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The issue isn’t just whether Forever Marilyn—that new 26-foot-tall fiberglass Seven-Year-Itch-subway-grate-billowing-skirt statue on the Mag Mile is in bad taste, exploitative, kitsch, or morally or aesthetically offensive. The issue is what this latest in a series of Seward Johnson sculptures on Pioneer Court reveals about the state of public art in Chicago, the ongoing outsourcing and privatization of art in the public sphere, and the increasing interrelation among tourism, art, populism, and power. If visitors and residents want to get a kick from gazing at a big pair of panties and snapping pictures—as long as they spend money, too—what’s the Big Deal?
Still, what should be more offensive is the fact that the art foundation that has a deal with a realty company to install art in its plaza year after year just happened to have been founded by the sculptor himself. Such sculptures represent the growing trend toward the privatization of public art, along with other public services (parking meters, water, garbage pickup, highways, et al). The City of Chicago’s Public Art Program has been under the aegis of a nonprofit entity, the Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture, since the beginning of the year.
While the city’s program continues its mundane work of filling the spaces of libraries, police stations, senior centers, airports, etc., with art, the steep decline in public building construction the last several years has meant an increase in the virtual outsourcing of populist blockbuster art—the art of showy spectacle and cultural destination and tourism revenue—to the private, corporate, and TIF sectors. The TSF has a roster of works by 150 artists available for exhibitions and leasing, according to its website, though few, if any, of the sculptors are based in Chicago. Viewers, commentators, and newspapers have complained of the Marilyn statue’s crass tastelessness and exploitative titillation.
If “public” art is increasingly being created, selected, funded, and sited on prominent urban spaces without any public input or open, democratic process, what are the rights of citizens? Ever since the “Cows on Parade” project in 1999—which boosted the local economy by about $200 million, according to city officials—public art in suburbanized, postindustrial Chicago has become more about revenue enhancement and economic impact and fun interaction than an engagement with place, history, critical issues, and ideas.
What the new public art amounts to is “the erasure of the line between art and entertainment” where works “count as neither public discourse nor art” and offer only an “easily assimilated diversion that poses no threat to settled understandings of the self or the world,” according to poet-critic John Beer in the essay “From Picasso to the Cows,” about the disappearance of a seriously imaginative and provocative civic art in Chicago.
In addition: Forever Marilyn–and Johnson’s continued incursions into the heart of the city—represent an insult to Chicagoland’s astonishingly numerous, talented, and diverse sculpture community. Johnson’s previous foray into Pioneer Court, God Bless America (the American Gothic couple), included a suitcase plastered with global ports of call where American jobs were being outsourced from office towers like those that surround the sculpture site. I’m still waiting for an artist to propose a giant expired parking meter sculpture as a memorial to Daley II and his privatization fiascos.
Jeff Huebner is a Chicago-based art writer, journalist, and author who writes frequently on public art. Designed by the Boston firm of Shepley, Rutan & Coolidge, the library is in the beaux-arts style. Details of the South Entrance (Washington Street)The center and right images were contributed to this site by my friend NGUYEN HOANG BICH NGOC. Note: The above rates typically are inclusive of all utilities, local phone and basic cable along with furnishings and amenities. Close to the Client office with accessibility to downtown shopping, grocery store right in the building along with an awesome restaurant and Starbucks every day included - what more can anyone else ask for. Bella Luna Cafe - great Italian food and Roys was over the top and a first rate Hawaiian restaurant with great food, supurb service and festive atmosphere - great place for private parties and events! Our guests enjoyed the Al Capone bus tour and of course Navy Pier and Millennium Park - the Museums in Chicago are awesome and just need to come back to visit again. The contents of this report are based on information generally available to the public from sources believed to be reliable. Corporate Apartments in Chicago, ILIf you're looking for corporate housing in Chicago, look no further! Chicago NeighborhoodsIn Chicago, Interim Housing Solutions works with companies that provide furnished apartments in Chicago and its surrounding areas. Getting AroundWhether you are headed out to a game at Wrigley Field, going shopping on the Magnificent Mile or commuting each morning into the city, it's good to know your options when it comes to getting around. Fun in The CityAt Interim Housing Solutions, we want to help you find not only a serviced apartment in Chicago, but a serviced apartment that fits your lifestyle. Chicago ActivitiesYou'll most likely want to explore the area surrounding your Chicago short term housing to find your best bets in dining, shopping and other activities. Chicago LivingBefore you move into your Chicago corporate apartment, it’s a good idea to learn a little bit of general information about the area in which you’ll live. The Chicago Public Library shows how libraries can shape and, in turn, be shaped by their connections to the arts community.
