355hp from its four cylinders.
I test drove the car this weekend and still had a lot of questions about the tech packages. But in Georgetown (where the media drive started and ended) the AMG engine did not get me to the next stoplight any faster.
But you buy a high-end car, you will pay a premium to service a premium car for work you don’t DIY.
Look, you buy a $60,000 car, and the average car costs $30,000, wouldn’t you expect a tune-up or brake change will probably cost twice the average?

A lot of this article seems to state that you have to add on some of the more expensive option packages to make the CLA a good fit. Mostly what makes this feel like a Mercedes-Benz is how the CLA drives: the strong turbocharged engine, the crisp shifts of the double-clutch gearbox, the sporty suspension, the exhaust note, the handling of this front- or all-wheel-drive drivetrain on back-country roads.
The space we could spend on that, we use on the center stack, driver aids, how well navi works. Nor did I notice the AMG generated higher G-force numbers on the Washington beltway at rush hour. You take your CLA to Summit Point or Laguna Seca for club track days, yeah, there’s a difference with the AMG gear. The December Consumer Reports ranks MB and BMW right in the middle on reliability, not at the bottom.
For the tech connected you can get it for much less and still get all the comforts you need.
You buy the base CLA, you don’t get the thrill of opening the hood and seeing the etched name of the person who built your engine. Back in 2006 MB had problems with things like his and hers keys with custom settings and when she took his key, she was annoyed that the seat wasn’t adjusted to her tastes.
Add shipping, you’re at $38,000, and you’re still sitting on vinyl seats.In their quests to be the world’s largest luxury automaker, Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz added subcompact models at base prices around $30,000.

One of our cars is a 12-year-old BMW that still has its original suspension (aging but not gone, the shop says) and exhaust. The biggest repair was a faulty airbag sensor and the dealer split the cost with me, along with a new water pump (THAT is not a cheap repair). You want a bulletproof car that’s luxurious to drive, maybe a Hyundai Genesis or Lexus ES would be a good choice.
Also add on the parktronic (includes the radar parking sensors) and blind spot assist for 800 and 400. The CLA presents itself as a four-fifths version of the stunning $71,000 CLS four-door coupe. Even without navigation, there’s a low-res 5.8-inch color LCD display, mounted atop the dash like an iPad Mini.
The Mbrace2 telematics system is about as good as it gets and updates itself over the air with no need to download a patch onto a USB key or go see the dealer.

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