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In 2000, the island of Rotuma enjoys the following amenities in most households: electricity, tap water, telephone, flush toilets, and refrigerators. It is important that the arrival of a film crew on the island and their presence for a month do not unnecessarily cause conflicts or tensions within the community. Uasile told his classmate Aleki to advise their teacher that he (Uasile) would not attend classes that day because his father was taking him to 'Ahau to be circumcised. The district chief ( fa 'es itu'u ) told his subjects during a district meeting that he would leave for Fiji on the next boat because the doctor at 'Ahau has advised him to seek medical treatment in Fiji. A grandmother wanted to ask her granddaughter, who understood very little Rotuman, whether she (the granddaughter) wanted to go with her or whether she would rather stay at home. An elderly mother rang her son at work and reminded him to buy some more tablets for her after work. We (including the technical master) all looked toward the door when someone knocking disrupted our technical drawing session. An elderly uncle was relating to the young ones at home his experiences while he was in New Zealand visiting relatives. As honoured guest in Rotuma, an Australian man, was invited to particpate in an mamasa ceremony including the chief of the village. In the early 1970s, the Rotuman community in Suva made a cultural tour to Australia to visit friends and families who had not had the luxury of witnessing Rotuman traditional dancing first hand. An elderly Rotuman Mum woke very early on the morning of the walkathon to raise funds for the church. A young, handsome university graduate (on his first ever visit to Rotuma) was on a picnic at Vaioa beach, Itu'muta. By this time, their conversation had drawn attention from the rest of the group who were looking at them with great amusement. The local cousin stared at the island for a minute, looked back at his visiting cousin and confidently replied, "Uea!". An Australian man was playing Scrabble with his Rotuman wife, and after much contemplation put the letters C H O M on the board. A Rotuman woman brought her husband to the hospital after he had an accident and was getting increasingly agitated when nobody came to help. A couple of Rotuman men, fresh off the boat, arrived in Suva and were having difficulty trying to cross streets in the face of heavy traffic on a rainy day.
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Whether you seek adventure, relaxation or a romantic holiday for two, Fiji's tropical waters and friendly vibe will have you wishing that your holiday never ends. Until last year, Fiji's pre-eminent private-island resort was The Wakaya Club & Spa (pictured), David and Jill Gilmour's self-proclaimed 'bastion of ecological sanctity where sound environmental practices and the preservation of Fijian culture are highly valued as well as implemented'.
The Wakaya Club and Spa is an intimate luxury resort on a 2,200 acre picture perfect private island. The Wakaya experience is totally inclusive and comprehensive with all food, beverage and activities (with equipment provided!) included in the daily rate.

The Wakaya Club & Spa offers 10 freestanding bures (cottage suites) located just steps from the ocean. Amenities include CD players with CD libraries, MP3 player docking stations, and complimentary wireless Internet access. This Fiji resort includes the following in the room rate: all meals and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), unlimited use of a fully the wakaya club and spa fiji minibar, personal laundry service, two scuba tank dives per person, per day (Monday through Saturday), and unlimited use of all other sporting facilities and equipment. Tags: fiji visa information, fiji sun sports news, fiji all inclusive resort, korean air fiji office, best fiji vacation, . When I was making arrangements for my trip, I can’t tell you the number of times I heard ‘don’t stay on Nadi, jump straight on a boat to the islands’ oh, how glad am I that I didn’t listen. The Westin Denarau Island Resort and Spa is located on 30 acres of beachfront on Denarau Island.
Rotumans on the island feeling that they, or their natural resources, are being exploited for economic gain. Unrealistic expectations about what the film will mean for Rotumans who participate in it-that it will make them famous, or that it will change their present lifestyles. Unruly or rude behavior by the crew causing resentment and disharmony among the inhabitants. Jealousies because actors or hired help, in the island's terms, have become "rich" overnight, thus contributing to rising inequalities in this small community. Everyone outside Rotuma who will be involved in the film project will meet in Fiji a week before departure to the island.
In order to distribute the little money available for this project in ways that will not disrupt the communal nature of Rotuma's culture, we have identified three broad areas in which this project can contribute funds to be used for everyone's benefit. When asked rotuma high school fiji classmates the type of sickness he was suffering from the chief replied, "I am suffering from answer" (meaning ulcer).
The son asked her which of her tablets she wanted, since she took three or four different types. The technical master said, "Yes Jioje, what do you want?" Jioje stood in the doorway for some time and then replied, "Excuse me sir, Sarote (referring to his class teacher) 'ea la figalelei ma na ta fa !" Jioje has just broken the English only rule at Malhaha High School, and sure enough he paid for the violation with a bang on his head. He boasted of the big house, the car, nice food, the cold weather, the daily pocket money given to him, the electric blanket, and last but not least, the family's big "pooling swim" in the backyard.
As he sat admiring the delicious banquet being prepared in front of him ( os umefe ), he inquired about the various dishes. This particular guy's aunty decided that she should go with the tour, but because her childhood education was incomplete, her English was not as perfect as it might have been. The sales girl asked if they needed help and one of them replied that they were looking for "butter"( meaning buttons).
The Pakeha man said to the Rotuman, "When we Pakeha men fall in love, we like to hold hands, kiss, hug, and show the world we're in love. Mum got into the taxi and sat in the back seat while her young son sat in front with the driver. She got herself ready and started waking the rest of the family members, who complained that it was too early since the walkathon wasn't going to start for another three hours.
After coffee and a chat, the flatmates went about their chores leaving the uncle to a hearty breakfast and the newspaper. Admiring the breathtaking beauty of the long stretch of white sand fringed with niu and hifau trees, he gazed out at the crystal clear waters and asked his local cousin the name of the big island sitting out there.
The regular bus driver knew where he got off and would let him off in front of his building, even though the man no longer gave the signal for the bus to stop. One man said to the other, "I think I've got it figured out." Pointing to the windshield wipers on a passing car, he said, "You see, the cars have arms. Our wide choice of the most recent car models and competitive pricing makes your 3-step booking on our website fast and easy.
That’s why we have wholeheartedly embraced a sustainable development program and are proud to be the first car rental company in Fiji with certified ecological commitments.
It's an exceptionally lovely development of 10 handsome vernacular cottages, or bures (rhymes with hooray), made from woven bamboo and indigenous yakawood.