Chicago Public Library’s partnerships not only foster a greater appreciation for the arts, but also a sense of community, and these connections are as diverse as the city itself.  CPL has partnered with Museums Work for Chicago, The Ravinia Festival, Steppenwolf Theatre, and these diverse organizations offer a variety of approaches to the larger goal of building community through arts programming. In the same spirit, CPL has also partnered with the Ravinia Festival to offer the Words and Music program.
These are the primary arts partnerships forged by CPL, and each one adds an important element of visibility, outreach, and access, enriching not only the community, but also the library’s programming. Caelin Ross is a recent UW-Madison alum and a current AmeriCorps member on the Schools of Hope project. We should aim for something this remarkable for a new work of public art if we commission a sculpture to be installed in the vicinity of Thorndike and Dutton streets, near the Swamp Locks canal complex and western edge of the Hamilton Canal District. Something big is needled to greet people as they enter the city from the connector and train station I especially like how people can interact with this specific piece in various ways – walking beneath it and sound. This is not the first time in America—and it won’t be the last—that visual art has spread its thighs on the altar of commerce (cf., Jeff Koons). They’ve been paid for by corporate, foundation, or business-league money, with little or no public input or audience involvement. Yet the PAP is still subject to the city ordinance that mandates 1.33 percent of construction or renovation costs for public buildings be devoted to art.
The plaza adjacent to the Tribune Tower is not a nominally “public” plaza; it is a private space, owned by the Zeller Realty Group, 401 N. The organization is based in Santa Monica while Johnson is based in Mercer County, New Jersey, near the Grounds for Sculpture park he established. As more public services and amenities, like art and aesthetic infrastructure, become privatized, and the public civic sphere continues to disappear, it will become more difficult for citizens to challenge an antidemocratic and unaccountable system. And it depicts a movie scene associated with New York City—even though it was actually filmed in a soundstage. If you are seeking Chicago furnished apartments, Interim Housing Solutions can find you a number of corporate housing options with just one call to our toll free number (866) 279-4471 or by completing ouronline housing request form. The Windy City offers corporate housing solutions for everyone, whether you're on an extended business trip or building your dream house in Chicago. Whether you are looking for a furnished apartment in the Chicago or in one of the many surrounding towns, Interim Housing Solutions can help you to find exactly what you are looking for.Chicago furnished apartments are available in most of the city's neighborhoods.
Chicago has a vast public transportation system, many highways and surrounding airports to get you around to wherever you need to go!Public TransportationChicago operates the second largest public transportation system in America (second only to New York's system).

Read on to learn more about what the short term housing in Chicago has to offer!DiningWhile Chicago may be known for its deep-dish pizza and bratwurst, there are many other options for a great meal on the town while in your Chicago short term housing.
From hospitals to schools to local places of worship, you’ll want to know what is close to your corporate apartment in Chicago. Numerous partnerships with local arts organizations to foster accessibility to the arts, creativity, and nonviolence. Take their partnership with Museums Work for Chicago.  The Kids Museum Passport program allows children and families to check out a pass to any of 15 of Chicago’s world-class cultural institutions, including The Adler Planetarium, The Art Institute of Chicago, and The Chicago History Museum, for an entire week. Each summer, patrons may visit any library location to pick up free lawn passes to selected concerts from the Ravinia Festival’s summer season. When she isn’t working as a Tutor Coordinator at Huegel Elementary and Orchard Ridge Elementary, she loves running, writing, and crafting. They have not been commissioned by government percent-for-art or public art programs—federal, state, or municipal—which mandate public accountability and oversight.
