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Boston-based bus service Lucky Star was closed by the feds for failing to meet safety regulations, to inspect or repair buses, document drivers’ hours, or require drivers to pass drug and alcohol tests before transporting passengers. Lucky Star, which has 21 buses, is the latest in a federal crackdown on intercity curbside buses, particularly in New York City’s Chinatown.
Chen said that the buses connect to 233 routes, transporting between five and six million people per year.
In 2006, Chen and others proposed a bus shelter to bring the buses to a single location and provide amenities for waiting passengers. However, Chen thinks that the legislation will improve the climate for buses in Chinatown by making them more reliable and allowing them to compete with bigger companies that have benefited from closing Chinatown routes, such as Greyhound, which operates BoltBus and has recently opened a Chinatown service. Chin, who sponsored the new city law, believes the legislation, which requires the city’s Department of Transportation to provide a link to intercity bus safety records on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety website, will encourage bus companies to play by the rules by making sure passengers have easy access to safety records before purchasing a ticket. No changing of place at a hundred miles an hour will make us one whit stronger, or happier, or wiser. The VillagerSpecial election was a slugfest and we all lostPier 40 air rights appraised at $75 million; St.
Eastern Bus and Today's bus was purchased by Megabus in Feb 2009, and still operate under their old logos.
Because of so many buses and bus companies here, some of them began to play a cat-and-mouse game of double-parking and then driving away at the first sign of police. At Jamaica, walk next door to the AirTrain monorail terminal, pay the rip-off $5.00 to take you the rest of the way to the airport. Neuigkeiten aus dem Gesamtverein, den einzelnen Abteilungen und Mannschaften werden hier zusammengefasst. Turnen begeistert jung & alt, daher bietet der TuS 08 Turnen fA?r jedes Alter & jeden Geschmack an. South Station Bus Terminal, and check out South Station Bus Terminal on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. This article includes a list of references, but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. The South Station Bus Terminal, owned by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, is the main gateway for long-distance buses in Boston, Massachusetts. The building serves as a nexus to consolidate several intercity bus locations serving Boston into a single central location. The bus station building, constructed in the 1990s, has a mixture of glass and metal on its exterior, with mainly a red-granite stone and metallic-surfaced interior. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation is conducting the Massachusetts Turnpike - Boston Ramps Study.

The study foundations (goals, objectives, evaluation criteria, and study area), existing conditions analysis, and alternative screening have all been completed. Back Bay Alternative 1: Construction of a new I-90 westbound off-ramp to Berkeley Street with closure of the existing I-90 westbound on-ramp from Arlington Street. Back Bay Alternative 2: Construction of a new I-90 westbound off-ramp to Trinity Place with closure of the existing I-90 westbound on-ramps from Clarendon Street and Arlington Street.
Back Bay Alternative 4: Construction of a new I-90 eastbound on-ramp from the Bowker Overpass northbound.
MassDOT has engaged the services of the Central Transportation Planning Staff (CTPS) to complete the remaining study tasks. CTPS is currently using the Eastern Massachusetts Travel Demand Model to estimate the future roadway operations for the no build (all planned projects constructed) and build scenarios (all planned projects plus ramp alternatives). Separate from the Boston Ramps Study, the MassDOT Highway Division has determined that public safety requires immediate repairs of the Bowker Overpass. The bill was signed by Mayor Bloomberg a few days after another major bus service was shut down by the U.S. The Boston Herald reported the company also had a bus in operation with a 4-by-2-foot hole in its floor.
Chinatown is a hub — a giant transportation hub,” said Wellington Chen, president of the Chinatown Partnership Business Improvement District. The buses make relatively short commutes to Boston, but some lines can be found that transport people all the way down the East Coast to Atlanta, Georgia and Orlando, Florida. The push by her office to regulate bus safety standards began in March of 2011, when a passenger carrier crashed in the Bronx, killing 15 people. Daniel Squadron and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was passed in August to allow the city to monitor the bus industry.
While the company has a good safety rating, it only registered one mile driven on the Safety Measurement System, the most common safety rating website provided by the U.S.
Bus is currently the only operator of non-stop intercity bus service that runs from Boston to NYC’s Chinatown. How could it ever hope to survive when their population base consists mainly of Chinese elderly and young, unskilled illegal Fujian immigrants. I want to be a woman and to be a man, to have many friends and to have loneliness, to work much and write good books, to travel and enjoy myself, to be selfish and to be unselfish… You see, it is difficult to get all which I want. There was always more in the world than man could see, walked they ever so slowly; they will see it no better for going fast.
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Bolt Bus free wireless internet on board, and loyalty program (currently, buy 8 trips and get 1 trip free). Subsidized by the casinos, run by NJ Transit (ticketing system by amtrak), the Atlantic City Express Service (ACES) costs $39-$200 one-way, and only runs on weekends. This option is the fastest way of getting to JFK if you are located anywhere near ny penn station.
This shift facilitated the removal of the main bus terminal at the heart of Dewey Square, a shift from the former Greyhound Bus terminal at number 10 St. Situated just south of and separate from the main South Station train terminal, the bus terminal is strikingly vertical in design, with five floors. The Back Bay, Longwood Medical Area, Fenway, and Seaport District neighborhoods are important economic engines within the city of Boston. New connections to the Massachusetts Turnpike would also allow for potential new transit bus routes between these neighborhoods as well as better access to Logan Airport. The study is evaluating eight potential build alternatives in addition to the no-build alternative. Ming An issued its last ticket shortly after, leaving a hole in the business nearly as large as the one Lucky Star was driving around with.
James Avenue in the Back Bay area, and the transferral of various curbside Chinatown bus lines into this one facility.
Like other major transportation facilities, it also contains full service ticket counters, seating areas, and a waiting hall with designated gates leading to individual buses.
Continental Trailways service also previously operated from a terminal in the Back Bay, until sometime in the 1980s. The passageway from the upper entrance lobby towards the main hall has a series of large dark-tinted windows overlooking the railway tracks below. The Massachusetts Turnpike travels through or very near these neighborhoods, but only provides limited access ramps in Back Bay (eastbound-off and westbound-on) and full access ramps in the Seaport District (all directions). A recommended plan of future transportation improvements (short-term and long-term), based on the alternatives analysis, will be the end product of this project.

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