From the moment you arrive via Wakaya’s Cessna Grand Caravan private aircraft, you are completely immersed in the peace and tranquility of your new island sanctuary. Privacy is ensured with only a maximum of 28 guests and a ratio of 12-1 staff per guest allowing for a truly seamless experience. All bures feature indigenous timber floors, woven bamboo wall coverings, cathedral ceilings, and four-poster king beds with Italian linens.
Garden and Ocean Bures do not have televisions or telephones but offer an intercom to reception. At the meeting, the Council unanimously gave their blessings to the film project, after requesting that a copy of the treatment for "Island Dreams" be sent to the District Officer and made available to Council members. This will be an opportunity for Rotumans on the island to ask questions and to have them answered.
The next morning when the Barber goes to open his shop, there is a Thank You card and a dozen roses waiting at his door. The next morning when the barber goes to open his shop, there is a Thank You card and a dozen donuts waiting at his door. The next morning when the barber goes to open his shop, he finds a dozen Rotumans waiting for a haircut. Anyway, she went with the tour group and after their first performance, the visitors were asked by their leader to go amongst the crowd and meet them. Excitedly she exclaimed that she needed to be early because she'll be sitting at the powerpoint giving water to people.
Bill and Melinda Gates chose to spend their honeymoon here, perhaps because few resorts prize privacy so highly. Each 1650 square foot Garden and Ocean View bure is a luxurious hideaway located just steps from the Pacific Ocean, and is designed to indulge you in the beauty of the island while providing every conceivable comfort. Thinking that a studio is backing the film project, one of the Council members requested that a sum of money be paid to the Council. This is also an opportunity to firm up decisions regarding the actual locations for shooting the film, the number of people who can expect to be involved, and the ways in which the process will be one of consultation and collaboration with the Rotumans living on the island.
She went into the crowd and met an Aussie man who asked her what the weather is like in Fiji? Baffled, her aunt asked her, "What took you so long?" then realizing her niece was empty-handed, added, "Where's the bread?" "Well Aunty," came the reply, "I got to the corner of the street and there was a red sign that said 'STOP' so I stopped! There's no escort service operating here," much to the amusement of the stunned flatmates who couldn't stop laughing.
Indeed, the grandest bure of all, Vale O, is set amid 16 acres of private land, ?and Wakaya Island is inaccessible even to passing yachts; the only way to get there is by private plane, to which ?end the resort has its own 2005 Cessna Grand Caravan. To truly indulge, choose the larger Governor’s Bure, Two Bedroom Ambassador’s Bure or Royal Three Bedroom Villa of Vale ‘O on its own16 acre estate.
Bathrooms offer large soaking tubs, open-air lava rock showers, complimentary toiletries, bathrobes, and slippers. There are seven households in Mea village, all of which have been approached and are willing to host one or two members during production. Once settled in, a series of meetings will be held in which the crew will meet cultural and political leaders involved in the film project. It's the Detol tablets that I want." The son knew straight away that she wanted Panadol tablets.
In spite of there being no studio backing, Te Maka Productions has decided to pay the sum of $1,000.00 to the Rotuma Island Council since they are the main custodian of the island's physical and cultural resources.

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