In June 2007, in what amounted to a virtual city takeover, a Daley-rammed ordinance had abolished the program’s project advisory panels and public art committee, composed of community members and artists as well as city officials, granting final decision-making powers to cultural staffers.
He’s known for his lifelike painted bronze, foam, and fiberglass sculptures of people engaged in everyday activities. That was the one that depicted the farmer-daughter couple from Grant Wood’s American Gothic painting, hanging at the Art Institute of Chicago. Celebrated public works like Kapoor’s “Bean” represent the ultimate triumph of spectacle—and commerce–over substance, of circus over bread. Just complete the Short Term Housing Info Form, and indicate the specific area you need accommodations. From condos in Downtown Chicago to quiet suburban apartments in Naperville, Interim Housing Solutions can find the perfect housing for year for you!
The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) runs buses and rapid transit cars (including the elevated trains) throughout Chicago and 40 of its surrounding suburbs. So whether you are a die-hard baseball fan or prefer to wander through museums in your free time, you can do it all while in Chicago.Outdoor ActivitiesChicagoans are active people and the city provides many ways for them to get out and have fun. You'll find a wide variety of cuisines and multiple levels of pricing, so whether you are going for a five-star evening or just grabbing dinner on your way home from work, you can find just what you're in the mood for near our Chicago short term housing.As new, well-established chefs come into Chicago, they bring with them fine dining crafted to perfection. And luckily our Chicago corporate apartments put you close to it all!HospitalsChicago is known as a medical hub, with many hospitals, medical centers and medical schools. Read on for helpful information in planning your move to any of the furnished rentals in Chicago. The need for these connections between library and arts community is crucial in a major metropolitan area that faces overwhelming challenges. Imagine sprawling under the stars in the summer, listening to music, thanks to the library. A few years ago, an organization called The Sculpture Foundation entered into an agreement with ZRG to program the high-profile Mag Mile space with public art. And now we get Forever Marilyn (1996), the latest in a series of Johnson’s huge, camera-ready, quasi-Koonsian, pop-art icons (but without the self-referential irony). We work with both the major furnished rental providers along with the local and regional Chicago executive housing providers.We know Chicago well and can assist you in finding the best location based on your personal needs. One of the main attractions of the city is Lake Michigan, where you can find sparkling waters, off-white sand and plenty of fun. Some of the most popular upscale restaurants in Chicago include Everest, Arun's, Charlie Trotter's, Tru and one sixtyblue. In case an emergency occurs while in your Chicago corporate apartment, it’s good to know where the closest hospital or medical center is located. There are issues that can only be addressed through art, and the Chicago Public Library allows countless voices to be heard through its partnerships .
The idea here is that all families should have the opportunity to gaze at the stars, wander galleries of paintings and sculpture, and journey back in time; through the library, they can, even if they can’t afford individual memberships to each institution.
Prior to that, the plaza was often a showcase for works by Chicago and Illinois sculptors—most recently including John Henry (2006) and John Kearney (2003).
In fact, we contact on your behalf over twenty different companies to find the perfect Chicago furnished apartments.
In the city, the elevated trains are known as the "Chicago L" or to Chicagoans as simply the "El." For additional public transportation options while in your Chicago temporary housing, you can ride the Metra commuter rail in from Chicago's outer suburbs. Below is a list of some of the hospitals in the Chicago area:• Aurora Medical Center• Chicago Shriners Hospital• Children’s Memorial Hospital• Cook County Hospital• Northwestern Memorial Hospital• Rush Oak Park Hospital• St. If it had been “public,” we may have had the right to criticize.  We could’ve complained about how we never knew about the public meetings in which it was proposed and discussed.
Entrances, however, are on the short ends, rather than monumentally placed in the center of a long front.
You'll find almost everything you need to know to settle in to your Chicago corporate housing. With over 200 train stations, you can ride Metra's Electric District Main Line from Chicago's far south suburbs to the city's lakefront attractions. North Avenue Beach is known as a volleyball hotspot, while Ohio Street Beach offers a more secluded setting. Patrick Family Health Center• UIC Hospital• University of Chicago HospitalsOther medical and urgent care facilities are spread throughout the city and may be more convenient to your corporate apartment in Chicago.
But because it’s a private work sited on corporate space, well, then, it’s the company’s right to do whatever it wants. Interim Housing Solutions can point you in the right direction to finding your place in Chicago.
Pace bus service also offers several routes in the Chicago area.DrivingThe roads in Chicago are set up in an easy-to-follow grid system, a relief for those who are just learning their way around the city. On the lake you can fish, boat or swim - but beware that only the bravest swimmers enter the lake before July when the water temperature warms up!For land pursuits, you can bike, jog or in-line skate on Chicago's lakeside trails. It’s best to check with your provider of your furnished rental for the most convenient medical center.SchoolsIf children will be coming with you to your temporary housing, you’ll probably want to know what schools are near our Chicago corporate apartments.
Other biking trails run throughout the city (you can get a listing of them at the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation). In the city, Chicago Public Schools educate over 400,000 students in 600 schools (the third largest school district in the nation). Furnished apartments in Evanston have a great natural setting for you to enjoy!Glen Ellyn: This town has a classic New England town feel, with plenty of stunning homes and green landscape. The Loop is actually a neighborhood in Chicago, but is also generally referred elevated train lines that circle Chicago and form a "beltway" around the city.

And if golf is more your speed, you'll find plenty of courses in the Chicago area to play a round or two while in your serviced apartment. So get ready to treat your taste buds to the best eats the city has to offer while in your short term housing in Chicago!NightlifeChicago has a nightlife culture all of its own. Chicago suburbs typically have their own public school systems for each town or area.If you are interested in enrolling your child in a private or parochial school, you will have many choices near your corporate apartment in Chicago. Glen Ellyn has a vibrant community and a hometown feel, but also offers modern convenience. It's good for Chicago temporary housing residents to have a general idea of the Loop in order to get their directional bearing!In driving around the city and its suburbs you will find that there are seven major highways that run nearby your temporary housing in Chicago. As opposed to other big cities where people flock to the latest club or hotspot, Chicago has a more laid-back feel. Some of these schools include the Ancona School, Morgan Park Academy, North Shore School and Francis W. Gold Coast: One of the oldest and wealthiest neighborhoods in the Chicago area, Gold Coast is located just minutes from the Chicago Loop.
Many of these highways are named after influential political figures and are often referred to by these names.
At the McCormick-Tribune Ice Rink, you can skate outdoors with a backdrop of Chicago's towering skyscrapers and a beautiful view of Lake Michigan.The ArtsChicago has a strong cultural atmosphere to the city, with many museums, plays and musical performances. Residents typically prefer to hang out with others at a bar or catch some live entertainment at a local club. Parker School.And if you or an older child is interested in taking college courses, you can enroll in one of the many colleges and universities near Chicago’s corporate apartments. So while in your Chicago serviced apartment, take the time to explore some of the city's fine arts!In 1998, Chicago opened its Museum Campus, a lakefront park that is home to three of the city's most prominent museums. This Midwestern city welcomes everyone, so go ahead and enjoy Chicago's nightlife.Local bars and taverns are plentiful in Chicago, mostly in the neighborhoods surrounding the downtown area.
Rental car agencies carry everything from sedans to SUVs, so whatever your preference, you can drive around town in your choice of vehicle.TaxicabsDuring your stay in your Chicago temporary housing, you'll probably need to take a taxicab at one point or another. Here you will find the Field Museum of Natural History, the Shedd Aquarium and the Adler Planetarium. Some of the area breweries and pubs include Bar Thirteen in the West Division, Chicago Brauhaus in Lincoln Square, Spoon in Old Town and Tilli's in Lincoln Park.
Other universities include:• Chicago State University• DePaul University• Illinois Institute of Technology• Loyola University• Northeastern Illinois University• Northwestern University• Saint Xavier University• University of Chicago• University of Illinois at ChicagoThere is also a strong contingency of theological schools in Chicago.
Perhaps you're headed downtown for a business meeting or headed home from a night of fun in the Loop. Nearby you will also find the Art Institute of Chicago, the Chicago History Museum, the Mexican Fine Arts Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art.Once night falls, you can take advantage of the many performing arts near our Chicago serviced apartments.
And if you're looking to dance up a storm, you can make your way to some of the cities nightclubs, which cover everything from 80s music to today's top hits. Other smaller colleges are also in the Chicago area and have a specific focus on certain academic areas.Places of WorshipChicago is a very diverse city, and as such, has many options when it comes to finding places of worship near your corporate apartment. A well-known theater town, Chicago is home to the Steppenwolf Theatre Company, The Chicago Theatre, Goodman Theatre and Victoria Gardens Theatre.
Chicago nightclubs near your temporary housing include Crobar, Red Dog and White Star Lounge.For up- to-date information on the events and happenings in Chicago, pick up the "Friday" section of the Chicago Tribune, the "Weekend Plus" section of the Chicago Sun-Times or weekly papers, the Chicago Reader and New City.ShoppingIf you're looking for shopping, Chicago offers plenty of places for you to purchase goods of all sorts!
In Chicago you can find people of all religions – Lutheran, Catholic, Jewish, Hindu and many more.
You can also catch other forms of performing arts, like the Joffrey Ballet or the Hubbard Street Dance Company.And when it comes to music, Chicago puts on many concerts each year. One of the most famous shopping destinations is Chicago's Magnificent Mile, located on North Michigan Avenue. From our corporate apartments in Chicago you can find others who share the same faith as you and join them in the local place of worship.
Old Town: This neighborhood is one of Chicago's oldest, with affluent residents and Victorian-era homes. Some of the local taxicab companies include First Chicago Taxi Service Inc., Checker Works, Dart Cab Co. If you prefer classical music, you can enjoy an evening with the Lyric Opera of Chicago or the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.
Ask your furnished rental provider for recommendations of places of worship near your housing.Once you have the basics down, its time to have fun and explore the city. More modern groups also play at several other Chicago locations, like the House of Blues, the Chicago Theater, UIC Pavilion, the United Center and the Auditorium Theatre.Sports TeamsIf you are a sports fan, you are in luck! Our Chicago corporate apartments put you close to many museums, concerts and outdoor activities, so take some time and get to know your new home and all it has to offer.
If an important client is coming into the city, you're planning a romantic evening on the town or if you are headed to the airport, you can find several limousine companies to meet your needs. Chicago is full of action, with seven professional sports teams for you to cheer for (or against) while you are in our Chicago serviced apartments. Schaumberg: Located 30 miles northwest of Chicago, furnished apartments in Schaumberg have an urban feel despite its suburban location. Chicago is served by two main airports - O'Hare International Airport on the city's northwest side and Midway Airport on the south side. Although Midway was built first, O'Hare is by large the primary airport for Chicago residents. O'Hare is one of the busiest airports in the world, transporting over 17 million passengers each year. Also located in the Chicago area is the GaryChicago International Airport, located in Gary, Indiana.Now you know how to get around from your Chicago temporary housing.
There is a great deal of nightlife in this area, with many restaurants, bars and clubs.There are many other neighborhoods within Chicago and in its surrounding suburbs that may be of interest to you while in your corporate housing. Be sure to grab a map of the area so that you will be able to get around from place to place in Chicago and its suburbs.Now that you know the neighborhoods, its time to go out and explore them! Read on to find more fun things to do during your stay in your Chicago furnished apartment.

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